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MD5 is a hash function that is no longer considered secure from a cryptographic point of view. Therefore, it should only be used for backward compatibility.
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how high is the possibility of getting a hash collision in text files?
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Just for an example, let's say I downloaded "the adventures of tom sawyer" from gutenberg in .txt file format and saved it to my usb thumb drive.

And as you can see, usb drive is not an ideal device for long term data retention. But if I insist on using it, there's possibility any files in my storage would finally be corrupted after long time without powering it up.

So what I will do now is to save  ...

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How strong if I combine two hash functions, such as MD5(SHA256(input))?
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If I try to do MD5(SHA256(input)), what is the strength of this so-called double hashing approach?

Is it as strong as SHA256, or as strong as MD5, or as strong as SHA256 + MD5?

This is not a homework question btw, I am asking because of a real issue in my project. By right, I only need to do SHA256(input) on the input, and store it in a column in one MySQL table. But my practical concern is: SHA256 is o ...

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How blueimp JavaScript-MD5 works?
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I have made some progress on the MD5 avalanche problem, It is said that CRC32 realizes avalanche through recursive XOR of polynomials and original values at the same time.I think MD5 is the same,but I can't understand the code of MD5. Can you help me explain this code. ,it is a big massive of codes as in my link.I am not a devel ...

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Matching accounts across multiple data leaks via their hashed passwords
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I've heard about several instances where OSINT researchers were able to match user accounts from multiple data leaks purely based on their hashed passwords, assuming accounts had the same password on different sites. (Yes, even when there were no other identifying characteristics, such as re-used usernames, re-used email addresses, browser fingerprints, or IPs.)

As far as I know, these data leaks  ...

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How easy is it to fake a file hashed with three functions, CRC32, MD5 and SHA-1?
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File-A is hashed with CRC32, MD5 and SHA-1.

How easy is it to create a fake file-B that has the same hashes of file-A? CRC32, MD5 and SHA-1?

Can an average PC with a GPU calculate a triple hash collision of file-A? And how long would it take?

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Is it possible to have a hash in UUID form that ends with 16 characters instead of 12?
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You may know how sometimes a hash in a URL may be in UUID format, which consists of groups of hex values separated by hyphens. In UUID format, I have come to learn that this hash takes the form:

8-4-4-4-12 for a total of 32 characters. However, I came across a URL that had a hash for a request parameter that looked like this:


Notice that this format is 8-4-4-4-1 ...

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Can someone please explain the "secret" and the "data" in the MD5 hashing algorithm?
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I've been studying the MD5 hashing algorithm, and there is something that I just don't understand yet. They say that the server holds some sort or "secret" and that it appends some sort of "message" (or "data") to that secret. Then, the algorithm adds the appropriate padding to the concatenated ("secret" + "data") and the process continues from there. Now, it is said that only the server knows the "secr ...

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Padding and the MD5 algorithm
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In MD5, if M=100, how can we perform padding on it and how many blocks are needed in each round?

These are general questions for understanding padding and rounds.

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Finding the cleartext password given its MD5
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Given powerful GPU and PC hardware, is it realistic to recover a password in a few hours given a cleartext's MD5? Max chars are 95, and the maximum length of the password is 15 characters.

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Is it possible to exploit MD5 weaknesses to create an artificial collision for a password?
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If it is possible, could an attacker create a collision for an MD5 password in a database? Could they look at an MD5 hash output and figure out data that creates the same MD5 hash?

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Two Different Ciphers with Same MD5
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I was wondering if someone could help explain md5 collision abit better. I found this resource: where they provided an example of where two cipher texts have the same md5. I tried to confirm that their example was correct but when I input their examples into a md5 calculator, I get two different md5s for the two different cipher text. What am I doing ...