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An MDS matrix (Maximum Distance Separable) is a matrix representing a function with certain diffusion properties that have useful applications in cryptography.
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Sage code for finding generator matrix of MDS code
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  1. Let $L$ be an $[n,k]$ code. A $k\times n$ matrix $G$ whose rows form a basis for $L$ is called a generator matrix for $L$.

  2. A linear $[n,k,d]$ code with largest possible minimum distance is called maximum distance $d$ separable or MDS code.

I want to find a generator matrix for MDS code using SageMath or in another way, is there any SageMath code to check a matrix is a generator matrix for the MDS ...

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Changing Field of MDS Matrix Multiplication
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Assume we have an $n \times n$ MDS matrix, whose entries are among $m \times m$ binary matrices. Can we see this matrix as a $n \times n$ matrix with entries from $GF(2^m)$? How can we replace this matrix with AES's MixColumn matrix? Also is it the other way around possible?