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Message recovery is a feature of some digital signature schemes, whereas some or all of the message signed is embedded in the signature, recovered as part of signature verification, and thus needs not be transmitted.
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Is asymmetric decryption guessable?
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I AM an amateur (for some reason, I have originaly written "I am not"... embarassing, sorry) in cryptography so this might be a very basic question.

I am interested to know if there exist ciphers such that if I encrypt a message with it and then lose first say 300 bits then I can't recover any information from the message even if I have the decryption key?

My problem is basically that I don't have a ...

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How to encrypt using private key for ECC
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As we know, ECC using $C_2 = r \cdot G, C_1 = M + r \cdot G$; and decrypt with $M=C_1 - K \cdot C_2$. And sign using point $X$: $X = k \cdot G(x_0,y_0)$. $r = x_0 \cdot K; s = 1 / k \cdot (M + r \cdot d) \mod(n)$; here $d$ is private key, $K$ is public key. and then verify by is true of $r \cdot G == M \cdot G / s + x \cdot K/s$.

Here is my question: can I encrypt using private key (or sign) and  ...