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hook_cron triggered manually but not automatically
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That hook cron below is executed when i manually trigger the cron but is not on a regular automatic base (every 3h).

How can it be ?

function my_module_cron() {    
  \Drupal::logger('my_module')->notice('entering hook_cron');
  //some more code
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Cron is running but not saving entity
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I am trying to create a simple hook_cron to connect with an external API, return some data and update some fields in some entities. I'm creating like this to understand better how cron works, so I will upgrade it later to a queue.

The problem is that the cron is running, but even without errors the entity is not saving or updating. If I copy the code and try to execute it with a route (not using  ...

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How many temporary files will be deleted on every cron run?
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I was just wondering if anyone knew how many files the Drupal cron removes from your tmp/ directory per cron run? Is it limited to 100 at a time? Where can I see this information?