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Drupal core uses email for a number of important tasks, such as verifying authenticated users' email address.
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Email formatting for a file field?
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I have a webform with a managed file field. I need to send that field in the email as well. I have added the submission:values field, but it doesn't add spaces between the filename and the file size.

I need to add a space between the file name and its size. How can I achieve this?

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Don't see Mail System under Configuration
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I'm currently going through the prerequisites of Acquias configuring platform email

but I do not see the Mail System to check what our default Mail System is. Does this mean We are using a different one? I do see Nemo Integration but still expected to be able to access Mail System.

enter image description here


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Customized email twig templates
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Can anyone tell me if there is a mechanism for creating user registration acceptance / rejection emails from different template files for the default email system ?

In admin/config/people/accounts, the account activation section seems the correct area for crafting the registration acceptance email. BUT, I don't think anyother section is right for te registration rejection email.

So, I tried to find a me ...

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Why is Drupal not sending mail?
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When submitting a contact form there is no mail sent, eventhough there is a confirmation message. Or when trying to send a password reset link, everything goes well, Drupal says "If MYMAIL@MYDOMAIN.XX is a valid account, an email will be sent with instructions to reset your password." but no mail is sent.

  • Sendmail is installed, tested with PHP mail() and working fine.

  • Tested Sendmail through the comm ...

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Is the content moderation "log" data available via token?
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I have several workflow states with content moderation on a Drupal 9.2 site. I use the Workbench Email module to send notifications on workflow transitions.

One of the states is Rejected; the author is notified when this state is set. I'd like to include the content moderation log message in the email template so that the reviewer can state why it was rejected and the author would get that in the email. ...

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How to send email with commas in the name?
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I am trying to send email of the format: 'Tom Smith, Jr <>'; but it fails due to the comma in the name.

This closed issue: dealt with handling commas in the site name for handling the From address. It basically added a helper function to wrap the name part in double quotes. But this doesn't work for the To address.

Any sugges ...

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hook_mail_alter() doesn't remove the Return-Path, Sender, and Reply-To headers
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I want to remove the Return-Path, Sender, and Reply-To headers from the sent emails. I am trying to achieve this using the following code, but the headers aren't removed from the email.

function mymodule_mail_alter(&$message) {

What am I doing wrong?

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How can I send an email for confirmations via a webform?
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I'm fairly new to Drupal development but have been learning quickly. I've been trying to setup my Drupal site to send emails for form submissions confirmations through Webform (I just need us to be notified when the contact form has been submitted), yet struggling to get this functionality to work. The site is unable to send any emails for any user confirmation or reset passwords as well. I've been tryi ...

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How to have URLs show up as clickable links in Webform submissions sent via Swift Mailer
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I've got Swift Mailer and Mailsystem installed on a Drupal 8 site I maintain, mostly to handle email submissions from Webforms.

And everything's been working fine — except that just recently we got a Webform submission in which the person had included some URLs in the main message area of the webform (a textarea field). And I was surprised that they did not show up as clickable links in the ema ...

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Can the Mailchimp module email node content?
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I have a blog page. I want to add a sign-up box to collect email addresses so I can email everyone when a new blog entry is added. As I'm on shared hosting, I believe there is less chance of them getting marked as spam if I use a service such as Mailchimp to send the emails.

The Mailchimp module has a signup form. However, as far as I can tell, I can only send email through the Mailchimp 'campaig ...

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Send HTML mail with plain text mime/alternative (for anti-spam)
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We use Webform Drupal 8 module to handle newsletter subscription on a website. An html formatted email is sent to confirm subscription. Unfortunately, this email is sent with only content-type:text/html, and you know how picky Spamassassin is about this. It's a real deliverability issue. We'd like to be able to send that email with a content-type:multipart/alternative, with 2 parts : one with text/html  ...

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Avoid sending email (content moderation) when node updated programatically
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I have a csv import function which also will have to update the "moderation_state" field. Once csv import is ran, email will be triggered by content_moderation module. Is there a way to disable this when updating nodes programatically?