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Use it for questions relating to the Paragraphs module, not for text or body paragraphs.
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Delete millions of unused Paragraphs and their data?
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We have a site that after a few years has built up 10 million records in the paragraphs_item table. This is a result of lots of data migrations (where paragraphs are involved) and there are many orphans now (probably 90% of that).

Entity Reference Revisions ships with a Drush command now to 'purge' orphaned entities. This does appear to work - but with this many to look through it seems like it w ...

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How to hook on paragraph deletion?
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I'm on D9 and I've a paragraph inside a content type node.

I need to hook when the paragraph is deleted to do some custom logic and set up a queue.

I've tried hook_entity_delete, hook_entity_predelete or hook_paragraph_delete, hook_paragraph_predelete: those hooks run during cron, if the node containing the paragraph is deleted.

However, it seems to me those aren't triggered if an existing paragraph ...

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How to validate a paragraph field?
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I have a paragraph type with 2 fields: year and quarter

I have a content type with a paragraph field (field_year_and_quarter) targeting ONLY this paragraph type

I am trying to create a constraint to disallow the encoding of a duplicate (same year/quarter)

I have tried:

1-A constraint at the node level which is looping into field_year_and_quarter with $node->get('field_year_and_quarter')->reference ...

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How to make pagination for php data inside preprocess_paragraph_HOOK
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I have data coming from External Entity (MongoDB) and I need to make pagination inside hook theme suggestion of a paragraph :

code snippet

Is there a way to use built-in pagination of Drupal in this scenario? thanks!

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Extending block, a block with a paragraph field, and 3 paragraph fields... how to loop through the paragraphs from the block extension
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This is what I have:

I have three twig files:

  1. block--paragraph-images.html.twig (which extends block.html.twig)
  2. field--field-paragraph-image-block.html.twig (the paragraph field which is located in the custom block type, block--paragraph-images.html.twig.)
  3. paragraph--field-paragraph-image.html.twig (which houses three fields: field_paragraph_image, field_paragraph_title, and field_paragraph_text ...
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Deleting a Paragraph Item results in AJAX POST error "Missing bundle property on entity of type node."
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Working with an older D7 site. On it, we have added the latest version of Paragraphs to add some content items to a page. This all works fine.

However, when trying to remove a Paragraph Item from the form, you get an AJAX error. The root of it is:

EntityMalformedException: Missing bundle property on entity of type node. in entity_extract_ids() (line 8006 of /mnt/www/html/moswebsandbox1/docroot/include ...
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How to display all data from a paragraph field in views (Drupal 7)
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I am currently a caretaker for a Drupal 7 website and I can't figure out how to group paragraph items in views. I have created a content type Products and one of the fields is called product variation which is field type paragraphs. I have created a paragraph bundle for that field.

Then I created a view to show the products on the front page. To display the paragraph fields I created a content re ...

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How to pass Paragraph ID from Layout Builder to Views?
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This is a bit convoluted; so hopefully it makes sense:

I have a parent entity: Event. Event has a Paragraph field on it: Sessions (paragraph type: Session).

I use Layout Builder to format the Full Content view mode of the Event. In the layout I add a (paragraph) view which lists the Session paragraphs as Teasers (view mode of Session) with a contextual filter of Paragraph: Parent ID. This all works ...

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Trying to access a "count" variable inside a block field from paragraphs template
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I'm trying to get the number of paragraphs an authenticated user inputs by counting them in the parent block template and trying to access that number in the paragraphs template. I have two templates I'm working with:

  1. field--field-hover-image-block.html.twig
  2. paragraph--hover-images.html.twig

The paragraphs are being loaded through the paragraph entity field in a custom block. I'm counting the numb ...

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Custom validation constraints multi value paragraphs : how to get weight value
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I am validating a multi value paragraph field using constraints.

 * Implements hook_entity_bundle_field_info_alter().
function cnfpt_internet_entity_bundle_field_info_alter(&$fields, \Drupal\Core\Entity\EntityTypeInterface $entity_type, $bundle) {
  if ($bundle === 'manifestation') {
    if (isset($fields['field_occurence'])) {
      // Add a validation.
      $fields['field_occurence'] ...
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Custom constraints validation of multi value paragraphs: highlighting missing field
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I am using constraint for the validation my multi value paragraph field.

I can correctly implement the different validation rules but I haven't found out how to highlight only the erroneous field(s).

Here is my violation declaration

       ->atPath((string) $delta . 'subform.field_modalite.0')
       ->addViolation( ...
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How can I access the parent entity values inside a custom paragraph formElement?
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I created a select custom field that must be inserted inside a paragraph and the options values are dynamically inserted based on another reference field present in the paragraph itself. How can I access the actual paragraph instance to read the value of the reference field, so I can manage the right values inside the formElement function of the custom field?

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Last item missing for multiple fields when editing a node
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I'm using a multiple paragraphs field on a node.

I noticed that each time I saved the node and then edited it again, the last item (delta n-1 with delta starting at 0) would disappear. If I clicked on the Add new button, it would repopulate with the content of the missing field. However, if I saved without taking any further action, the next last field would disappear.

I dug around in the module code, ...

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Using Tac Lite in combination with Paragraphs
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For our new Drupal 9 (or 8 if necc.) website we require a very fine controllable access structure where we can give and restrict access on a user by user basis. Not only for a content type but also for the paragraphs (or more atomic components of a page). With Tac Lite we can already set the permission via taxonomy terms on a user bases to view a node. But now we would like to also controll single parag ...

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Accessing node value in paragraph twig template
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I'm writing a twig template for a paragraph. I'd like to access a text field value from the page/node where this type of paragraph will be added.

Specifically, I'd like to access the value of a text field titled 'field_runner_id'. I access this value in my page/node twig template like this:


I've tried a handful of techniques (listed below) to access that field value wi ...

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Is there a way to make a single type Paragraphs field not required?
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My Content Type has a Paragraphs field that is Not required. The Paragraph type has a required field for when it is added, but until it is added, this shouldn't trigger "required" for my field. Since my field only has 1 paragraph type option, it is ALWAYS added! I can Remove the paragraph from the field, and required doesn't get triggered. But every time the form loads to add a new node, it always adds  ...

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How can I assign custom field layouts using paragraphs?
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For reference:


I'm looking to add paragraph layouts using flexbox. I don't see a module specifically for this, so I realize I'm going to have to adapt an existing module.

Right now, I'm trying to add custom layouts in the Display Suite module by adding a template config to ds.layouts.twig with the appropriate html.twig and css files.

My concern is that any e ...

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How to access paragraph fields from a webform's form?
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I have a webform (contact_info) which is attached to a paragraph's field (field_contact_info). The paragraph has other fields as well.

I implemented hook_form_alter() to change some attributes inside the webform's form.

Is there any way to access the values of other paragraph fields value in hook_form_alter()?

I can pass them inside the webform object, but those aren't available in hook_form_alter()

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Paragraphs removed from graphql schema if not anywhere in content, which causes error for union type
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I'm making a headless Drupal site with Gatsby using paragraphs. I'm experienced with Drupal but relatively new with gatsby/graphql.

The issue I'm running into is that if our database does not actually have any instances of a paragraph, then it generates the schema without that (i guess it generates a minimal schema based on what exists, not what types are actually possible) and it errors out beca ...

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Editing paragraphs field settings returns 404 with php development server
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I have this strange behaviour on my local drupal9 instance. I start it in the web folder with the build in php development server: php -S localhost:8000

Now if I try to edit any paragraphs field, eg. /admin/structure/paragraphs_type/manual_news/fields/paragraph.manual_news.field_news_entries

[Fri Aug 13 12:47:39 2021] [404]: POST /admin/structure/paragraphs_type/manual_news/fields/paragra ...

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Where should I include method to pass current selection to entity browser select view?
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I'm following this guide which I found very useful. So, I understand where the first function goes, but when it comes to the method public function getArgument(), I'm not sure where this function should be included?

Considering that we don't have a custom widget, we are using entity browser in configuration.

So, do we need to create custom widget, plu ...

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Change paragraph object for rendering
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I have a paragraph type with a node ref field that, if you leave it empty, is supposed to show a random node using some defined logic.

I have the code to do the query and get the node, and ideally I'd want to put it on the paragraph object in some pre-render hook so that the paragraph can render normally using its usual config. Something like this (warning: pseudo-codish):

function mymodule_paragraph_ ...
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Add ThirdPartySettings to individual paragraphs of a certain bundle?
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I want to add configuration settings to Paragraph entities in a specific bundle in Drupal 8. Theres potentially a lot of options and the need to change/update them over time, so I figure the best way is through ThirdPartySettings and not adding more fields to it. I am going to use these values to influence certain aspects of the render and for search queries.

I can see where you can add settings  ...

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What is the token for the file download link of a media entity?
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Using the linked_field module and the [paragraph:field_pbpresentation_file:entity:url] token, I get the edit link for the media entity, not the link to download the file itself.

What token should I use for the download link?

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How do I set up a views block that filters contextually on a field included in a paragraph?
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I have two content types (ContentA, ContentB) which both use the same paragraph (MyParagraph) as field type “Entity reference revisions.”

MyParagraph consists of two “List (text)” fields: ParagraphFieldA, ParagraphFieldB.

The values for ParagraphFieldA and ParagraphFieldB come in both cases from allowed values lists which have a key and label.

ContentA is limited to one MyParagraph reference bu ...

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How to programmatically add a paragraph item to a user account?
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I already added the Check in/out History field to the user account, which has the check-in date and check-out date fields.

How can I programmatically add new items to Check in/out History?

I need to create some history for users.

Check-in date Check-out date
04/05/21 05/07/21
03/05/20 04/14/20
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How can I build a specific data structure?
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I have a Course content type which has several "modules." (A module is just a name.) There are also several "units," which may or not belong to a module. A unit has several fields, for example Location, Description.

I have created a Course unit paragraph type, and a Units field in the "course" content type, which references this paragraph type. That way I can create units that belong to the course.

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How do I migrate a nested paragraph field?
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I have a wrapper paragraph, Layout (para_layout), which has the following fields.

enter image description here

I created the same paragraphs and field structure in a Drupal 9 website. I created the following custom migration plugin.

id: custom_para1
label: Custom paragraph migration
migration_group: custom
  - node
  plugin: d7_paragraphs_item
  bundle: para_layout
  field_left_column: fie ...