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Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) provides self-service, on-demand, pay-for-what-you-use computing infrastructure resources.
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Routing : route through vpn while allowing incoming traffic on local interface
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I'm setting up a server that connects to an ovpn server through which it's able to access some remote devices. Some of these devices have private IPs (no problems here), however the ones that have a public IP have a strict rule that allows access only from the ovpn server's public IP .

My server therefore needs to redirect all internet traffic through this vpn. The trouble is that once i configur ...

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Can't open port 443 on AWS EC2 fresh instance
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I created a fresh EC2 instance, this is the setup:

Security Group

Inbound Rules

Inbound rules

IP version Type Protocol Port Range Source
IPv6 HTTPS TCP 443 ::/0
IPv6 HTTP TCP 80 ::/0

Oubound rules

IP version Type Protocol Port Range Source
IPv4 All traffic All All

Network ACL

Inbound rules

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How can I let apache server work always on my ec2 instance?
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I am learning aws's EC2 server. I configured apache and php. I started the apache server with the command

Sudo service httpd start

But every time I stop my pc, or the next day, when I want to continue the course. I have to start again the apache server. I mean it is not on started status always.

Imagine if I have a website running on that instance, it means that users won't be able to go on to my websi ...

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Not able to sudo - ubuntu 20.04
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A classical error

By mistake we did sudo chown -R ubuntu:www-data / on a ubuntu 20.04 AWS EC2 server. While there are many posts which indicates that I cannot salvage the machine and have to reinstall a new one - I want to take a copy of the postgres that runs on this server. Currently We could not do any command with a sudo. Hence we could not start postgres or login through phppgadmin.

We hav ...

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AWS pcluster fails with MasterServerWaitCondition Received FAILURE signal, iptables and chef version error
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I'm trying to create an AMI for parallelcluster. I used amazon's stock AMI (ami-0436692c7b452bae4 for us-west-2, the region I am in, and alinux) and modified it slightly by adding a few packages.

However, when I run pcluster create foo --norollback I get the error:

Beginning cluster creation for cluster: stockAWS
Creating stack named: parallelcluster-stockAWS
Status: parallelcluster-stockAWS - ROLL ...
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Docker execution slower on EC2 host
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We have recently created a docker image to run the Terraspace tool for executing our CI/CD in GitLab pipelines. The container uses ruby:3.0.2-alpine for it's upstream, for reference.

The problem we're facing is that it is extremely slow when executed on EC2 (m5.large), here are some timings that include running the tool inside the docker image and natively on the host. The docker timings are performed i ...

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Task schedule on AWS EC2 is not working
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I setting a mission on schedule, and I choose administrator to run and setting "when loggin EC2" or "when ec2 start up", but they are doesn't work in every morning, it will close at midnight and start at 9:00 am, when I connect to EC2 in the morning, I see they are not working.

How to make it auto run?

enter image description here enter image description here

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AWS EC2 - The requested configuration is currently not supported. Please check the documentation for supported configurations
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I have an EC2 instance set up as a gaming server, which works fine, but I want to change to a new instance type (from c5n.xlarge to m5zn.xlarge), which produces the error in the title when I try to start the instance.

I have created another instance in the same VPC with the same settings (as far as I can tel), and this one launches fine.

Instances are both:

Region: Sydney AMI: Windows Server 2019 base  ...

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SSL converted page is not reachable on the internet
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My web page is hosted on AWS.and it was SSL converted.

I can see the page from my own computer and smartphone in my home Network and Wifi area. But from the outside (ex: access website from a smartphone outside) the page is not reachable.

So I checked the Security group and port NO.

Inbound rules are below.

Inbound rules

According a manual I reffered it seems OK, but if there is something wrong please let me know.

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Which AWS EC2 region is the best for hosting a global site?
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I'm looking for a suggestion to choose a region for a global site(Not targetted for any specific country/region). At the moment I'm looking for a simpler solution without having multiple replicas in different regions. So I'm wondering if anybody knows which AWS region is best in terms of latency all across the world? I'm also open to suggestions for tools like

Thank you

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SSL converted web system can not work with third pirty Payment service
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My Web app works with a Payment service called Stripe. Stripe proceeds the payment by webhook.

I do have a Stripe webhook that is successfully caught and processed in Stripe's TEST MODE, on http local host server.

When switching to Stripe's LIVE MODE DATA, I need to SSL converted "http" to "https" So I set a Load Balancer and exposed the server over HTTPS by AWS. ...

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Automating cloudwatch agent installation for multiple arch types
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I need to automate cloudwatch agent installation on new and existing instances created in EC2. We have a mix x86_64 and arm64 arch type vms as well different OSes(Ubuntu/Amazon Linux).

I found Chef cookbooks( and Ansible plays( that do the install and config, and I can provide my config fil ...

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Mysql consume lots of space in ubuntu 20.4
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I need help regarding my application deployed in ec2 instance using T3 medium and Ubuntu 20. My problem is, I encountered a server error twice, it happens 3 months after each error. Prior to server error, I noticed I am greeted this message 99.5% of **GB once I log into the terminal console. The first server error happened three months ago I used a t2 tier, so without hesitation, I upgraded it to m ...

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Can't establish s2s VPN connection between AWS EC2 and OVH Public Cloud using WireGuard
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I can't establish VPN connection between AWS EC2 instance and OVH Public Cloud. In /var/log/syslog there's no errors - just some info about wg-quick operations like adding routing etc.

AWS EC2 instance:

  • OS: Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS

  • Internal IP Address: ex. ens4

  • Public IP Address: ex. aws public interface

  • Port 12345/udp and 12345/tcp opened via Security group

  • Config ...

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How to configure VPC and subnet for EC2 Database accessible privately
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  • I have an EC2 Postgres Database (not standard AWS RDS, but based on my own configured AMI)
  • I have a load balancer, auto scaling group with 4 max servers in each AZ (us-west-2)
  • My load balancer is attached with 4 public subnets (each in 1 AZ)
  • My EC2 ASG which handles application servers allows instances to be created in any of the 4 private subnets (each in 1 AZ)
  • I have done all the necessary setup (NA ...
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AWS ALB Shows Target Group unhealthy, even though port 80 is open to Internet
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I've built an AWS ALB & Target group via Terraform and everything looks correct but the Target Group is reporting unhealthy for HTTP, HTTPS, and TCP. The instance is a t3.nano in us-east-2 and has Nginx installed and running.

I've verified the following:

  • Nginx is configured and running on ports 80 & 443
  • Security groups allow HTTP & HTTPS from
  • Instance is on a public subne ...
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What is the new policy action needed to allow the new DescribeSecurityGroupRules
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We have IAM policies in place that used to permit the roles to edit a security group rules

    "Version": "2012-10-17",
    "Statement": [
            "Sid": "VisualEditor0",
            "Effect": "Allow",
            "Action": [
            "Resource": "arn:aws:ec2:eu-we ...
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Cannot SSH on My EC2 Instance
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My last activity was I accidentically edited permission on my ec2 instace

I was trying to add permission 775 on my project's directory called storage

command like this

sudo chmod -R 775 storage

But instead doing this on /var/www/html/ I did this on directory like this ~ means the root directory.

and I exit the terminal and tried to access the server using ssh but it gaves me an error

Connection time ...

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Autoscaling Groups: what happens during scale-in if all ec2 are termination protected?
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Suppose I create an ec2 autoscaling group where each instance is protect terminated. Suppose a min of 2 and a maximum of 4, I was wondering what happens if, in presence of a step policy:

  1. There is a scale-out of 4 and then a scale-in: will always 4 instances be present? Or only 2 will be in the autoscaling group while the others are "benched" somewhat
  2. There is scale-out again: will the extra 2 instance ...
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How to avoid CPU spikes during Symantec scans
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Recently, we moved our servers and infrastructures to AWS. We observed that the load on our servers are very low. But just during the Symantec scans, the CPU load spikes to 50% or more. If it was not for the spikes during the Symantec scans, we could have gone for a lower configuration on EC2 instances.

Is this a known issue? Or is there way to control the CPU utilization during the Symantec scan ...

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EC2 instance experience massive inbound traffic spikes. Apache logs show normal usage
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I need some direction in figuring out what's going on here.

I have an EC2 instance that is running a WordPress site. Inbound traffic on the instance is spiking to alarming levels which are not consistent with the usage of the website. Outbound traffic is relatively normal.

This slows down the website and

Apache logs do not reflect the traffic that is hitting the server. There is nothing out of the ordi ...

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Trying to connect to my ec2 instance with Ansible
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I'm following the digital ocean guide to Ansible which involves setting up my ssh key on the host I'll use:

My Ansible host is my local WSL Ubuntu setup and my client is an AWS server.

I started step 1 and created an rsa key, Then I ran: sudo ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/ ~/.ssh/myhostkeyforaws.p ...

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Jenkins SSH Connection EC2 Instance
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In CICD Configuration, I'm Using Jenkins as CI Server, Deployment should happen on EC2 Amazon Linux..

I tried adding my SSH configs in Jenkins, I'm getting SSH connection failed..!

The problem here is My EC2 Instance SSH authentication requires PublicKey, Keyboard-interactive..!

I have enabled google authenticator for my EC2 Instance in addition to Key authentication..!

Can someone tell me the way to co ...

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What does AWS EC2 DDOS protection shield throw when activated? HTTP(S) 503?
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What does Amazon AWS EC2 DDOS protection shield throw when activated? HTTP(S) 503?

At which amount can this happen? 5000 - 10000 requests at "the same time"?

Is this public info and available somewhere?

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Is it worth installing UFW on an AWS EC2 instance?
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I would usually run UFW on servers I deploy, however I've just started using AWS and I see they already provide a firewall, allowing to set inbound/outbound rules, etc.

So I'm wondering if it's ever useful to have both the AWS firewall and UFW running at the same time? Or can I drop UFW altogether?

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Installing and configuring open source tools that are unmanaged, with command line access, in Amazon AWS
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Not sure if this is the best place to ask, but I am looking to create an architecture in Amazon AWS, but do not want to use all managed services. For example, I want to install an unmanaged version of Apache Kafka. Can I install and configure open source tools like this with command line access, and have full control over the tool?

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AWS EC2 instance: can an alarm hibernate an instance instead of shutting it down?
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I have an EC2 instance of type c5, which is hibernate-capable, and I can hibernate it manually, for example from the AWS EC2 console.

This is for a spot-instance desktop machine, and I have an alarm which shuts it down after a certain amount of low CPU activity. I wish that the alarm could hibernate, but I can't see this option. I am missing something?

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Best practise: migrating multiple VMs and VHosts to Docker
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I currently have about 20 sites and applications hosted in AWS EC2. Some have their own EC2, whilst others share an EC2 with multiple virtual hosts on that EC2.

Each site is completely separate and unrelated from another. The ones which share an EC2 are generally much smaller with little traffic/resource requirement (hence the shared server).

I also have one EC2 server which is simply used to run ba ...

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What exactly does the AWS Pay For What You Use policy mean?
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Well, I was fed up with the absurd host prices here in Brazil when I got to know AWS and the pay-as-you-go policy.

I recently started a course for the solution architect certification (SAA2), that's when I saw in the EC2 module that machines must be turned on/off/rebooted manually which worried me because I thought the way it charged was: If there are users accessing the machine it will be runnin ...