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AWS Elastic IP addresses (EIP) allow the assignment of public static IPv4 addresses to resources, generally EC2 instances. An EIP can be remapped quickly, which allows the user to mask the failure of instances or software.
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I want to create multiple publicly accesible applications on AWS but I have limited Elastic IPs. Is there a better solution?
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I have multiple web application servers running on different Amazon EC2 instances. At the moment, I am able to access those servers on client devices by assigning an Elastic IP to the EC2 instances and then calling the APIs using either the Elastic IP directly, or by pointing a purchased domain name to the Elastic IP. However, I am now running into the Elastic IP limit, meaning I would have to unassign  ...

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How do i modify route tables in EC2 instance to send traffic via eth1?
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I have an ec2 AmazonLinux2 instance. It has a primary nic on eth0. I went ahead and attached another eni (with an associated public ip) eth1. I would like to make sure that I can send traffic via the eth1 as well but unable to.

curl --interface eth0 --> Works, returns the public ip of the instance
curl --interface eth1 --> Does not work, the call just hangs

Here are my in ...

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AWS ALB Shows Target Group unhealthy, even though port 80 is open to Internet
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I've built an AWS ALB & Target group via Terraform and everything looks correct but the Target Group is reporting unhealthy for HTTP, HTTPS, and TCP. The instance is a t3.nano in us-east-2 and has Nginx installed and running.

I've verified the following:

  • Nginx is configured and running on ports 80 & 443
  • Security groups allow HTTP & HTTPS from
  • Instance is on a public subne ...
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Cannot SSH to second network interface in Ubuntu 20.04 on EC2
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I have a VPC with an Internet gateway and two subnets and in the same availability zone. A single security group allows tcp/22 inbound from and everything outbound. I also have two network interfaces tied to the security group, one in each subnet. Each network interface has its own Elastic IP address. There is a routing table for each subnet poi ...