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Version 2.2 of the Apache HTTP Server. When asking questions about virtualhosts, please include the output of the following command: "apache2ctl -S" (or "httpd -S" depending on your OS)
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Apache - Give Access to /var/log/ folder Only Outside the Document Root ? (Centos Based)
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My Web server is running on Apache and I have restricted the Apache user not to allow anything outside the Website Document Root, However, I need to write a log file (User Auth Log) which needs to be written into a folder of the "/var/log/app"

How do I achieve this task in Centos7? Should I use a symlink? if so Can that be secure enough? because this log file will contain very sensitive data about the u ...

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How to configure two addresses to access other frontends/port
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How do I configure two addresses to access other frontends / different ports, for example:

Address Mapping to (nodejs) localhost:3000 (django) localhost:7000
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Preventing redirects for file serving in apache
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I am working with a specific proprietary (and no longer properly supporter) http client, and it has an issue of giving up on trying to download files if an http server throws a 301. I am using mod_speling with CheckSpelling On and CheckCaseOnly On, and what I am describing happens when a request is made with the path, for example, being /documentroot/Media/audio.mp3, while the actual path is /docum ...

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Fail2ban regex for multiple IPs which includes LB IPs into it
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Struggling with the correct regex for the below log which I am not able to parse to get it working with fail to ban. I need XX.XXX.XX.XX to be checked via fail2ban. Please assist which me the correct regex.

XX.XXX.XX.XX, yy.yyy.yy.y, zzz.zz.z.zz - - [29/Jun/2020:11:12:14 +0000] "GET

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PHP website not working as expected in NGINX but working in Apache
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Hi I just created a link shortening app. But when I try to redirect a shorten link to the full URL which is shared on Facebook it is not working as expected. for example : this link is working fine but if i share the link in Facebook and and the link will be like this This link is not re ...

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how to do 301 redirects from old site to new
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I have a website which is on Wordpress and on its own IP/Server

It has various pages which are ranked on google which I'd like to preserve.

I have a new website which is configured using APACHE2 Vhosts and is also on its own IP/Server

How do I do 301 redirects? Do I do the 301 redirects in Wordpress on or do I change its ...

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Uniform Server cron not executing php script
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I'm running Uniform Server Zero XIV and am trying to use the cron to run a php script every 15 minutes. When ran manually, the script does what it is supposed to, which is updating values in a database. However, the cron never seems to actually execute the script.

The cron log is indicating that the crontab has the correct path and is executing.

10/06/2021 12:53:08  - Run OK --- C:\Users\myuser\Zero\U ...