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$0.010 per GB - regional data transfer - in/out/between EC2 AZs or using elastic IPs or ELB
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In my current AWS account, I have only one instance in Us-West -2. I do not have a ELB. The Elastic IP is in the same region. It does not specify any availability zone. but wrt RDS, this instance is connected to in a different availability zone of the same region and it also access few S3 buckets created in other region.. Is it why I am getting charged? any thoughts on this will be appreciated.

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Is there any way in aws to find if my ec2 instances is fully utlized for type which i am using?
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I have may aws ec2 instances running in dev account and most of the instances i see cpu utlization doesn't go most of the time more than 5% . For example even in one of the kubernetes cluster where kafka is running it is not exceeding 5 or max 6% of cpu utlization when we used t3.xlarge (16gb ram and 4vcpu) machine for kafka cluster setup.

So my question is there an way to find out if i am reall ...

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AWS Free Tier Termination Projected Costs
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Is there a way to see what the past costs for an account would be without any free-tier discounting, or what the project monthly costs for that account will be after the free-tier has terminated?

I see no obvious strategy for this in the billing dashboard nor AWS forums, and got nowhere with any of my searches. Since this basically affects everyone, at one time or another, with a bias towards new  ...

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On AWS, how do you set a billing alarm if you pay with credits?
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Our company has a large amount of credits with which we pay our AWS bills, but I would still like to monitor the costs.

If I try to setup a billing alarm, it shows that our estimated charges are $ 0.00. How do I base the alarm on the costs, even if we pay with credits?