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Microsoft Azure is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing platform by Microsoft. Users of the platform can deploy their applications onto cloud hosting benefiting from on-demand service, elastic scale, and a highly managed environment on a pay-as-you-go basis.
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All Linux VMs on Azure won't boot, stuck on cloud-init (metadata service crawler) initialization
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I have around 5 VMs in Azure, which were originally provisioned as Ubuntu 18 and since then I've been dist-upgrading them several times. A few months ago I noticed that similar VMs on different subscriptions fail to boot, being stuck on "cloud-init" step. enter image description here

Some of those VMs do have "Raise network interfaces" failure, some don't.

So far the workaround has been to detach the drive, edit it in a different VM ...

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azure static web app - how to access site files? We lost the git repo
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we have a devops git repo connected to our static webapp, which auto deploys when the repo changes.

However, the dev-ops git repo is now somehow empty (like it was never created). Is there any way to view or export all the files on the static web app? We cant see any options in azure portal

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Azure Application Gateway Default DNS Suffix
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What is the correct way to configure an Azure Application Gateway to be able to handle requests which use a host header with only a hostname (i.e. not a fully qualified domain name) due to clients relying on their DNS search suffix list to handle this.


We have an Azure Application Gateway which is configured with a Private IP to act as a load balancer for a variety of internal websi ...

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Azure Managed Instance - Virtual Machine Whitelisting
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I am having quite a few problems with setting up an Azure VM that is linked to an Azure Managed Instance SQL Server. The aim of this is to be able to setup a linked server in SSMS that can connect to a whitelisted MySQL server so I believe I need the VM to install the drivers and setup the ODBC and DSN links for the linked server to use. This MySQL connection also uses a KEY, CERT and PA-CERT

Key ...

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Active Directory Sync: Change user's UPN
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How do I reconfigure Azure AD sync, used for making single-sign-on possible for Office365 from inside the domain, so that the domain name part of a user's UPN can change when synchronized?

E.g. assume the local domain is, and the external domain is Currently, only exact copying works, by matching its ID, e.g. by using MSonline;

$UPN = (-join($username, " ...
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Can't add existing Virtual Network to Virtual network gateway in Azure
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While creating the Virtual network gateway and selecting the vnet, it says the VNet is "in use".

VNET address space is

Any idea why I'm getting this error?

enter image description here

I created a new subnet and it has no devices connected to it.

enter image description here

The connected devices are not on GatewaySubnet.

enter image description here

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Front Door Standard/Premium (Preview) - Unable to Add Wildcard Custom Domain with SSL Certificate
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I've got an Azure FrontDoor (preveiw) Premium endpoint setup and I'm trying to add a custom wildcard domain (* so that I can use the Rule Set to direct traffic between server environments setup as origin groups.

I am using Azure DNS, and Azure KeyValut to hold the secret.

The problem I'm facing is that when adding the * custom domain, it will not let me select the wildcard c ...

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The Azure region us south central us does not show up when creating a cosmosdb account

dropdown screenshot

dropdown screenshot

enter image description here

As you can see in the screenshots, the region I need does not show up in the dropdown and I cannot select the us south central region (in Texas). The resource group is in Texas tho, and I have some VMs running there.

According to Azure Products by Region | Microsoft Azure cosmos db IS available in south central us.

IDK if this is a bug in the portal.

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How to launch a sql file on kubernetes pod creation?
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We have our database either in aws rds or azure postgres or even on a different online server based on customer.

But our product will be running in azure kubernetes as a pod and service with database details in configmap.

Before we launch our app, it is mandatory that an sql file should be running in the database as preconfiguration.

What is the best approach we can set it so that we can automate this? ...

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How to install helm charts to private azure kubernetes clusters?
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I have setup a private cluster in azure kubernetes.


Due to which, the helm charts are failing to install.

helm error

error details:

Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: Kubernetes cluster unreachable: Get "": dial tcp: lookup testingcluster-dns-827dc1c4.10357f00-62ec-4f3f-a2b0-6d86ccd26901.priv ...
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Will Azure Sentinel create its own alerts?
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Will Azure sentinel produce its own alerts ? or it just collect data from various products like security center or AWS guard duty?

I know azure security center has its own mechanisms to detect threats in cloud environment but just want to clarify if azure sentinel has the same capabilities.

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Difference between Azure Container Instances and Azure Container Apps
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Microsoft announced Azure Container Apps, a new service for running serverless containers in the cloud. This appears to be similar to the Container Instances service, which is also for deploying fully-managed containers.

What are the key differences between these two services?

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istio ingress controller fails to assign public ip because of 'Microsoft.Network/publicIPAddresses/join/action'
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I'm trying to create an AKS service with static pre-defined public IP. For that I'm using terraform.

The important parts

resource "azurerm_public_ip" "public_ip" {
  allocation_method   = "Static"
  location            = azurerm_resource_group.rg.location
  name                = "${local.resource_name_prefix}-PublicIp1"
  resource_group_name =
  sku = "Standard"

  tags  ...
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How to expose services in private AKS cluster?
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I've created a private cluster on AKS and deployed some workloads to it, but I'm not sure how to connect to the services. They are all NodePort services, both TCP & UDP.

Initially, I thought that the endpoint AKS provides could be used to interact with the cluster as a whole, but this isn't the case -- this only exposes the Kubernetes API (probably why they call it the API endpoint)

I also tried ...

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Stop/Start Azure VMs Using Hybrid Runbook
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I currently have runbooks that stop/start VMs on a schedule but recently the runbook to start vms is stopped because it takes too long to complete. The following message is thrown -

"The job has been stopped because it reached the fair share limit of job execution more than 3 hours. For long-running jobs, it's recommended to use a Hybrid Runbook Worker. Hybrid Runbook Workers don't have a limitation on ho ...

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Is there any NATIVE disk monitoring solution for storage in Azure VMs?
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I have done plenty of digging, but it looks like this may be a shortcoming in Azure. I cannot find a native solution in the Azure portal to tell me when VMs are running low on disk space. What if I want to simply run inventory on my VMs to see how much space is being used on any attached drives? Nope.

For now I am piggy-backing on my 3rd party server monitoring agent for this, but in my situatio ...

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How to deploy to azure kubernetes using github actions when there is a new tag?
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I am trying to connect to cluster and create a namespace using github actions. And then doing the deployment using the yaml files saved in repository. Also, the acr container registry is being used here and creating a tag everytime using the short-ID of github commit. How to update the deployment to use the new tag once the push is completed.

The below run task is using static yaml files only.

name: D ...
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Unable to connect aks cluster using github actions, how to fix that?
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I am trying to connect to cluster and create a namespace using github actions. For that, I tried these steps.

In the link shared above, I first retrieved the azure service principal for connecting aks.

az ad sp create-for-rbac --name "myApp" --role contributor --scopes /subscriptions/<SUBSCRIPTION_ID>/resourceGroups/<RESOURCE_GROUP> --sdk-auth

And then, proceeded with the steps. But, d ...

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Azure Application Gateway Logs Analysis
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I would like to know the difference between timeTaken_d and clientResponseTime_d

please find the query below

AzureDiagnostics | where Category == 'ApplicationGatewayAccessLog' | project timeStamp_t, timeTaken_d, clientResponseTime_d, serverResponseLatency_s, httpStatus_d, requestUri_s, instanceId_s

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Check if Azure resource is used
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Our team has inherited an old project with tons of Azure resources (roughly 1600 in 30+ subscriptions). We were tasked to determined, whether they are still used or can be removed. We were able to identify a vast majority of these services via ARM templates, PowerShell scripts, etc. However, there remains ~250 resources which we are not sure about.

Is there any simple way (Kusto query, API endpoi ...

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Terraform - Dynamic Security Rules not working in Azure
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I am unable to see the dynamic rules getting created in Azure Network Security Group (NSG). My template looks ok from validation checks. However, when i run the terraform apply the NSG creates without the custom rules i put under dynamic rules section. Since this is part of a module i have to use some logic for iteration.

Below is my code from file

resource "azurerm_network_security_group" " ...
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Unable to connect to Azure MySQL from Ubuntu 20.04
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mysql -h -u me@foobar -p

From 18.04 and Windows 11, connection is successful. From 20.04, connection seems to hang, or never complete. I enter the password and get a prompt in 18.04, but not in 20.04.

18.04 client is 5.7. 20.04 is 8.0. Windows is 8.0.

I've tried several VMs in various locations and have been unable to get mysql client on 20.04 to connect. I've tried:

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Azure MFA for Windows 10 PC login
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Is there a way to use azure MFA (using the Authenticator App) for Windows 10 Desktop logins? The goal is that users, who login on a Domain PC, need to authenticate via the Microsoft Authenticator App for every login on the PC. I know there is a similar question that is two years old. It says that it was not possible at that time. Otherwise there are articles that say it is posible using azure hybrid joi ...

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Application Insights Does Not Log All Output From Logging Module
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We are hosting a REST API written in Python on Azure Functions, and using logging to monitor it.

Sometimes, not all of the expected output is displayed in Application Insights.

Here is an example of what it should look like:

2021-10-26T18:44:13Z   [Verbose]   Sending invocation id:64be8d30-a3ff-41d0-a653-de20c48db85a
2021-10-26T18:44:13Z   [Verbose]   Posting invocation id:64be8d30-a3ff-41d0-a653-de20 ...
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How do I debug occasional hang of SSH connection?
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Sometimes (but not every time - roughly 3 attempts of every 10 work) when I try to connect to a VM hosted on Azure, my SSH connection hangs before giving me a shell; the last message in the verbose debug log is:

debug2: channel 0: request shell confirm 1
debug3: send packet: type 98
debug2: channel_input_open_confirmation: channel 0: callback done
debug2: channel 0: open confirm rwindow 0 rmax 3276 ...
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Unable to join Azure Windows Server VM to local domain
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I'm trying to get my Azure Windows Server VM to connect to my local AD.

I've already created a Site to Site VPN Gateway and connected both the DC ( and VM ( and I've confirmed that both can ping each other.

DNS of the VM is set to via Azure Control Panel > Virtual networks > vnet group > vm v-nic > DNS servers

enter image description here

I tried a tracert on the VM but it couldn't reso ...

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How to provide access to a storage container in azure pipeline
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I have created a storage account and set in private but kept accessible to all networks. I am able to upload files there from azure portal with my account and created a container also there and uploaded a tar.gz file. tar file

But when I am trying to access this in a azure pipeline task with my account.I am getting this error when selecting the container, even after authorization of storage account and s ...

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Run script in Windows Azure VM after launch during packer build to configure WinRM and the firewall
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Background: Apparently Packer has major issues configuring WinRM on Azure VMs created from the Microsoft Windows Server publisher. This is only one of the several issues and threads I've found on this and it dates back several years. Because of this I'm unable to connect to an instance with Packer in order to provision and prepare our own Windows images for use within our company. I've tried alterin ...

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Azure SQL Private Endpoint - can creating one cause downtime?
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Suppose I have an Azure SQL Database Elastic Pool and I am accessing it from an Azure Web App via Firewall rules and everything is working fine.

Now suppose I want to add a new Private Endpoint to the Azure SQL Database Elastic Pool. This would NOT block access via the existing Firewall rules / access outside of the newly created Private Endpoint - is that right?

In other words, adding a Private En ...

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How to do Bare Metal Deployment via MDT from the Cloud?
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I have tried the steps mentioned in the link.

Here, instead of local MDT deployment share, configured IIS to access it through HTTP/HTTPS. But it is not still linked to unc path, which can't be accessible over the internet.

After configuring the IIS as per the steps you mentioned.

The deployment share in the Listtouch iso is still trying to access the UNC path.

litetouch image deploy error

Because of this, the internet deploymen ...