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How to list all function apps and it's storage account
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Is there anyway to combine both commands below where it lists all the function app together with the storage account used for it?

This command gets all the function app in the subscription

az functionapp list 

This command gets the storage account used by the function app

az functionapp config appsettings list --name <appname> -g <rg> --query "[].{name:name, value:value}[?name=='AzureWeb ...
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Unable to resolve Shared Gallery images shared with me by publisher despite their visibility in the UI
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I am unable to find images shared with me via a Shared Image gallery. The issue is present with both the Az cmdlets and the Az CLI, though for consistency I will stick with PowerShell examples here. Note that referencing publicly available images, such as those published by MicrosoftWindowsServer, are able to be resolved as expected.

There are two shared galleries in question, both are within the sa ...