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Making copies of data so that the copies may be used to restore the original after a data loss event, or for historical retention.
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Apache Archiva backup best practices
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I have a server running Apache Archiva in standalone mode built from the Apache site tarball. It has been running like a charm for already 6 years. The OS is Debian Linux.

Until now all the artifacts we were storing on it where easily recoverable, so I excluded Archiva from any backup strategy.

But recently we have started to store artifacts that are impossible to rebuild. So now I need to include A ...

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ZFS Pool Data Backup and Restore
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I currently have a zfs raidz2 pool stuck in a resilvering loop as I was trying to replace the 3TB disks with 8TB disks. After letting the first replacement disk resilver online for over a week it finally finished only to immediately start again. After marking the disk "OFFLINE" the second resilver completed in about 2 days. I marked the disk online and everything looked good (for a couple of minutes) so ...

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RAID 1, vs RAID 6 vs RAID 10. What is most secure and reliable for my needs?
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Here is what I need to achieve. I have a work PC with 2xSSD one for O.S. and software, and the second smaller for storing data. Currently I backup my data on an external HDD and on the cloud, I also do O.S. image to recover the full system with software. The data backup on external HDD is daily, the cloud backup is weekly and the O.S. image is monthly.

I wanted to improve this pattern by replacin ...

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How to install Micro Focus Data Protector Client 10.91 on SLES 15 SP2?
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Micro Focus Data Protector 10.91 should work with Linux distributions like SLES using systemd, but it seems client instalation does not work: When I try to install the client, I get an error message ("[110:101] Client import failed!") while the installation steps before (Core Component, Core Technology Stack, Disk Agent) looked successful.

When examining the system, I see there is a omni.socket s ...

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Incremental backup qcow2 image with rsync
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I use rsync to backup the qcow2 disks of my virtual machines. However, I would like to be able to get an incremental backup so that I don't have to copy the entire disk every time. for now I use rsync -hav --progress / source / target, the execution time is always the same even if the second time the disk has already been copied and it should take much less


doing some additional research I di ...

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Tar extracting from multi-volume tape whilst computing shasums
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As part of our backup system, we replicate zfs datasets from a TrueNAS system to a couple of backup servers, one of which is running TrueNAS Scale and has a LTO-5 tape drive connected. We occasionally write one of the read-only snapshot's contents to tape. As some of these datasets are large, tar is used with the --multi-volume flag.

Prior to backup, sha256sums are generated for every file in the ...

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Full system backup on a remote server with Borg
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I'm trying to do a full system backup on my remote server. I want to use Borg for this process because it has deduplication so it only copies files that are different and thus doesn't use as much space as a regular backup. Currently I'm using the command that follows:

sudo borg create --stats --progress --one-file-system --compression lz4 backup::Monday /run/media/archie/server/{bin,boot,etc,home,l ...
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Encrypted files stored next to GPG Key in backup – alternative solution?
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During a recent test run to see if my personal backups work as intended, I noticed that I store my GPG key next to files encrypted with that key on the same disk. Although the disk is encrypted (LUKS) and the key has a strong passphrase, this feels a bit wonky.

While having a second drive just for the key might improve the situation, it also feels a bit overkill. Hence I am looking for a more pra ...

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`x-systemd.automount` + `x-systemd.idle-timeout` + `exfat` = data loss?
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I've set up hourly automated backups to several exFAT formatted storage drives. Here is an example of one of the mounts as per x-systemd.automount and other goodies:

UUID=XXXX-XXXX /media/XXXX-XXXX auto noauto,nofail,nouser,uid=root,gid=users,umask=007,X-mount.mkdir,x-systemd.automount,x-systemd.device-timeout=1,x-systemd.idle-timeout=60 0 2

This has been working fine for a while, until yesterday. ...

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windows backup server (windows server 2012 R2) difference in backup dates
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Windows Backup Server is doing successful backups on a shared folder at QNAP NAS.

But dates of backups on the server and dates on NAS are different.

Last backup on the server was on 04.07.2021 and it was successful but on NAS it shows the date of 1st backup 02.07.2021....

I set up a scheduled backup so it works once a day.

Can someone explain to me if that is a normal thing or if there is some catch?

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How can I restore an LVM snapshot of a larger volume on a smaller disk?
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I am trying to backup/restore an LVM volume on a local Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa) server. The production server has an LV of 500 GB, however there are only 19 GB used so far.

The local development server has 24 GB free space where I intend to restore the 19 GB from production. I do use -L 24G as a parameter while doing the LVM snapshot. The process fails to restore with the message: "no space left  ...

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Jenkins NOT failing build when encountered Permission Denied status 126
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During development, I forgot to set privileges to a script (DB backup) on remote host, which revealed some Jenkins' weakness - when one of steps failed with "Permission Denied" (status 126) it doesn't stop the build, it moves to next steps:

SSH: Connecting with configuration [<remote_host>.com] ...
SSH: EXEC: completed after 201 ms
SSH: Disconnecting configuration [<remote_host>.com] .. ...
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Backup my webspace to NAS
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First of all: I don't know if this is the correct place to ask, please tell me where I can go with this before you remove my post, that would be great, thank you!

What I want to do (and what my options are):

I got a synology NAS which can execute tasks that (yes I'm a noob) are "linux commands".My goal is to backup my whole webspace or a specific folder on it to the NAS, but only new or chang ...

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NETGEAR NAS capped at 1.3MB/s transfer rate across VPN
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We have many NAS devices at our company and one is remote. It is connected to a Meraki MX64 which connects to our local network at the company. While transferring data over to it, the speed seems to cap out at 1.3MB/s very specifically. I'm wondering what sorts of settings to look for as to why this rate would be capped, or just any reasoning at all. From what I can see, neither of the connecting Meraki ...

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Windows server 2016 Hyperv-V Backup error "0x8078004F"
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i am using Windows Backup and trying to backup to NAS folder and worked fine, but now windows backup is failing with error code "0x8078004F"

The backup operation that started at '‎2021‎-‎06‎-‎19T18:00:07.880845800Z' has failed with following error code '0x8078004F' (The mounted backup volume is inaccessible. Please retry the operation.). Please review the event details for a solution, a ...

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How does Google Cloud Platform handle database backups with --async flag?
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I'm currently working on adding an extra step to our companies CI/CD pipeline so we make backups of the database before making a deployment that could potentially run migrations on our database.

To make the backup I authenticate with Google Cloud Platform using the command: gcloud auth activate-service-account --key-file /path/to/keyfile.json

After authenticating I use the command: gcloud sql backups ...