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Combining Mix Use (MU) and Read Intensive (RI) SSD in same Raid array
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I know you cannot combine mixed drive types in an array eg. SAS/SATA or SSD/HDD. What about identically sized SATA SSD in the MU and RI options?

4x P18434-B21 - HPE 960GB SATA MU SFF SC MV SSD - Mix Use, currently installed
4x P18424-B21 - HPE 960GB SATA RI SFF SC MV SSD - Read Intensive, want to expand with these.

The only difference in spec I can find is the write cycles each one can handle, ...

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Is it bad form to create an Ansible role just for setting facts?
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I've got one of those situations where I could write a three task role to lookup, sort and extract a set of values like:

- name: Lookup available AMI instances
    filters: ...
  register: _ami_info
- name: Sort by creation date to get latest
    _amis: '{{ _ami_info.images | sort(attribute="creation_date", reverse=True) }}'
- name: Se ...
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SCCM Application Update Paradigm
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I am a developing an application that is being utilized by sysadmins with SCCM. I am curious what the best way to release updates to my application would be. I am planning on having my application auto-update -- requiring no manual intervention from the sysadmin. What would be best practice of auto-updating my application knowing it will be in SCCM pipelines?

Thanks in advance,

Matt L.

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Add some text to curl's user agent string? (i.e. curl with a UA that includes curl's default UA & my text)
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I am writing a shell script which uses curl(1) to download files. By default curl will set a HTTP User-Agent (UA) to something like curl/7.74.0. I want to be a good internet citizen and set the UA to say what my script is. Since the software that is making HTTP requests is still curl, I would like this user agent to also include the default curl UA.

I can replace User-Agent with -A, but is it possible ...

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IPv6 connectivity suddenly lost, IPv6 neighbour router status becomes STALE at the same time. How can I avoid it?
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I have a VM on a host with bridged networking (hence, with its own MAC address). Both host and VM run CentOS. Their network is managed by simple /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-enpXsY files which contains the static IP addresses. IPv4 works just fine.

I have assigned an IPv6 address to the VM (the host also has one) which is routed correctly in the data centre. Most connections use IPv4, however ...

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How to limit users to their home directory SFTP on Ubuntu 20.04
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Is there any way to limit users to certain home directories with sftp on Ubuntu OS 20.04 and giving them write access to their directory?'

I was able to keep each user to only see their directory and not browse any other directories. However, they can't write to their directory now. Below is the config for /etc/ssh/sshd_config

ForceCommand internal-sftp 
PasswordAuthentication ...
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Active Directory (DNS) BPA: Interface should register its IP addresses in DNS with Server Core
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How to solve the following compliance error message when using the Best Practices Analyzer with DNS running on Windows Server Core?

The interface Ethernet 2 is not configured to register its addresses in DNS.

IP addresses on the interface will not be automatically registered in DNS.

Configure the interface Ethernet 2 to register the connection's addresses in DNS.

Sca ...
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Why not shorten a single :0000: field in IPv6
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rfc5952, section 4.2.2 "Handling One 16-Bit 0 Field" goes:

The symbol "::" must not be used to shorten just one 16-bit 0 field. For example, the representation
2001:db8:0:1:1:1:1:1 is correct, but
2001:db8::1:1:1:1:1 is not correct.

The kawamura-03 draft has a hint as to why:

4.2.2. One 16 bit 0 Field

"::" should not be used to shorten just one 16 bit 0 field for it would tend to mislead that there ...