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Trying to use a CNI configuration with Calico in Minikube with Helm
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I am trying to configure a network configuration in our Kubernetes cluster via Helm with Calico, we are running minikube with calico like this:

minikube start --network-plugin=cni --cni=calico

And we include the network config like this:

# network attachement
apiVersion: ""
kind: NetworkAttachmentDefinition
  name: sriov-albora
  namespace: test
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iptables REDIRECT to Kubernetes NodePort causes request to hang
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I am attempting to direct client traffic to a kubernetes cluster NodePort listening on (https port).

Client's needs to make a request to so I added the following REDIRECT rule in iptables:

iptables -t nat -I PREROUTING -p tcp --dst --dport 8000 -j REDIRECT --to-port 30000
iptables -t nat -I OUTPUT -d -p tcp --dport 8000 -j REDIRECT --t ...
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Maximum throughput between Kubernetes pods with LACP bonding
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We currently have a kubernetes cluster (using calico) where all worker nodes are connected together with lacp bonds (2x10GB links with LACP Mode 4 - 802.3ad).

However, the maximum throughput we manage to get between 2 pods is 10 GB/s. According to some documentation, we should be able to achieve 20 GB/s. According to wikipedia, it seems to be a normal behavior:

This selects the same NIC slave for e ...

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K8s nodeLocalDns pod times out connecting to coreDns after upgrading base os to ubuntu20.04 ConnectX-4 card
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I have Mellanox Nic ConnectX-4 on a k8s worker node and it hosts a nodeLocal dns pod on it. The nodeLocalDns pod is timing out when trying to connect to coreDns service on k8s cluster.

Same works on Ubuntu18.

Versions failing with

k8s v1.13.5 Baremetal
Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS   
kernel 5.4.0-100-generic   

below works well.

 k8s v1.13.5 Baremetal
 Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS   
 kernel  ...
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Changing the name of a single Kubernetes master with a temporary master
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I have a lab environment for studying Kubernetes.
It has Calico CNI installed.
Kuberentes version: 1.20.
I would like to rename the single master node in the cluster.
Preferably, without recreating the whole Kubernetes cluster or overriding the master node name.
The idea is to learn to do it right too.
I tought about adding a temporary master node in addition and remove the original master node ...

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How to do live migration from flannel to calico on single node kubernetes cluster?
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I am trying to migrate from flannel to calico in k8s cluster. I am able to do it successfully in 3 node cluster. Live migration from flannel to calico is working as described in the documentation.

But migration from flannel to calico on single node k8s cluster is not supported as per this issue.

I have to do live migration from flannel to calico on single node, any suggestions on approaches is apprec ...

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iBGP with recursive next-hop (FRR)
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I'm trying to set up k8s cluster on Hetzner and export pods routes to server ( in topology below) with FRR(Quagga) running on it. I use calico with BIRD as cni plugin. The problem is that FRR incorrectly exports (recursive) routes to kernel table.

Network topology

Frr config: show running-config

Current configuration:
frr version 8.1
frr defaults traditional
hostname deb-front-1
log sysl ...
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How can I get Egress Static IP per namespace within a EKS cluster
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My current setup involves an EKS Cluster with multiple namespaces (multi-tenant) across many different EKS nodes in private subnets. I would like the egress traffic from the pods to have a dedicated EIP per namespace. AFAIK there are no off the shelf solutions available for this problem. I have searched long and hard on the internet but in vain. Here are some of the solutions that I have tired, but even ...

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Pods on two different nodes communicate very slow, any idea why?
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I am learning k8s and I have 3 nodes k8s cluster. I have just recently deployed k8s with kubeadmin and so far it is working great. everything working perfectly but the only problem that I am facing is network throughput. my three nodes and replica sets are like this


2 Pods on each node can communicate to each other just fine with 9GB throughput in iperf test. However, when pods on different nodes ...

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SNAT port of Kubernetes outgoing traffic
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I am currently running Kubernetes with Calico v3.20.2 as the CNI. I have a very unique case where I need to send UDP traffic from a specific DaemonSet Pod to an external server which will read the sourceIP:sourcePort combination of the IP headers, and send the response by setting those two as the destIP:destPort fields. Since different UDP sessions will randomly choose different randomised source ports  ...

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Calicoctl rejecting certificate on fresh k3s install
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I have a fresh install of Ubuntu, a fresh install of k3s, and a fresh download of calicoctl. I have installed it the following way.

curl -sfL | K3S_KUBECONFIG_MODE="644"\
        INSTALL_K3S_EXEC="--flannel-backend=none --cluster-cidr=\
        --disable-network-policy --disable=traefik" sh -

kubectl create -f ...
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Why does bgp OPEN message get Connect Socket: Connection reset by peer when node is on a different subnet/gateway
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My network setup:

Kubernetes network setup

With this setup, only nodes on same subnet can establish bgp connection. Other nodes (that do a full 3 way tcp handshake), responds to hte OPEN message with [FIN, ACK] then a [RST] hence the Connection reset by peer message in my calicoctl node status <- is on controller 3 (

    IPv4 BGP status
+--------------+-------------------+-------+----- ...
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How to fix "Failed to apply 'Node' resource: [update conflict: Node(...)]" while trying to apply Calico node config?
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I'm playing with Kubernetes and got two VirtualBox machines - master and worker. Every one has two network interfaces - one for Internet and other for communication between each other VM and host machine. And I got troubles with Calico setup because it autodetects wrong network interface. I've made few settings to fix it but one trouble remains - worker takes wrong IP. And I found how to fix it - but it ...

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Kubernetes setup with different networks for intra and inter-cluster communication
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I have this use case: Setup multiple k8s clusters that can communicate with each other. I also have one network per cluster for intra-cluster communication and another network for inter-cluster communication and for external access in general. Like below:

enter image description here

I am currently leveraging flannel as the network plugin. My understanding is that flannel does not support this use-case (assumption).

Is this s ...

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How to enable ipv6 for ingress-controller services when installing using Helm nginx-ingress chart?
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I have a baremetal K8 cluster setup using Kubespray (Calico as CNI) and have dual stack enabled. I can see that all the pods that get deployed get both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses but when I try to install nginx-ingress controller using nginx helm chart the services only have IPv4 enabled and assigned. I can see the following spec when I do kubectl get on the service:

kubectl get svc ingress-nginx-cont ...

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Only have connectivity to nginx pod from the node its running on
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I've installed kubernetes master and one node v 1.20. I deployed nginx with

kubectl run nginxpod --image=nginx

$ kubectl get pods -o wide
nginxpod   1/1     Running   0          19s   xps15-9560   <none>           <none>

On master when I curl on master it times out ...

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apply calico manifest through ansible kubernetes core module
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I am trying to install calico on an existing single-node kubernetes cluster (installed through kubeadm). The two manifests are tigera-operator and custom-resources. This works fine if I manually install it through kubectl:

kubectl -f apply tigera-operator.yaml created ...
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How to reset/reconfigure calico network for kubernetes cluster
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I have a Kubernetes cluster with calico policy applied. Below pods display in my cluster:

kube-system   pod/calico-node-xxxx                          
kube-system   pod/calico-kube-controllers-xxxxxx   
kube-system   pod/metrics-server-xxxxx
kube-system   pod/local-path-provisioner-xxxxx
kube-system   pod/coredns-xxxxx
app-system    pod/my-app-xxxx

Is there any calicoctl or kubectl command to re ...

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Cannot reach pod from pod in some machines but tunnel in node is reached
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I have a pod with a cluster IP of in a bare metal Kubernetes 1.19 cluster with Calico 3.16.9 as CNI. Let's call this Pod A. In most nodes (which is different from the node of Pod A), a pod (Pod B) in the same Kubernetes namespace can reach Pod A as shown in the pcap on the node where Pod A is below:

# tcpdump -vv -i calib33bd7211a6|grep
tcpdump: listening on calib33bd7211a6, l ...
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Change Kubernetes CNI from Weavenet to Calico
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I have a Kubernetes cluster with 3 masters and 3 workers, this cluster uses Weavenet as network CNI and I want to change network CNI and use Calico, can I change it inplace without removing resources? this is my cluster version:

$kubectl version
Client Version: version.Info{Major:"1", Minor:"19", GitVersion:"v1.19.3", GitCommit:"1e11e4a2108024935ecfcb2912226cedeafd99df", GitTreeState:"clean", Build ...
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What's necessary for a bare metal dual stack kubernetes setup?
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We are about to start setting up a new kubernetes cluster on bare metal at our own datacenter. The documentation for the k8s moduls and services is great, however I was not able to find any comprehensive top view documentation on the components necessary to meet our requirements:

Pods need to be reachable via IPv4 and IPv6 Pods need to be able to move between hosts and still be reachable on both  ...

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calico networking: pod to pod communication not working
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I am running RKE2 Rancher's Kubernetes distribution. (docs)

I have a single node cluster.
CNI: Calico; Calico is using iptables backend
iptables version: iptables v1.8.7 (legacy)
firewalld version: 0.9.3 (uses nftables by default)

Issue: I have a Hashicorp vault and Kubernetes cronjob running responsible for unsealing and initializing the vault on K8s cluster.

Because of some issue in netwo ...

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How can I delete manually calicoctl and iptables created by calico from my k3s setup
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I have a K3s setup with calico pods [calico-node- & calico-kube-controllers-] running. On uninstalling K3s, calico pods get deleted but I see that calicoctl and iptables -S commands still running and shows data.

I want to delete calico (including calicoctl and Iptables created by calico) completely. Which commands will help me to do so ?

K3s uninstalltion command: /usr/local/bin/k3s-uninstall ...

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Assign pod an IP address which the same as the IP range of the k8s node
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Is that possible to assign pod an IP address which the same as the IP range of my K8s node?

For example:

I have an on-premise K8s cluster that includes 3 work nodes. All nodes are using the IP range as INTERNAL-IP. It is the IP address of the server NIC.

Can I use the IP address in my pod?

I am very new to K8s, any help is appreciated!

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Calico pod with CrashLoopBackOff caused by service account
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I have Calico installed on my cluster but a few days ago pod routing stopped working. I noticed the calico pods went offline and from the logs I got this:

2021-07-12 08:36:43.524 [INFO][1] main.go 92: Loaded configuration from environment config=&config.Config{LogLevel:"info", WorkloadEndpointWorkers:1, ProfileWorkers:1, PolicyWorkers:1, NodeWorkers:1, Kubeconfig:"", DatastoreType:"kubernetes"} ...
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Calico node remains not ready when a new node with a 192.168.178.x IP joins a K8s cluster
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kube-system   pod/calico-node-9czgm                                  0/1     Running     3          42d
kube-system   pod/calico-node-msfjk                                  0/1     Running     0          5m37s what I get when a let "moon" to join the cluster as outlined below...

NAMESPACE   NAME        STATUS   ROLES                  AGE     VERSION
            node/moon   Ready    <none>    ...
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Kubernetes: migrate from flannel to canal or install calico network policy alongside flannel
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I installed flannel as a CNI for my Kubernetes cluster. Now I want to add a network policy to my cluster. After searching I find Canal (Calico for policy and flannel for networking).

How I can migrate from flannel to canal? Or is there any way to install Calico network policy alongside current flannel installation?


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Calico network policy in Kubernetes based on Domain name & Wildcard char
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I have an application running with kubernetes orchestrator. I want to implement calico network policy based on domain name or wildcard characters so that domain names (FQDN/DNS) can be used to allow access from a pod or set of pods (via label selector).

I came across calico doc which says the same thing, but not sure if this is free or paid ? Can someone confirm this? also where I can get example of ...

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Calico network policy in Kubernetes based on Domain name Regex Matching
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I have a application running with kubernetes orchestrator. I want to implement calico network policy based on domain name Regex matching. I am seeing in calico doc that they are using ip range(CIDR) to control incoming and outgoing calls.
Can same thing be done using domain name regex matching instead of CIDR ? Some example would be helpful.

For instance I want my calico network policy to allow in ...