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Configuration is a general term that can refer to the arrangement of functional units according to their nature and characteristics. Also, it can refer to software configuration which more suitable for server-related topics.
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Getting SERVFAIL / NOTAUTH on Zone Transfer - ISC BIND 9
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I have two BIND servers running BIND 9:

BIND 9.11.36-RedHat-9.11.36-3.el8 (Extended Support Version) <id:68dbd5b>
running on Linux x86_64 4.18.0-372.9.1.el8.x86_64 #1 SMP Tue May 10 08:57:35 EDT 2022
built by make with '--build=x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu' '--host=x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu' '--program-prefix=' '--disable-dependency-tracking' '--prefix=/usr' '--exec-prefix=/usr' '--bindir=/usr/bin'  ...
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nginx one site redirects to another
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I have couple domains on my server. There is wordpress multisite and vanilla php site. All WP sites are working correctly but if vanilla php site redirects to main WP site. Here is config of main WP site:

map $http_host $blogid { 0; 1; 2;

server {
    server_name *;
    return 301 https://$host$request_uri;
    listen 443 ssl ...
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Wireguard Client Addition without restart
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I am building a Wireguard VPN network, in which I want to add and remove peers on the server without restarting the service or losing connections with existing peers. Tried searching for the results, but I found nothing that can suit my needs (all the solutions will cause a few second freeze or will require clients to redo handshake with server). Is it possible to implement this with Wireguard and if ye ...

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Apache2 - How to serve static files on a specific folder?
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I have 2 virtual hosts serving 2 different sites in my Ubuntu Server 20.04 both in port 80 and 443.

I want to use the same server to serve some static files for download on a custom port, let's say 8080.

I added a share_backup_folder.conf configuration file on my /etc/apache2/sites-available with the following content:

<VirtualHost *:8080>
        DocumentR ...
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NGINX - reverse proxy but one subfolder to static local directory
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I'm having trouble figuring out the basic syntax for proxying most traffic to a local Solr install but leaving one path/dir requests being sent to a static html directory. Do all secondary, tertiary, etc... locations need to be set by regex? Haven't been able to find a simple guide on this.

current errors: /adv/index.html - 404 - Not found /adv/ - 403 Forbidden /solr/ - works fine

Here is my config: ...

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nginx proxy_pass change target domain in requests and responses
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My Problem is:

I have a server with an internal domain name which redirects all clients asking for another domain to its FQDN This server is not under my control and must continue to be reachable as

My job is to setup a proxy that makes this service reachable from the completely separated ...

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Load balancing apache 2.4 ProxyPass configuration meaning
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I'm studying apache 2.4 and I've found this configuration as example. What I don't understand is the definition of ProxyPass, they have defined "balancer://cluster/example1/api" but in the Proxy directive there is only "balancer://cluster".

What they have done in this configuration? Can anyone explain me with some pratice example?

<VirtualHost *:10000> 
    ProxyRequests Off
    ProxyTimeout 300 ...
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Configuring Postfix to Restrict User Access to the Postfix "Sendmail" Command
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Reading at, we see that, by default, network mail relay access to postfix is restricted to "local" or "authenticated" users:

smtpd_relay_restrictions (default: permit_mynetworks, permit_sasl_authenticated, defer_unauth_destination)

Access restrictions for mail relay control that the Postfix SMTP server applies in the context of the RCPT ...

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Why does Nginx only respond on Port 80?
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I tried to change nginx' port 80 to 81 in nginx.conf file but my sample site is not responding despite listening to port 81. The sample website only responds on port 80. Also , sample site on http://localhost:81 is responding. But is not responding when Nginx is running on 81 Port.I am newbie so I'm having a hard time figuring out the best way to do this. Can somebody tell me how I ...

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How to configure Postfix to return enhanced response code
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I'd like to return by Postfix 550 5.1.1 for some specific domains. I followed the manual and created the access file, with a single row: 550 5.1.1

The 550 is returned, but instead of 5.1.1, 5.1.7 is returned. I don't understand, why. I would like to return 5.1.1, to emulate that the recipient address does not exist on the server.

Thank you!

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isc-dhcp-server ip-range speicifc domain-name-server
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I'm trying to get an isc-dhcp-server configuration to use different DNS-Servers based on the ip-address assigned.
Basically, I want some of my client marked as not-trusted, which then may not access services using the internal url.
I tried using range based pools, which do not seem to be able to handle the domain-name-servers option. I also tried using multiple subnets with the same ip/netmask configurati ...

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Conditional directives based on User-Agent with Apache 2.2.x?
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I want to implement something like the following in our Apache httpd configuration:

    <If "%{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !~ /something/">
        RemoveEncoding .gz .tgz
        AddType application/x-gzip .gz

but my understanding is that this conditional <If> syntax only works with Apache 2.4.x. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with Apache 2.2.x for the time being. Is there a way to do t ...

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disregard traffic in config file OpenVPN
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i want to disregard the traffic of the openvpn config file. I want to when i connect to the tunnel , I stay in the default gateway without entering the tunnel

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Apache: <LimitExcept POST> not working (in .htaccess)
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I am trying to set some controls in Apache via the .htaccess. This works:

<LimitExcept GET>
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all
    Deny from all

while this does not:

<LimitExcept POST>
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all
    Deny from all

Please help me understand what is going on here.

Example test case:

I created a simple HTML form (f ...

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Unable to connect to my self hosted cloud MQTT broker
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I have followed the instructions to configure Mosquitto on CentOS 7, provided by digital ocean. I believe I have most of the stuff set up correctly, I was able to follow all the instructions with some deep diving to find solutions for some deprecated instructions. But, I am able to subscribe and publish messages to a topic when I'm logged on to my server.

However, I want to access my own MQTT brok ...

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Nginx server blocks not redirecting
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I am working on a project at and I am trying to do a multiple of things

the last one is working. however, the first two are not working. You can test it yourself by going to

I am also struggling rea ...

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Can't make Vmware ESXi 6.7 LAG on top of Dell VLTi port-channel
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I've configured dell 5212F switches with 2x100G ports into VLTi domain. For some reason - when I run show vlt 10 mismatch it show that both of switches have no roles. But they appear as should in show vlt 10 and they able to ping each other mgmt IP

In addition - i've created a port-channel 1 with vlt-channel 1 and connected 2 25G uplinks to one of vmware servers.

I've created a distributed switch w ...

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Nginx locations configuration
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I have config

location ~ \.(pdf)$ {
    expires 2h;

location / {
    ...backend rules...

Now I want the first block to be executed only for really existing pdfs, otherwise the request would be passed to the backend. I suppose I should add in the first location block try_files $uri @backend:

location ~ \.(pdf)$ {
    try_files $uri @backend;
    expires 2h;

location / {
    ...backend rules...
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haproxy: close or change port 80 of stats page
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The http-port has to be available for another usage.
Port 80 of the stats-page has to be closed or moved to another port.
Removing mode http in the default section disables the page. echo >/dev/tcp/hostname/80 returns '0' -> port 80 is already reachable.

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100% CPU usage from iowait caused by Nginx, not solved by turning sendfile on and directio off
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I run a webservice that performs some basic image processing operations.

The webserver first accepts image uploads from users and temporarily stores them. A backend server then downloads the image through a HTTP get request and performs the actual processing. It is then sent back to the webserver. The user then downloads the images. The processed image is typically significantly larger than the o ...

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Redirect certain url path from wordpress to another root using nginx
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It's a pretty simple question, yet I can't find a working answer.

My project is Wordpress ( Under a certain path ( it should be redirected to another root directory (vue app) via staying under the same url.

As for now - I get just 404 from wordpress itself, as if the redirect wasn't visible, instead it uses standard routing, trying to find a post with t ...

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Is it possible to set proxy header in NGINX using variable for the *header name*?
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According to the NGINX documentation

proxy_set_header field value allows redefining or appending fields to the request header passed to the proxied server. The value can contain text, variables, and their combinations.

So I can do

set $my_variable "some_value";
proxy_set_header x-my-header $my_variable;

Is it anyhow possible to use a variable for the field parameter, i.e. have the header name base ...

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Can a server offer more than one TLS certificate?
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Let's say I have a TLS certificate for a domain but I'm not sure if all user agents potentially connecting over HTTP would accept it. Can I obtain another certificate, signed by another certificate authority, and use it in such cases as a fallback, transparently to the user? If it's possible, how would the client-server communication to establish a secure connection proceed? And is this use case well kn ...

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Server-side includes for PHP files in virtual folders using nginx
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I am able to to an include on any filetype if the folder the file is in is non-virtual.

If it is a virtual directory using the include directive for example, it does not work on the PHP files:


location /common/ {
    ssi on;
    alias "Z:/My Website/My Custom Common/";

If test.php was in the root of the server, the include would work.

Here is my PHP block in nginx.conf:

location ~ \.php$ {
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All subdomains except mail domain work, is there something I need to change?
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I recently started hosting a website with Apache with friends and made a few subdomains for each persons' area. I did the DNS records and all of them work and reverse proxy to the correct subdomain.... all except for mail. No matter whether I put in the actual email server or just my test subdomain for the reverse proxy, it always comes back with ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. I have tried everything from swit ...

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Prevent Nginx regex rule to override another rule
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I have a Nginx server acting as a reverse proxy for a couple services, the config is similar to this one

location /backend/service1 {
        proxy_pass http://pathto/service1;

location / {
        root /a/folder

location ~* (\.js|\.css)$
        expires 8d;

        root /home/files/abc/bcd;

My problem here is that recently the service1 from backend has to serve a couple static files like

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Apache <Location> tag for couple of options
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I want to set couple of Location tags in my Apache config. For instance: /image, /file, /audio and to pass it to localhost:port/path. Right now I'm using this for /image:

 <Location /image>
        RewriteEngine  on
        Options +MultiViews +FollowSymLinks
        AllowOverride All
        ProxyPreserveHost On
        ProxyPass "http://localhost:PORT/image"
        ProxyPassReverse "http://l ...
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Lighttpd URL and host matching and include-file spanning (is it possible?)
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I have an interesting condition resolution problem to resolve and have not had luck with on-line searching and looking through documentation for lighttpd yet. Many of those searches led to similar questions asked here and useful answers (for those questio so let's see how this one runs:

I have lighttpd running on a gateway router (OpenWRT, Or Turris OS if you prefer as it's a Turris Omnia) and it ...

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Serve nginx's autoindex under different path
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I've run into the issue that I would like to enable nginx's autoindex for some directories but those also having their own index files.
So I was wondering if there was a way to make nginx serve it's autoindex page on a different path. Something like /path/to/dir/autoindex.html

I tried the following:

    location ~* ^/path/to/dir/autoindex.html$ {
        autoindex on;
        autoindex_format html; 

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Consul higher performance of a single server than a cluster?
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We're using Consul v1.11.1 KV to store some read-mostly data(about 50 bytes per key) . I'm doing performance test on Consul get recently. Frist I use a single server(8CPU Cores,2.4GHz; 16GB RAM; 300G SSD)

wrk -t8 -d30 -c200 http:8500/v1/kv/aa Running 30s test @

8 threads and 200 connections

Thread Stats Avg Stdev Max +/- Stdev

Latency 2.86ms 2.99ms 55.02ms 88. ...