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System that handles large amounts of data in an organised fashion
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Receving 502 Bad Gateway when trying to access via URL
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Unable to access my VM using SSH and receiving 502 Bad Gateway when trying to access via URL. Get below error :

{"@type":"", "bootCounter":"35", "lateBootReportEvent":{…}}
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How to install cbexport and cbimport on a standalone linux vm to connect to remote couchbase server
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I need to use cbexport to export buckets in couchbase and place it in S3. Although I have the credentials to access couchbase I cannot login to the vm on which it is running. So I cannot use the cbexport command available on couchbase vm. Is there a way to install cbexport/cbimport command on a different linux vm? When I search for installation I get links to the command usage rather than installation v ...

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Can I use an UNC path on remote MSSQL server in a store procedure to access remote file?
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I have a store procedure on a remote MSSQL server. It has bulk insert from a file.That file is on another server. The file is shared on Ubuntu via Samba.

Can that store procedure access my file? What user SQL server will use, SQL instance running user or my db user so I can add him to the Ubuntu server share?

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Regarding how Big companies set up their databases
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I am trying to understand how do companies which handle a large database requests set up their infrastructure. I have recently created a few python applications which store data in PostGres and requests to read/write take time; since they are not stored on RAM and they are massive bottleneck to speed. Which would still work if the numbers of users are less than 10 and even with 100 with queuing it could ...

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Not able to backup of postgres DB from DBeaver
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Hope you are doing great.

We have postgres install on centos server and accessing it through DBeaver from Ubuntu machine.

Whenever we try to take backup of Database it is giving error as "Native client is not specified for connection".

I did search and solution is like "which postgres-> and put result of it in it"

I am not sure about this, do we need to install psql client on ubuntu machine?

Ple ...

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Difference between DB having user-password protection, DEK, TDE
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I am a total noob in systems and have questions about DEK.

What are differences(or advantages of one over the other) between knowing your username and password for your DB(mysql or mariadb) and DEK. What exactly is DEK and TDE?

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Allowing docker to access local webhost Database
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I am creating a webapp for my business using AppSmith, hosted on Docker.

AppSmith requires access to a database in order to read/write information. Previously I have used MariaDB which is also hosted as a docker Image. However, because this is for business I would rather have the data hosted on an actual server/database rather than a docker image

The address shown for the database is localhost:3306  ...

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How to find joins performed without indexes?
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I run a WordPress website on Mariadb 10.6, and recently I saw an error Joins performed without indexes in Mysqltuner.

Although the number is not very large, Mysqltuner recommends that you keep increasing the Key_buffer_size.

However, my VPS doesn't have a lot of free memory, so I'm solving this error with another issue.

Since I have about dozens of plugins active, I want to check which awesome plugin i ...

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Why my simple searching query is too slow?
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I don't know why searching in my "cities" table is so slow. My query looking for a table "cities" located about 25km from the city. I use this simple query and the database takes almost 20 seconds to return results.

SELECT city_destination,distance FROM cities WHERE city_start='Wien' AND distance <= 25 ORDER BY distance ASC

Table engine is InnoDB. The table has approx. 7 millions of rows:

+--- ...
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Can't install/uninstall SQL Server
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When I try to install SQL Server Express I got this error

Unable to install SQL Server (setup.exe)

Then I'm trying to uninstall everything related to the SQL server to avoid previous installation files, but I can't delete 1 folder (see image below)


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Mysql database often stops and won't restart
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Server: Linode Dedicated 4G Ubuntu 18.04, Webmin + Virtualmin

Every now and then, mysql server stops and fails on restarting. Here is the logs I was able to find:

Apr 11 20:54:57 bamboo kernel: [ 2082.915857] [ 7664]   112  7664   406072    46295   745472        3             0 mysqld
Apr 11 20:54:57 bamboo kernel: [ 2082.915859] [ 7701]     0  7701   129687      307   679936     1435             0 ap ...
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Idle database connection lost
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I am able to connect to the database server (Firebird), run queries, all those fun things, but after an undetermined period of inactivity, the next query attempt generates the following error

Unable to complete network request to host "XX.XX.XX.XX".
Error writing data to the connection.
An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. .

SQL Error (code = -902):
Unsuccessful execution ...
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MySQL (MariaDB) Not Starting '/usr/sbin/mariadbd: Shutdown complete - mariadb.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.'
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I'm getting an error when i try to start mariadb.service service:

Job for mariadb.service failed because the control process exited with error code.
See "systemctl status mariadb.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.

systemctl status mariadb.service

mariadb.service - MariaDB 10.5.15 database server
 Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/mariadb.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
 Active: f ...
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Quorum at Scylla. DR orchestrator
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I have a strech cluster with Scylla for 2 data centers with a balancer. The principle of operation is Every_Quirum. (After reading the documentation, I came to the conclusion that all DPCs should work)

When the connection between data centers is broken: when I writing to Scylla there are errors, that the required quorum level cannot be obtained.

Is there any way to remove a fallen data center from t ...

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Are MySQL/MariaDB and Postgresql compatible?
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I want to install multiple applications on my web server. For most of them, using PostgreSQL is possible or the only option. But in one of them's installation guide, only MariaDB is mentioned. If I create a PostgreSQL database, will it work on the software that only talks about MariaDB too?

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Best way to store database file on a NAS and run the server on a computer
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I have a txt file more than 250go I want to create a database with that and access it by a python program that I'll be coding.

I have a NAS server on my local network ( 1gbit network ) And I would want to : Store the database on the NAS Run the server on my computer

Run my python program on a distant computer, this program will ask my computer ( that is run as the server ) data that are stored on m ...

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Best server option for Django project
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I have a Django on Postgres web application. It's a business management software. There are no serious calculations going on, but there's a lot of requests from a database. Right now it's running on lightsail $5/month 1 core/1GB-ram debian server and it takes about 5 seconds to load some pages that require a lot of database read/write operations. I will try to optimize the algorithms in the future. In t ...

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Only rdsadmin account on AWS RDS with full master permissions
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Good afternoon all,

I'm hoping someone is able to help with the following.

On our main live database it's just been brought to our attention that we need to be able to kill user processes that are sometimes stuck running on our database, in order to do this I need to have the ProcessAdmin role. When I try and login with the highest privilege account on our database (other than rdsadmin, but on furth ...

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Best Parctice of High Availability For MariaDB
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I'm preparing to run a MariaDB Cluster with HA and I'm Looking for the best practices.

Years back I used to run MariaDB in master-master mode, and there was a big issue. whenever any of the nodes(two nodes in total) was disconnected and reconnected for a second, the whole database was inaccessible until the sync process was completed.

I did search a lot and there are multiple suggestions, which not  ...

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Manually close database connections for AWS Aurora Serverless PostgresDB?
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Is there any way to manually close all open connections to an AWS Aurora Serverless Postgres database? Because the database is serverless, it is not possible to restart the database.

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How do I use the pgpass.conf file to allow promptless connection to a database
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for testing purposes I have a postgres service/database running on my local computer. Right now I am using a batch file to change default userlogin, but I cannot use SET PGPASSWORD to pass along a password.

start cmd /k "chcp 1252 & SET PGUSER=postgres"

With this I just have to type 'psql' into my CMD without the -U postgres flag. As I understand PGPASSWORD was depreciated so the correct way  ...

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Server Layout for Web-, API-, Database-, VPN- and SIP Server
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i have the possibility to redo our Server Infrastructure - i need your advices and best practices to design a good foundation for future expansion. As we are a quite small company with a very limited customer base (<100) security and desaster recovery (even as an error by another employee) is the main concern. So as the suggested question is not really helpful as capacity planning is not the main ...

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I want to know how to change ip from expire pool to normal after date is extended
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I been searching for a solution regarding freeradius revert from expired pool to normal pool when the user paid. I just entered a date and time for a particular user for expiry in mysql.


Based on what I enter the user get expired pool when the date is expired but the problem is when the payment is done I need to revert back to normal pool

sqlcounter expiration {
        count-attribut ...
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How to get Azure Policy Rule JSON script for existing resource
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I want to create the custom policy for our databases. the default PITR Backup policy is 7 days but I want that all our newly added databases should be 35 days backup policy, Please any one guide ma how can i get the JSON format from 35 PITR backuped database ?

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Changing database Elastic Pool disturb the indexes of the database
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I have more the 5000 database and 15 Elastic Pools in Microsoft Azure and when I feel the database performance issue we change the Elastic Pool of that database. But today I note that our database indexes disturbed while changing the Elastic Pool. Any one knows that is there any drawback of changing the database elastic pool ?

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postfix container kubernetes - setting up encrypted secret, configmap for successful db connection
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I am trying to run postfix as a container in k8s. The container starts (including the svcs) but my config maps and secrets don't want to play nice. I tried the following:

  1. setup the config map with the user and password in clear text RESULT: WORKS postmap -q someuser@localhost mysql:./
  2. Encrypt the password and username with base64 (as per k8s instructions), read these encrypted values ...
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Does packet size influence the response latency?
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I am testing my web application locally against an amazon micro database thats situated in north virginia. I live in Groningen the netherlands. When i send a select query over the public internet it takes 2616(ms) to return a resultset of 42 kilobytes.

[INFO ] 2022-01-17 10:22:02.147 [http-nio-8080-exec-1] http_access_log - method=GET uri="/api/journal/get/virtual-scroll" status-code=206 bytes=42350 durat ...
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Should the maximum number of request threads be similar to the maximum number of database connections?
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I have a spring boot application with an embedded tomcat server. The max-threads setting of tomcat is currently set to 250. Next to that the spring boot application also uses a MySql database as the datasource. For managing DB connections its using the Hikari connection pool that is set to a maximum of 10 database connections.

The maximum amount of concurrent request threads and the maximum amount of  ...

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Mariadb replication - Ignore users changes
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I need to set up multi-source replication (3 masters and 1 slave). Since all masters have users with the same name but not the same rights, I'd like to avoid replicating users' changes on the slave because it breaks replication.

I've followed this : MySQL Replication failing on `mysql`.`user` changes but it didn't seem to work.

I've tried different configurations but none works.

  • Ignore table mysql ...
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Connect to an installed mysql db
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I have installed on my application server mysql mysql Ver 8.0.23-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 for Linux on x86_64 ((Ubuntu)). My operating system on my VPS is Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS.

To manage this database I connect locally via SSH to the server and THEN accessing the database.

However, services such as google data studio need a jdbc url or a database hostname.

enter image description here

I tried my servers IP as hostname and then using the corr ...