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Not able to backup of postgres DB from DBeaver
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Hope you are doing great.

We have postgres install on centos server and accessing it through DBeaver from Ubuntu machine.

Whenever we try to take backup of Database it is giving error as "Native client is not specified for connection".

I did search and solution is like "which postgres-> and put result of it in it"

I am not sure about this, do we need to install psql client on ubuntu machine?

Ple ...

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Add to mysql db instead of restore
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*EDIT/UPDATE I have an RPI4 with mysql. I need to collect all the data from the "zm" database, and ADD it to another database of the same name on another server, so NO data on the 2nd server is removed/overwritten.

This will occur once per day, when the rpi is on the same wifi network

ORIGINAL I have an automatic backup of a database (server1), which is then sent to another server(sever2). My requir ...

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mysql, relocating individual databases vs entire data directory
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I need to relocate mysql customer databases to another disk, for the purposes of:

 1. Separation of user data from system files
 2. Ease of backing up system and user data separately
 3. Ease of upgrading the system

The following articles were helpful:


Running on a ubuntu-18 system, it appears the inno ...

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How to get Azure Policy Rule JSON script for existing resource
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I want to create the custom policy for our databases. the default PITR Backup policy is 7 days but I want that all our newly added databases should be 35 days backup policy, Please any one guide ma how can i get the JSON format from 35 PITR backuped database ?

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Mariabackup error restoring incremental (`This incremental backup seems not to be proper for the target`)
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I use mariabackup for creating incremental backups on a previously created full backup directory. The full backup is created using the following command:

mariabackup --backup --target-dir=/var/mariadb/backup/

And the subsequent incremental backups are created as follows:

mariabackup --backup --target-dir=/var/mariadb/inc1/ --incremental-basedir=/var/mariadb/backup/

Now everytime I try to restore  ...

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I m trying to use mysqldump but getting error mysqldump: Got error: 2003: Can't connect to MySQL server on host(110) when trying to connect
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Here is my sam template for taking database backup trigger:

- none  
  vmImage: ubuntu-latest  
- script: echo Hello, world!  
  displayName: 'Run a one-line script'  

- script: |
    sudo apt-get -f install -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-overwrite"
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get purge mysql\*
    rm -rf /var/lib/mysql
    rm -rf /etc/mysql
    dpkg -l | grep -i mysql ...
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What is the best & safe & fastes way to backup a large mysql database?
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I have a mysql server running on a Debian server. I have a mysql database wich is 150GB... What is the best way to take a backup of it?

I'll say: screen then mysqldump -u user -p database > database.sql?

Any suggestions?

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How to debug the cause of my suddenly extremely slow running database backups maintenance plan?
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(Originally posted on but closed, hopefully more relevant here.)

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad...backups.

The Setup:

I have an on-premise SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition instance running on a virtual machine from VMWare.


Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (SP2-CU17) (KB5001092) - 13.0.5888.11 (X64) Mar 19 2021 19:41:38 Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporat ...

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Azure SQL MI Backups
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SQL MI backups - Yes, a lot of it is a black box but some of it is discoverable but not great from what I've found so far.

How do I find out when full backups are taken? Historic information?

How can I determine how long these backups take to happen / complete?

In regards to failover (BCP) once failed over do we need to wait for a backup to complete before failing back to the original region? Does the  ...

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Cross update on server failover
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What should be the strategy on server failover and need to cross update. Example; primary server stream live data on Secondary server and incase of failover if traffic move to secondary and database are different then how to update the primary for those transactions happened on the secondary while failover duration.

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Database backup best practices
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For my current project, I'm using Aurora RDS and I'm looking for some advice on best practices in terms of backing up the database. My thought is to use AWS Backup to backup the database to 3 separate locations (one in the West Coast, US, one in the East Coast, US, and one in Europe) and keep the backups for 30 days. Is this a responsible backup strategy or should I have additional safeguards in place ...

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Oracle 18c XE can't backup PDB database after corruption of the main XE database
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I have an Oracle 18c XE server where there is a corruption in the system01.dbf file of the main XE database.

All user data is in a PDB database which luckily seems ok (the PDB is working in production now).

The problem is that I can't make a backup of the PDB with expdp, because expdp fails with this error:

UDE-00604: operation generated ORACLE error 604
ORA-00604: errore riscontrato in SQL ricorsi ...