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In the web hosting industry, a dedicated server refers to a server which is leased in its entirety to a single customer, usually an individual or small business.
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I need to have my 2 websites to have an individual rDNS record but they both are running on the shared web hosting servers
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I'm a server noob and want to get some solution or some advice from the gurus of the ServerFault. I currently have two different live websites running and they both are using the shared web hosting servers. But I need to have those two websites to have an individual rDNS record set up for each and to work that out, it seems like I need to have those two websites migrate to two different dedicated server ...

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Using full-disk encryption on a dedicated server running NixOS
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I run NixOS Linux on a Hetzner dedicated server which was installed from the Rescue system using this script, which sets up the disks using RAID1 and LVM.

I'd like add full-disk encryption to this install script. The NixOS manual recommends LUKS ... but this will have the user manually enter the encryption passphrase during boot time in front of the actual console (neither physically nor virtually acc ...