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The server configuration of email, including POP3, SMTP, IMAP, and popular server software packages that control email.
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How to verify that email from own server to google relay SMTP service is using TLS
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I have a server which only sends mail out, as follows:

django/python --> postfix -----> -----> destination

When I open a gmail client that received the email, and check the details it says: security: Standard encryption (TLS) Learn more

Now I suspect its saying from --> gmail destination was TLS, but I am concerned I am sending email in plain  ...

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Setup an Email server
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I know that the title of this post is not very indicative. But I thought the simpler it was the more people would watch.

I am trying to set up a mail server with Ubuntu 20.04. The software I am using are: Dovecot, Postfix and Fetchmail. The machine where I work is running webmin which allows me to access the server management directly from the browser. Returning to the main problem, I would like  ...

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Mailbox unavailable. The server response was: 5.7.1 Client does not have permissions to send as this sender
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I have an issue where a new mailbox in Exchange Online is reporting Mailbox unavailable. The server response was: 5.7.1 Client does not have permissions to send as this sender when sending mail from an app server.

using these settings, values changed for security:

      <smtp from="">
      <network host="ipaddress" port="25" userName=" ...
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Outbound email restriction
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We have a project to set up around 5,000 plus email IDs for an educational institution. Emails are meant mostly for receiving mails, and the instituition wants to set up some rule that no email id can send more than 10 emails in an hour, and not more than 50 emails in a day.

I have looked at number of open source solutions but could not find specific to set a mail restriction per email id. There  ...

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Are SMTP servers generally obliged to copy MAIL FROM from client-server session?
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Are SMTP servers during (STMP) server-to-(SMTP) server communication generally obliged to copy MAIL FROM from client-server session? I've explicitly checked that servers of some mail providers actually exhibit this behaviour, but it doesn't seem to be a requirement enforced by . Also, I don't know how popular this practice is (if it is not a standard).

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POSTFIX: New mail server. Can neither send nor receive mail
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I am trying to learn about mail servers and have setup one. However neither can I send, nor receive mail. I can login to my email account and I see the folders (Inbox, Sent, Trash, etc) are being populated within the email client. Also /var/log/syslog indicates that my user has successfully logged in via imap-login

When I click on the test button from Thunderbird before logging in, the test alway ...

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Postfix doesn't send mail
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I am trying to learn about mail servers and am quite daunted by all of the moving pieces in the setup..

Currently I am unable to send via from my smtp server. I can receive mails fine from various domains.

In my logs I see the below entries when trying to send mail..

  • mail.log
Jul 31 11:59:15 mail postfix/submission/smtpd[1290]: connect from unknown[]
Jul 31 12:01:03 mail postfix/posts ...
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Why Nginx Mail Module encoded '%' to %25 in Auth-Pass header?
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I do the test with the special character password below


And I realised nginx mail module encoded the % to %25, but the rest of the special character are fine, is it pre encoded from mail client level ?

 *3653 http header: "Auth-Pass: ~`!@#$%25^&*()-_+={}[]|\/:;<>,.?" 
 *3653 http proxy header: "Auth-Pass: ~`!@#$%25^&*()-_+={}[]|\/:;<>,.?" ...
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Removing plain passwords from auth.log
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I'm using some docker images to deploy a mail server ( The MTA is postfix, with TLS configuration and using LDAP for login. I can login to the SMTP server and send emails but is showing the login password in plain text in auth.log

Jul 26 10:57:01 mail saslauthd[979]:                 : num_procs  : 5
Jul 26 10:57:01 mail saslauthd[979]:        ...
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How to verify if an email was received and read
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I accidentally sent an email to a wrong email address. The owner told me that he didn't receive my email because there were no email servers configured for that domain. However when I did MX lookup, I found two mail servers for that domain, and several mail server testing tools also show that those two servers can receive incoming emails for that email address. In addition, that email never bounced back ...

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Switching from self-signed certificates to commerical TLS/SSL cert: will it work the way I expect?
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New to the world of commercial certs, thanks in advance for any advice/guidance.

Our only outbound service is email, hosted on MS Exchange 2016 (2019 in medium-term future). Internally we have several services with browser interfaces. Most of these are hosted on MS Server 2016 boxes (also 2019 in medium-term future) but one is on RHEL 7.

I am trying to solve two problems: externally, many email reci ...

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DKIM on subdomain hosted by, and auto-generated DKIM key
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I've read a few different threads on here and have tried them out, but they don't seem to be working for me, so I'm hoping one of you awesome people can help me out. Forgive me, but this will be a little long.

I'm working with a non-profit who has our site DNS set up on, and our email is going through Google Workspace. Our regular email addresses all end in, and we hav ...

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Map a subdomain to an individual email address
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say I want to redirect multiple subdomains to different email addresses


*@it.example.tld --> it-support@mail.tld

*@finance.example.tld --> finance@mail.tld

*@hr.example.tld --> hr@mail.tld

*@mail.example.tld --> mail@mail.tld

*@example.tld --> 404@mail.tld

So I would like to be able to translate all emails sent to a specific subdomain to a single mailbox.

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What is the purpose of the postmaster, webmaster, etc. email addresses?
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I guess the following email address are frequently (if not always) used : postmaster@domain, webmaster, abuse, services...

But what are their purposes ? Why create them ?

Thanks :)

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Authorization failed when I try to log into gmail using fetchmail
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After solving a small problem with starting fetchmail I am faced with another obstacle. This time related to accessing a gmail account through "fetchmail"

I know it's a lot of stuff but I hope someone wants to read this problem that hinders me. Thanks a lot in advance and have a nice day.

I now turn to the description of the problem:

  1. First I run the command for the fetchmail test:

    fetchmail -d0 -vk ...
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Fetchmail does not use the indicated protocol
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I'm trying to setup fetchmail for download some mail from gmail using pop3. The problem, as you can see, is that fetchmail instead of use the pop protocol will use imap.

For being sure to not have commit any error during the configuration i will summarize the procedure:

  1. I edited the file called "fetchmail" in the folder /etc/default and set the variable demon to "yes";

  2. Now I created the configuration fi ...

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How should I configure my hostname/FQDN for a multi-purpose VPS?
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I recently got a VPS and have a fresh Ubuntu install, but I'm a bit confused as to how I should be setting up the hostname and /etc/hosts file if I'm wanting to set up an email server (Dovecot/Postfix) as well as use it for a NodeJS dev platform (and later hosting production stuff).

I read that you're supposed to set your FQDN (and hostname) to to avoid issues with Postfix, but that seem ...

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Can an SMTP server tell the sending MTA to send to another address?
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Can e-mail forwarding be accomplished with the receiving MTA responding in some way that tells the sending MTA that it should send the e-mail to another address, or must e-mail forwarding be performed by the receiving MTA?

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Storing complete emails including linked images
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In short, I need to store emails in their entirety; not just the headers, text, and HTML, but also any images linked to in the content.

I currently have a mail server set up with Postfix and Dovecot. I use it to receive newsletter emails which are often image rich. I've found an issue whereby after a while, many of the links to the images become invalid, rendering the content useless. I'd like to ...

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Why does my postfix reject mail with a spf hardfail even though spf DNs record is set to softfail?
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The log output I get is the following:

"Jul  7 11:23:46 mail policyd-spf[19779]: 550 5.7.23 Message rejected
due to: SPF fail - not authorized. Please see;;ip=<IP>;r=<UNKNOWN>
Jul  7 11:23:46 mail postfix/smtpd[19773]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from[IP]: 550 5.7.23 <>:
Recipient address rejected:  ...
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Balancing with MX records - How does this work?
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enter image description hereplease can you help me with this, I have this scenario to balance email traffic, currently, most of the emails are going towards and and some fewer towards and, the first thing I would like to know is why, honestly Ive not had this case before and I dont know why I have 4 MX records.

MX records for tes ...

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How do I make vacation autoresponding work for aliases?
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We have an e-mail server on Ubuntu 18.04 running Postfix and Dovecot. How can I make vacation autoresponding work for our user's aliases?

Example: Say our Deputy Librarian is and that's also their user and e-mail account on the system, the one I sudo su theirname to in order to run the vacation program. But they also have an alias in /etc/aliases called deplib, so that e-mails s ...

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Is the mail account compromised or is there any other chance?
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The server was sending spam, now it is my task to clean it up. So did a few things which solved a problem, but this is still open. It seems that the owner receives mails from hisself. A forwarding from info@domain.A to mail@domain.B is in place. The mail header looks like the following:

From:   27 2021 <>
X-Account-Key:  account1
X-UIDL: UID2733-1620041375
X-Mozilla-Status:   0001
X-Mozilla-S ...
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Configure Postfix to prevent improper mail forwarding/duplication
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I'm trying to reconfigure my Postfix mail server to stop it from improperly relaying mail to addresses that are listed as recipients but don't have my server's domain.

Say my mail server's domain is It's currently set up to forward mail received at to the address defined in /home/user/.forward that is usually some address, translating aliases as needed. I al ...

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Forward mail as specified in virtual.db with aliases
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I have set up alias all@mydomain.tld for every user on my linux server in this format.

all: username1,username2,username3

I also have set up virtual for forwarding all emails that come to server address to different mailservers.


When I send direct mail to username1@mydomain.t ...

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How to bypass the spam error after 20 mails?
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I have a web app that sends bulk email to different clients. It generates custom invoices and sends those attachments via mail. But after 20 mails I get this error

smtplib.SMTPDataError: (554, b'5.2.0 STOREDRV.Submission.Exception:OutboundSpamException; 
Failed to process message due to a permanent exception with message WASCL UserAction verdict is not None. 
Actual verdict is TransientError. Outbo ...
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Base64 encoded MX records in TXT records
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A lot of domains hosted by Namecheap contain strange DNS TXT records that appear to be base64 encoded, that when decoded look like a weird kind of MX record - having the structure of both a priority and then a domain. What are these for? There does not appear to be any documentation anywhere regarding these. There are tens of thousands of examples of these, yet there is no clear purpose or documentation ...

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Multipart text/html email from Invision Community not parsing correctly
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First of all, yes I have contacted Invision Community support. Yes, I am a paying user with an active license. We went back and forth for several hours and all they have to say is there's nothing wrong with their software, and I need to fix my server.

I'm using CentOS 7.9.2009, PHP 8.0.7, Apache 2.4.6, and Exim 4.94.2.

When Invision Communtiy sends emails the From: value says Apache or Root instead  ...

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Mail Enable email headers when sending emails via ASP.NET
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I have multiple websites running on my server: and

The problem is now that when I sent an email via ASP.NET from, that in this email source I see (notice domain1):

Received: from ( [
Received: from h2134215 ([]) by with MailEnable ESMTPA; Sat, 21 Jun 2021 22:17:29 +0200
Message-ID: <D9221D4FF6F74E ...
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Null Client Mail Server
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I want to set up a null client mail server, i.e. a mail server that sends e-mails, but does not receive e-mails. I tried multiple guides relying on postfix, checked discussions on this and other sites, and consulted the official postfix website. The server still does not send e-mails. The message submitted via the following line

echo "This is the body of an encrypted email" | mail -s "This is the subject ...