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Refers to the hardware or software that make up a server dedicated to sending and receiving emails. Many popular modern email servers bundle other functionality for contacts and calendaring along email delivery.
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Postfix Rate limiting according to a particular user
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So this question is again on the table. I have tried to get my answer from forums documents but I wasn't able to find the desired answer.

So, Here is my question I have created a mail server with postfix now what I want is to create quotas for a particular user to send only located number of mail I mentioned. So, for example, if I had 3 users 30mails 60mails

user3@domain. ...

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Is it possible to send mails via Postfix on another machine in the same LAN without having to relay it?
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I thought this was a quite common situation, but I'm struggling a bit getting this to work in the easiest way possible, and also, I'm not sure if I'm doing it in a good/recommended way by now.

I have two servers that can communicate via a LAN (and also, both have public internet IP addresses). One runs Postfix, the other one serves some websites.

What I want to do is to be able to send some mail (e. ...

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Associating an outgoing IP address with an authorized user
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I have a task to implement sending messages by authorized users through some of their IP addresses. In other words:

user1 -> |outgoing IP 1|
user2 -> |outgoing IP 2| -> 
user3 -> |outgoing IP 3|

(one user - one IP)

In this scheme, incoming IP of a mail server can be the same for all users, only outgoing IP matters.

Now I am running a se ...

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Mailcow SSL not working
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Using Apache/mailcow I’m setting up a home email server. I followed the mailcow dockerized tutorial. And was able to connect to my mailcow site at:

I had to use 8080, because I have my website also setup on this server.

I ran into a problem trying to connect my nextcloud client up to my mail server, thought it was an issue with SSL. So I finally installed ssl using c ...

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Roundcube webmail on Debian 11 bullseye - Could not save password
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first question here, take me slow.

I have installed dovecot, postfix and Roundcube webmail in a VM to test a new mail server for the company I work for. All good until I try changing a password as a logged in user from roundcube settings->password.

What I have done:

  • Enabled password plugin in roundcube
  • Set the driver to "chpasswd" as my users are system users created with "useradd -m user passw ...
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SSMTP: Map local user (UID greater than 1000) to an external email address
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I've configured SSMTP to send system messages for users with a UID < 1000 in /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf:

If I send an email to root (echo test | sendmail -v root) for example it gets properly delivered to (as per root in /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf).

However this doesn't work for user accounts with UIDs greater than 1000. If I send an email  ...

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Can't send or receive mails when connected to OpenVPN server (on which also the mail server is running)
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I'm a bit stuck here at the moment and will appreciate every push towards the right direction to solve this issue.

My two goals are to get an OpenVPN server running on a remote VM (Digital Ocean Droplet) and also run my postfix server on that VM. The OpenVPN connection is routing my DNS queries to a Pihole which provides me with proper ad blocking when I am not at home (where there is a pihole on ...

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Is port 25 enough for running a mail server?
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A simple question, is it enough to open port 25 to internet for running a mail server that only send and recieves email, and don't have any external "clients" (imap,pop3)?

(all clients are internal)

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Postfix owner mail loop 'owner-owner-owner-owner-owner-owner-owner...'
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Our postfix logs are being filled with messages that appear to be stuck in the mail queue.

I believe this may have been caused by a recent DNS outage. The offending mail was originally intended for node@hostname but postfix was unable to resolve its own domain.

However, what I don't understand is why the messages have been prefixed with owner-owner-owner-owner-owner-. This is repeated hundreds of times  ...

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Subdomain & Emailing Hosting
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I have a Domain A.Com Which is using Zoho for my emails Now I want to have B.A.Com (B is subdomain, so emails will be Test@B.A.Com)

I dont know how to setup DNS for my subdomain.

What I did so far....

I created a new DNS ZONE for Domain B.A.Com for my A.Com I added a new NS record for B and point it to B

I am still unable to ping (Request could not find Host). what am I missing here?

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WebApp needs to send emails via mail account
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I have a web app running on a shared server account for the domain The web app needs to send the occasional email to the app adminstrator.

The domain is using as the email server.

How can I either:

a) Configure the web app to send emails via an mail account (can you point me to the instructions/settings to configure this?), or

b) Configure the included mail ...

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Separate eMail relay: DNS requirements beyond PTR record?
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Some cloud business offers "always-free" VM instances. Not quite big, but enough for me, so I’m going to migrate my infrastructure there, including That machine handles incoming mail for ( MX 10 However to also send email from the machine needs a PTR record ( PTR The cloud provider, however, doesn' ...

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Multiple emails for one domain
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currently I have google workspace emails account and webmail emails accounts on the same domain. The challenge am having is only google workspace emails can send/receive emails but webmails emails can only send mails but not able to receive emails. Please I need help on how to set up both emails (google workspace emails & webmail emails powered by round cube) to send/receive emails on the same domai ...

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Postfix: Receiving emails to an account works only if it aliased to itself
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I have a Postfix email account and the following two aliases:     ->   # catchall alias ->

Now the second one looks silly but if I remove it, every email which is sent to gets delivered to even though (1) is an account, (2) is enabled and (3) is not a send only ac ...

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Postfix not reading .forward file for local account
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I have a Postfix (v2.10.1) mail server running on Oracle Linux 7.9 that forwards mail for LDAP user accounts via the ~/.forward files located in NFS mounted /home/ directories.

# postconf forward_path
forward_path = $home/.forward${recipient_delimiter}${extension}, $home/.forward

The system works as intended for all of the NFS accounts, but I have one account created locally with a home director ...

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postfix: how to force IPv4 through SMTP?
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I have successfully set up a Postfix mailserver with an SMTP interface, set up DKIM, DMARC, SPF, all that stuff.

But I had a problem when testing the delivery of emails to Gmail.

Namely, SPF would pass if I sent it by the sendmail command from the server (some of the ARC-Authentication-Results header content of the delivered message in Gmail):

spf=pass ( domain of redacted@example ...
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How do I automatically BCC received mail to multiple users in Postfix?
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I am trying to link up a dummy email address to two different email addresses: -> and
This would mean that mail sent to would also get BCC'd or forwarded to and

I am having trouble with the recipient_bbc_maps config:

# /etc/postfix/
recipient_bcc_maps = pcre:/etc/postfix/recipient_b ...
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Receive e-mail on AWS SES from one, but only one, e-mail address
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I have an app for which e-mails sent to a specific address,, should be received by SES for analysis of e-mail attachment and storage. However, I would like to handle the other E-mail addresses,,, associated with the domain outside of SES.

To receive the e-mail sent to, I need to change the MX record for As I understand it, this  ...

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Using mail as the subdomain for webmail?
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I recently purchased a domain and I am planning to use the subdomain for my mail server and to host my webmail app. Could there be any issues with using mail for something other than a mail server?

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Postfix bounce mail without subject nor from address
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I have a problem with my postfix servers. When I send an email to an non-existing domain or mail address I get a bounce mail (which is normal) without From address nor Subject. I tried to create my custom template for bounced mail as the documentation shows but I had no luck. I still receive the mail like that.

This is my bounced mail:

This is a MIME-encapsulated message.

--3F0F416065D.1642072227/ ...
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Email Server with API calls
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I am new to the world of Web Email and domain hosting. I was looking into projects like and In these applications I can receive an email address, receive emails to those email addresses, and then delete the email from a simple python client using API calls to their API's. I want to replicate something similar using my own domain name(I have not regist ...

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send email from another server than FROM domain without being marked as spam
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I want to send a mail from a website. The mail server from this domain is not publicly reachable, so I can't use that to send the mail.

The webserver that hosts the website has another email server that I can/have to use. But I want the FROM to be the website domain.

How can I set this up without my mails being marked as spam for claiming to be from the website domain when the mail server that sent  ...

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check what processes connecting to external port
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I am running an email server for a school associaltion and we offer email forwarding service for graduated students, offering them an email alias in our domain name, like, and we forward the email to their designated personal address registered with us.

We have recently upgraded from a very old email server on which newer TLS ver is no longer supported, and moved to a u ...

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Two mail providers for the same domain
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we're a small company with about 25 mail addresses. Since our current mail provider (aruba) is not reliable enough, we wanted to migrate to a more professional mail system. I, the supposed IT manager, just proposed to migrate to Zoho mail o something like that, but a colleague of mine, supposedly not the IT manager, came with the bright idea of using Google Workspaces. Since this service is not cheap he ...

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Postfix - lost connection after STARTTLS - SSL_accept error from unknown
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I have set up a mail server on my Debian 10 VPS with Postfix and Dovecot. I can send email and receive email from some servers, but not all.

When I test my mailserver at I get the following message:

enter image description here

The mail.log shows the following:

Dec 26 21:01:20 mail postfix/smtpd[24531]: lost connection after STARTTLS from[]
Dec 26 21:01:20 mail postfix/smtpd[24531]: disconnect fr ...
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Google Workspace / primary domain & domain alias
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I have scoured the web for answers for days, and I mean days! I also can not get a safe and sound definitive answer from Google support.

Q - If I was using a second domain in my workspace for email outreach, and set it as an alias domain to avoid lots of extra seat costs (duplicates users to new domain and then users can use one inbox/login).

Can this effect my main domains reputation in any way?

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Setup DNS records for SMTP send-only server
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I have website on hosting with domain I have DNS record for MX(10) A XX.XX.XX.XX TXT v=spf1 +a +mx +a:hosting.server ~all

All incoming mail recived by hosting server.
Now all mail work over hosting server. I want to create SMTP server to send-only mail. I use Postfix. And create DNS record for A XX. ...

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Docker container unable to connect to postfix on host with error "MX Routing not available"
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I'm trying to run a SimpleLogin instance on my raspberry pi 4 (aka armhf/armv7l) following the official instructions, but the resulting installation isn't able to send emails to my real inbox.

I installed swaks inside the docker container sl-app where all the to-the-real-inbox emails originates, after trying to send a message i got this error

$ docker exec -ti sl-app swaks --from "REDACTED" --to "RE ...
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Is it possible to trigger a shell script on incoming emails, can it be done without services like dovecot, postix, etc?
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This question more is for learning purpose.

I'm exploring ways to develop a small email server (in + out).

I have a domain that points to my server as well as mx records and all that stuff...

I also have the open ports 25, 26, 110, 993, 995, 143, 465....

I'd like to activate a shell script on incoming email.

I have apache + php running without problem. I type my domain on a browser => I see my p ...

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External Incoming Email Warning Message in EXIM
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How to Add External Incoming Email Warning Message in EXIM configuration.

Example:- This email originated from outside of the organization. Do not click links or open attachments unless you recognize the sender and know the content is safe.