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Questions about any version of Microsoft Exchange Server or Exchange Online, Microsoft's email and unified communications server product. Because of tight integration with other systems, related questions may overlap with Active Directory, Office 365, and Skype for Business (aka Lync Server or Office Communications Server). Questions about Microsoft Outlook may be a gray area, with Super User as an alternative site to ask on.
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Exchange server via TailScale (Wireguard) and creating valid certificates
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Here is the scenario. Exchange server runs on a lan. Clients interact with the server via ActiveSync over HTTPs connections served by IIS. IIS is using a cert with SANs that are appropriate for the local domain. An example would be * I'm attempting to allow access to the server via TailScale (Wireguard) to an iOS client. The issue that arises is that when a connection is established via  ...

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Strange Exchange send-connector behaviour
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Can anyone explain this?

  • Two Exchange servers, EX1 (2010, yes, I know) and EX2 (2016). Both are in the same IP subnet.
  • A send connector on EX2 with a scope for '' routing through a smarthost, and a send connector on EX1 with a scope for '*' routing through MX record.

When I set the send connector on EX2 to non-scoped, a mail sent to '' ends up in Submission with 'mailloop  ...

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Exchange Online: Configure Room Finder in Outlook
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In Exchange Online, you have the ability to set booking delegates on room mailboxes. You can then also either set to auto accept meetings from only these people or have them approve each meeting request manually from any user.

We have multiple room mailboxes locked down so that only a handful of users can book these rooms.

Is there a way to configure the room finder in Outlook to exclude the non-boo ...

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Antispam Exchange Online Permission Error
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We have Office 365 Accounts and also an Microsoft hostet Exchange online Server. Normaly i could manage my antispam Rules and Policys in the Exchange Admin Center. A few months ago there was the new Exchange Admin Center launched and the antispam Rules were moved to the Microsoft 365 Defender side, there i get an error for not having Permission.

Microsoft 365 Defender Antispam

I checked with multiple Admin Accounts, also created ...

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How to send an email with openssl and Microsoft Exchange Online?
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With Microsoft disabling basic auth in Exchange Online, I set out to add support Modern Authentication in our application. Our app sends basic email alerts. Currently we use SMTP basic auth or open relay for this, but Modern Auth would be a nice addition.

To fully understand the process, I'd like to go through the entire email process manually. I have a development tenant at Microsoft, in which I h ...

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Exchange 2016 - new Databases and Migration
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We are running Exchange 2016, 14 Databases currently running on drive letters. We want to move to mount points, and as part of this, create new DBs and migrate all mailboxes (as this will also clear down any corruptions, white space etc.)

When performing mailbox migrations, I assume this increases transaction logs generated, but I'm unsure exactly where.

Take User A, located on MailboxDatabase1.

I migr ...

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Exchange 2019 refusing attachments within permitted size
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I have external users (different mail host) trying to send messages to internal users on our Exchange 2019 server. The attachments are large (7MB-10MB before Base64 encoding), and the senders are receiving the following error after sending:

Remote Server returned '552 5.3.4 Message size exceeds fixed limit'

I checked my settings as show below, and my exchange server should be accepting messages up to ...

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Exchange Hybrid Intermittently giving NDRs
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New year, looks like a pretty active site. My company has a Hybrid config in place that cannot be removed at the moment. Since the 22/04 we have been having problems that certain domains intermittently fail with NDR. The NDR is due to a hop timeout as it seems to be bouncing between on-prem and Exchange. I have been speaking with other techs who say they have customers with similar problems since th ...

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Exchange Server Autodiscover external URL
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I am nearing the completion of the setup of our Exchange Server. The process has been a challenge, but I have enjoyed learning new things.
What I am working on now is setting up the autodiscover.
I cannot find any good information on properly setting up the external.
Does the External URL have to reside on the Exchange Server, or can it be on the Web Server?
If it has to be on the Exchange Serve ...

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installing SSL on 2 exchange servers
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I have 2 exchange servers run for one email service, and I need to renew the SSL certificate. Do I need to issue 2 SSL, or one is enough? If one is enough how can I replicate it between them?

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Multiple email addresses (send and receive) per user with a single Active Directory account?
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The company I work for has multiple brand names e.g. Contoso and Acme

The users need to be able to send and receive emails from both and

Now if John replies to an email addressed to, the reply address should automatically be (and the same for of course)

The infra service provider we use has solved this by c ...

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Exchange mailbox UID confusion after deletion and re-creation with same alias
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I created an exchange mailbox early 2019 and deleted it in december 2019 I think. Then I re-created AD and exchange account with same name and same email address in september 2020. Since, we have difficulties to send email to this person because it seems that sometimes outlook use the old UID instead of the new.

I tried to use contact in "All address list" instead of "Global address list" and I t ...

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This user's on-premises mailbox hasn't been migrated to Exchange Online
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This user's on-premises mailbox hasn't been migrated to Exchange Online. The Exchange Online mailbox will be available after migration is completed.

How do I get the mailbox provisioned without setting up a hybrid environment?

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Exchange Admin - RTF
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We have an OCR application that connects to our o365 and processes the attachments depending on what they are.

We are having issues with RTF formatted emails where the third party program can not open these emails due to them seeing the attachment as winmail.dat "Content-Type: application/ms-tnef; name="winmail.dat""

I have been looking at ways around this and was thinking I could use exchange admin ru ...

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Exchange Online: Would messages blocked by a mailflow rule (deleted without notification) show in a Message Trace?
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Question on Microsoft Hosted Exchange: There are a bunch of mail flow rules and we are troubleshooting an issue with a missing incoming message (from outside the org).

There is absolutely no trace of this message incoming from a message trace (Mail Flow -> Message trace) -- even a domain wide trace. Other emails ARE being delivered from this domain.

In case we have to audit our mail flow rules -  ...

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Exchange Server Issue from cancellation of email protection service - Emails stuck in limbo
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My company is a small startup without an IT department. We registered our domain through GoDaddy and then added email service - which runs through Microsoft office 365.

We recently added on an email protection service after becoming concerned about the number of phishing and malware emails making it through the default protection. We added this on through GoDaddy - it is a service from Inky.

We we ...

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How to stop exchange transport rule from adding duplicate disclaimers?
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We needed to add a warning to all emails sent outside the organization. I went in to the M365 Exchange Admin center, under mail flow > rules, adding a rule that appends a disclaimer to every message sent outside the organization. Great, check that box for a job well done.

In practice, if you have a long email chain with an external contact you will find these disclaimers piling up at the end. The dup ...

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Why is exchange custom retention policy changing back to previous policy
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I setup a custom retention policy, however after an hour or so, the retention policy is changing back to the previous policy. Any idea why this could happen? I have set the retention policy a few times via Powershell and it keeps reverting back.

  • I should add that the mailbox is currently full which is why I am applying a new policy to make space. Mailbox is currently unusable.


Name             ...
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Get Folder Statistic and create a CSV of that
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i currently having a problem creating a automatic Script that get the Mails from a specific Folder and pastes them in a CSV.

We have an AntiSpam Mailbox with 2 Folders in it. One that Stores the Spam and one that stores te Phishing Mails. I wanted to get the Information on how many Mails they moved into that folder in the past 7 Days. The Problem i have is that Get-MailboxFolder is only restricte ...

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Your message will be sent, but we're not quite ready
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I just set up an Exchange 2019 server.

Sending mail, event to oneself, does not work : messages are stuck in the Drafts folder with the following banner: "Your message will be sent, but we're not quite ready, Check back in couple of minute."

Message stuck as draft

After a while the banner changes for "Something went wrong and we haven't been able to send your message yet."

Sometimes, after rebooting server, the message go ...

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Distribution group external sender and contacts
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we have a distribution group on our exchange server 2019 with some external contacts in it. Receiving of external mails is activated for this group. Now if an external sender sens a mail to this distribution group he gets a "unable to relay" message from our exchange for the mails that should be forwarded to the external contacts. Of course this is coming up because our exchange server does not allow th ...

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Is it possible to track which employees handled M.Exchange emails of a big company?
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Background: Company uses Microsoft Exchange, has several email accounts that need checking(contactus, faxes, admin, comm, etc). Several employees (over 10) check these accounts throughout the day. Once an email has been dealt with, the employee has been directed to archive the email in a respective folder (DONE, Called, etc).

Problem: Employees archiving(hiding) emails in random boxes (DONE2019) withou ...

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Why MS Exchange Security Updates come in pair?
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I need to install this security update: on Windows Server 2016.

Why there are two items for Windows Server 2016? Should I install only Update 22 because it includes Update 21?

If I need to install both, should I install first Update 21 then Update 22? More in general why do these patches come in pair?

Release Date    Product Impa ...
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Exchange not truncating Transaction Logs after successful Full-Backup
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I'm using Dell Avamar native Exchange Agent to Full-Backup the Databases on a Stand-Alone Exchange 2013 Server (latest updates and patches). It uses VSS.

It's not an Agent issue, since at the end of the Backup we correctly get Windows Event 2046:

The Microsoft Exchange Replication service VSS Writer instance xxxxx has successfully completed the backup of database 'XXXXXXX'

Database log truncation ha ...

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Addition of Export-CSV to command in Exchange 365 PowerShell results in junk data while display output is correct
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Got one I can't figure out and searching hasn't come up with much. I am trying to export out a list of all mailboxes with sizes. Using a Exchange 365 PowerShell I run the following command:

Get-Mailbox -resultsize unlimited | get-mailboxstatistics | ft DisplayName,TotalItemSize,Itemcount 

And the output is as expected:

DisplayName       TotalItemSize                  ItemCount
-----------       ...
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Enable SMTP Port 587 instead of Port 25
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Through my Office365 subscription, I have an SMTP relay, ‘’. Currently this only accepts traffic on port 25

I want to look at setting up port 587 with TLS encryption, but keep port 25 running in junction with port 587 for the time being on the same SMTP relay.

My problem is that I'm not sure where my current physical mail server is (if it exists), I wasn't the one who ...

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Spam mail from unknown gmail address
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My organization have our own exchange server for mail communications. Recently someone from outside creates gmail accounts in the name of our employees and sending unwanted communications to our employees. Is there any configurations/services that can be used to avoid this ? We have blocked all such email addresses in the firewall but the sender is creating email addresses.

Can someone help me on ...

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Sending Mail Fail with NDR '554 5.2.0 STOREDRV.Deliver.Exception:ObjectNotFoundException'
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there is a problem in sending some mails to one user, some random mails sent normally to any recipient expect one user, which return a NDR as follow

Remote Server returned '554 5.2.0 STOREDRV.Deliver.Exception:ObjectNotFoundException.MapiExceptionNotFound; Failed to process message due to a permanent exception with message The process failed to get the correct properties. 16.55847:E1040000, 17.43559:000 ...

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Exchange 2019 Email Address Policy per user
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We have been tasked with changing our company domain for email. Active Directory will remain the same. I have created (but not applied) a new Email Address Policy that specifies the new domain. The only other Email Address Policy is the default with our original domain.

When we migrate, I need to be able to apply it to users one-at-time, to assist them with updating their devices. Google is f ...