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Free e-mail service offered by Google. Mail can be accessed through webmail or through the POP3 or IMAP4 protocols.
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Mail from Teams forwarded to Gmail marked as spam due to DMARC failure
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When I write a chat message in Microsoft Teams the receiver gets an e-mail notification on her Office 365 account ( when she is offline in Teams. The receiver set it up so that all her mails are forwarded to her personal Gmail account ( For normal mails sent to this works as expected. But all Teams notifications are marked as spam. Google says that ...

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Gmail rejected the email I replied to the sender (hosted on google)
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This is getting ridiculous now. A client sent me an email from his own email domain (hosted by google), and google rejected the email I replied to him.

I seriously think that google is doing this on purposely so that people can use their server for emails.

Here is the reply I received from google

This is the mail system at host

I'm sorry to have to inform you that your messa ...
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Custom Return-Path for gmail domain
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I do not expect my problem to be super-unique, but I was not able to find and answer so far even at Gmail help pages, and lots of googling with various terms did not provided a solution. Context:

There is company, lets say BusyCorp LLC, whose SaaS product and related emails are live in, lets say, in domain.

They use Gmail for their normal emailing stuff, with default (sign-in domain) like

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Prevent access to Gmail outside the scope of entreprise protected accounts
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Today, we're using the following setup :

 OS    uses   technology  
Windows  ->      GCPW
Mac      ->      LDAP
Android  ->   Workspace

Let's take Windows as an example. A user can login into Windows using GCPW by entering his google account info. I want to prevent any login into his gmail account using a browser or any other application that isn't using GCPW.

This is a BYOD environment.


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Google putting all mail to spam
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This question is related to some software for schools and one part is for the schools to send information to students and parents. But all mail end up in Gmail spam folders. If i look at the google postmaster tools for the last 120 days it says this:

  • User reported spam: 0%
  • Ip Reputation: 100%, but only for one day. No other records
  • Domain reputation: High (on top) but with one day falling down to mediu ...
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Activation of Gmail for secondary domain fails though MX records are added in Google Cloud Platform
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Gmail for the main domain is activated I added a secondary domain. In the status is: varified + Gmail activation failed. When I start activation on the last step I see that MX records are not found: Your MX records didn't match. You'll need to delete and add the missing records below. Though I added the same MX records, as for the main domain in 1 as ...

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Google SPF fails with some IPs
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GMail MX are


When checking for IPs for these names, each time your ask for a resolution you can hit differents IPs. Nothing strange here.

But some of them soft fail a standard SPF check for "" domain.

How is this possible ?


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Gmail reject emails sent from my domain: due to the very low reputation
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We have been using our SMTP server to send emails to our clients for a few years, all of a sudden, gmail rejected them all. We have not changed anything, server is not compromised, and we don't send spam emails. We only send about 100-200 emails to our clients per day.

I checked spf, dkim, dmarc etc, all look good.

So how to fix this?

Google has a postmaster tool, I have verified the domain and the smt ...

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Success in getting email (albeit marked as spam) to Hotmail (Outlook), but not to Gmail
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I have set up postfix as a send-only mail server that does not relay, using this tutorial on Digital Ocean:

Aside: it worked just fine with Ubuntu 18.0.4

This includes setup of for the sending service. My logs on the server show that I've sent the emails I'm sending, a ...

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Office 365 with SSO, but needs email to be accessed via POP and send mails via SMTP
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We are moving from Godaddy to Office 365. Many of our staff use Thunderbird and a few use Gmail to read office emails (collection emails via POP).

Office 365 uses SSO by OneLogin to authenticate users. After we move to Office 365 we still want users to be able to:

  1. Access Office 365 and outlook web using OneLogin SSO
  2. Access email via POP so they can still use Thunderbird or Gmail as their client (I too pe ...
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Authorization failed when I try to log into gmail using fetchmail
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After solving a small problem with starting fetchmail I am faced with another obstacle. This time related to accessing a gmail account through "fetchmail"

I know it's a lot of stuff but I hope someone wants to read this problem that hinders me. Thanks a lot in advance and have a nice day.

I now turn to the description of the problem:

  1. First I run the command for the fetchmail test:

    fetchmail -d0 -vk ...
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Configure Postfix to prevent improper mail forwarding/duplication
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I'm trying to reconfigure my Postfix mail server to stop it from improperly relaying mail to addresses that are listed as recipients but don't have my server's domain.

Say my mail server's domain is It's currently set up to forward mail received at to the address defined in /home/user/.forward that is usually some address, translating aliases as needed. I al ...

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Please help me! How do I create new projects on a new account?
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I really need someone who knows how to set up new projects in Google Cloud inside and out for a definitive answer. I'm setting up a new project in Google Cloud so that I can Send Emails in WordPress using the Gmail SMTP Server.

Every time I try to create any new project, I get a generic error message telling me that I need to select a parent organization or location.

Error message states:

You don’t h ...

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Unable to send email to gmail account from my mail server
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I've created a mail server and have setup a PTR record from the ISP to my static IP server. The mail server works well and am able to send and receive emails and send mails to many email addresses including outlook/hotmail. But I'm not able to send email to gmail accounts.

I get the following error. I've read through many posts and searched to the 3rd page of Google and am still not able to resol ...

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Gmail is blocking email from my IP
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I've had a virtual private server for close to 6 months, and I'm going to start sending emails to users from My handful of email tests so far have all resulted in a bounce because of "an unsual rate of unsolicited mail originating from your IP address." That's a strange reason because it suggests that my IP address has been sending a lot of emails, not just one or two, and I did ...

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How to submission server of an email (SMTP)?
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I will brief you about the situation I'm in, what issue I am facing and what I have tried.

I have set up a web app using flask, where users can send automated emails (not email campaigns) to a list of emails that they upload in excel. So if you register on the website as and upload a list of emails in excel, the app will automatically send emails to the ids listed through sm ...