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Company providing various Internet-related products and services, such as Google web search, Gmail, Google Calendar, YouTube, ... They provide APIs for several of their services, allowing users to integrate these into their own websites and web applications.
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Gmail rejected the email I replied to the sender (hosted on google)
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This is getting ridiculous now. A client sent me an email from his own email domain (hosted by google), and google rejected the email I replied to him.

I seriously think that google is doing this on purposely so that people can use their server for emails.

Here is the reply I received from google

This is the mail system at host

I'm sorry to have to inform you that your messa ...
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Problems related to ip requests related to translation services in the internal network
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Our team is planning to use translation services and OCR services on the internal intranet network.

So I opened the firewall for ip communicating with and

But since then, we have been unable to proceed because of a firewall in the 'oath' related url. What should we do in this case?

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Chrome Remote Desktop Egress Bandwidth
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I want to install a desktop environment and install chrome remote desktop on it to access the VM with Would the data transferred to "" count towards egress bandwidth?

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Need help installing Google Manage SSL
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I am trying to install google managed SSL in my website but I am seeing below error after all setup:

  1. SSL certivate status says: Provisioning

Error: Server Error The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request. Please try again in 30 seconds.


Please advice.

Thank you much, Masuk

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Deleting a Google Workspaces Account -
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Friends, I'm trying to delete an account I have on Google Workspaces but when I click on "delete your account", I get a warning that I have active projects in GCP. I don't have any project in GCP, but when I open GCP I see that there is one called "system-gsuite" and under it "apps-script" and I can't delete it... Can someone help me solve this problem?Account Settings GCP Manage Resources

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send google calendar notifications with my domain address by my postfix server
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I have a mail server for my domain with postfix and dovecot: I want to send google calendar notifications with my own domain: I explored two alternatives unsuccessfully

  1. I created an alternative address on my gmail user I could send mails with my own address ( but my calendar notifications have always as sender my gmail address although alternate address i ...

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Deleted everything from google cloud - Can it be recovered?
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I recently deleted everything from my google cloud storage and need to know if there is a way to recover the data.

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Two days in the trenches.... How to delete google cloud organization? I'm setting up Gmail to Send WordPress Emails
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How to delete google cloud organization?

Greetings from Nice, France,

I've got a question which I can't wait to hear what the solution is.... I'm setting up Gmail to Send WordPress Emails. I'm so happy you (my fine reader) might be able to help me.

Here's the big deal. I created a google cloud identity organization account (1st time using google cloud) using my web domain about 5 months ago. In the meanti ...