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Google Cloud Platform provides cloud computing services that let you build applications and websites, store data, and analyze data on Google's infrastructure.
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Google cloud function - Unable to deploy
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I have lots of cloud function deployed and working fine. (I am the project owner) Now I am not able to deploy any function and keep on getting this error -

ERROR: gcloud crashed (ConnectionError): ('Connection aborted.', OSError("(10054, 'WSAECONNRESET')"))
If you would like to report this issue, please run the following command:
  gcloud feedback
To check gcloud for common problems, please run the ...
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Google Cloud Project with No Owner
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We have a Google Cloud project on my team and the owner has since left the organization.

We still have access to the project because someone on my team in an editor but editors cannot give others access. She is leaving the team and we are trying to give someone else access.

If there is no owner listed and the editor can't give access does that mean there is no way to give anyone else access or assig ...

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Are Google Cloud Platform (GCP) persistent disk snapshots a proper way for doing long-term backups?
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Let's say I need a long-term backup for a webserver in Google Cloud Platform.

I need to have a possibility to access to the state or restore the state of the machine up to 1 year ago. (Weekly snapshots will be ok.)

Are snapshots a proper solution for such long-term backups?

  1. Can I have snapshots which are 1 year old?
  2. Can I have 54 snapshots for one disk?
  3. Can I switch/restore to older snapshot withou ...
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How I can send all logs from journald to GCP Logging?
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Don't know what to add more to question, just want to send all logs. My applications write logs to journald, there is no files on disk.

UPD. Just to clarify, there are files where journald store logs, my application do not create any logs files.

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How is GCP GKE VPC native cluster IP alias implemented?
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How does the GCP/GKE VPC native network implement the alias IP assignment to each pod?

As in Google Kubernetes Engine – Networking, each Pod will have an IP from secondary IP CIDR range of the subnet (e..g

enter image description here

Each pod in a Linux instance has its veth I/F. How does each veth(i) for pod(i) is linked to the network interface of the Linux box in which the pods run? Each pod (veth) has its own ...

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GCP - why cloud NAT needs cloud router?
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Why GCP Cloud NAT needs BGP/Cloud Router?

enter image description here

Cloud Router documentation

Cloud Router enables you to dynamically exchange routes between your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and on-premises networks by using Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

Cloud NAT overview

You configure a NAT gateway on a Cloud Router, which provides the control plane for NAT, holding configuration parameters that you specify.

Each C ...

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error while connecting to ssh on google cloud platform
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I have my instance running on Google Cloud Platform but suddenly my websites stops working and when i try to login via ssh, it keep connecting not never connects. It says:

The key transfer to project metadata is taking an unusually long time. Transferring instead to instance metadata may be faster, but will transfer the keys only to this VM. If you wish to SSH into other VMs from this VM, you wil ...

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GoogleVM - Remote Desktop Connection Error
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Can't connect to Google Server using Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 10. The error is "An internal error has occurred".

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I want to set the status code of a specific path to "404" GCP Load Balancer
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I have a HTTPS Load Balancer in GCP and I want to set the status code of a specific path to "404", I have this path https://my-domain/health/monitor

This path is used for the healthcheck, however it is a screen that I don't want to be accessed from the outside

Could you please tell me if there is a way to set the status code of a specific path (health/*) to 404 in GCP Load Balancers

Best regards

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GKE autopilot, manual load balancer and firewall rules
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I have this GKE autopilot cluster and I'm trying to setup a Load Balancer for it's services. The caveat is: Instead of defining an Ingress for the cluster, which would create the LB and all the related configs, I have to manually define an LB.

GKE creates all the NEGs I need and I'm just pointing existing cluster to them as backends, and it works fine.

The problem: I can't manually create a firewall ...

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SSH into newly deployed Container on GCP Compute Engine
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I want to simply SSH into a container deployed on GCP Compute Engine without jumping through hoops.

First, I create a compute instance with a container:

gcloud compute instances create-with-container instance_name --container-image

Then try to ssh into it:

gcloud compute ssh instance_name --container CONTAINER_NAME

The problem is that the CONTAINER_NAME is unknow ...

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issue in a build whith deploy
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I tried to build pipeline using GitLab for deploy on Google Cloud.

Everything works fine, except the gcloud command for deploy.

I have the following error : ERROR: ( PERMISSION_DENIED: Permission 'iam.serviceaccounts.actAs' denied on service account (or it may not exist)

I searched for a solution in stack overflow and added 'iam.serviceaccounts.act ...

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Why won't this open a file on launch of Google Cloud?
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Invoke-Item "C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe"

I then RDP in and wait a couple of minutes and see no file started.

The path is correct.

Below is a photo of the setup 1

Why doesn't it start?

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Restrict creation of VMs on GCP projects
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I am looking to Restrict creation of VMs on GCP projects. Any workaround for this request.

We have a scenario to restrict the VMs under few projects not all projects and it should not be override by any project owner or folder owner.

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Reached cloud router limits
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I have reached the limit of 5 cloud routers per region, if I edit the quotas I can see only a project limit, is it possible to increase the limit of 5 cloud routers per region? if yes, how?

Also I noticed that I can create another cloud router in a different region, if I use a different region where the resources are located which are the considerations to do (connectivity, latency, costs)

To optimi ...

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Find out why a Kubernetes cluster was restarted on Google Cloud
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This has happened twice in the last two months - during a weekend the entire GKE cluster is restarted.

It happens even though the cluster is set to manual upgrade (release channel is set to "None").

Is there a way to find out why the GKE cluster was restarted?

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Can't access Gpus_all_regions in Quotas. Google Cloud
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When I search for gpus_all_regions, I do find it but it's gray and I can't click on it. Also there is a show-box with "?" on it that says "Based on your service usage history, you are not eligible for quota increase at this time. Please make use of the current available quota, and if additional resources are needed, please contact our Sales Team ( to discuss further opt ...

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GCP - GPU staging time reduction
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I have an application that requires the smallest boot-time/TTL possible with GPUs attached to a VM in GCP CE. To keep cost down, my infrastructure is dependent on starting and stopping instances as demand increases/decreases.

I have tried multiple different distros, clear linux, minimal installs of Fedora, minimalised Debian, reductions to kernel and userspace - systemd-analyze says my boot-time  ...

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Trying to connect to Google API and it's asking for App information, what exactly is my app?
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What is the App I am using? In this instance I am trying to connect to the Google Analytics API. Is my App, Visual Studio Code for example (which I am running Python on), probably a simple solution but I am not too clear.

If anyone could help I would be very appreciative.

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Keycloak install with helm on GKE with Cloud SQL (external) database
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I'm trying to install keycloak on GKE cluster in GCP with external database, i.e. CloudSQL postrges db. I want to use helm to install it, so:

helm repo add bitnami

I've downloaded Values.yml file from bitnami repo, and I've updated "externalDatabase.externalSecret" section of this file, since I don't want to enter credentials in plain text. Instead I've created Kub ...

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Provide Unix Socket connection information for Apache Superset
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I have a docker image of Apache Superset running in Google Cloud Run. I have configured it to use our Cloud SQL host for its metadata DB. Due to how you connect Cloud Run to Cloud SQL, this required using the unix socket style connection string in SQL Alchemy to get it to connect ( as per the instructions here.). Postgres is the DB in use (although I doubt that matters).

I was pretty happy with myself ( ...

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Sensible Google Cloud security for Google Maps API project?
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Google Maps API is now only available through Google Cloud Platform. I am working on a small project and I'm not sure what would be sensible for me to do in terms of security. I am the developer and my client, who is not very technical, is the owner of the GCP account controlling the billing.

I have tried to understand the way IAM is set up in GCP from the docs, done searches and read several cha ...

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Questions about how to migrate an organization / project to another GCP account
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I'm trying to move each GCP setting to another account that has been separated from my current account due to a change in the email domain I'm using.

[conditions] Transfer the contents of GCP to another account completely separated from the current account. Suspension of use of Google Workspace.

[Required work] Move API key for each project. Move billing account.

[Concerns] Will moving each GCP setting ...

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Unable to reach OpenVPN DNS /Public IP URL
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Has anyone seen these error before with OpenVPN.

Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR

    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
    Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

I looked at the log file :/var/log/ openvpnas.lo ...

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Accessing BigQuery data from different project in same organization with a Service Account
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I'm having some serious trouble getting the official BigQuery client (in Python 3) to a different project in the same organization authorized from a Cloud Run service.

The Cloud Run service is in Project Main, and I'm trying to access a table in Project Other -- both of these projects are in the same organization.

The service account was a user-created service account created in Project Main (not th ...

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How can we create a load balancer for public IPs?
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In our current setup, we have 2 datacenters with the same application. We want to have a cloud load balancer, to detect the best destination for requests.

Is it possible to create a load balancer in GCP, without configuring any VMs in GCP? How can we setup a load balancer for public IPs?

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Google cloud server is slow when there is high network traffic
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I have a google compute engine server that runs slowly when there is high network traffic, what do I need to upgrade to improve the speed?

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Automate GCP Service Account Creation
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Is it possible for my webapp to create service accounts on behalf of my users in their GCP?

Ideal flow would be:

  1. Use performs Google OAuth via my webapp
  2. Correct scopes are passed and permission is granted
  3. My app receives the authority to create service accounts on behalf of user

Is this at all possible? I'm struggling to find an example or find the relevant scopes via Google Oauth that grant such perm ...

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GCP free tier upgrade to E2-micro caused total data loss
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The server is a current Bitnami LAMP build I was upgrading from the f1-micro with a 30GB standard persistent disk to the E2-micro per the July 20 email. After completing this process, the username logged into the shell was the same account, but had "_gmail_com" appended to the end of it and all data in the /home directory and the Bitnami stack directory was lost! I mean WTF‽‽ How exactly does chang ...

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Abhishek Rai avatar returns REFUSED
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I have been trying to implement HTTPS on a kubernetes cluster on Google Cloud Platform. I cannot understand what else I need to check or look for. I am using a Google Managed certificate.

dig output

; <<>> DiG 9.11.5-P4-5.1+deb10u5-Debian <<>>
;; global options: +cmd
;; Got answer:
;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NOERROR, id: 59409
;; flags:  ...