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Package manager for kubernetes
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AKS Multiple Nginx Ingress with internal LB
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Azure Kubernetes - AKS - K8s version - 1.20.9.

Trying to setup multiple nginx ingress with Internal LB.

ingress controller with ingress-class -

helm install test1  ingress-nginx/ingress-nginx \
    --set controller.replicaCount=1  \
     --set controller.nodeSelector."beta\.kubernetes\.io/os"=linux \
     --set defaultBackend.nodeSelector."beta\.kubernetes\.io/os"=linux \
     --set controller.ingressCla ...
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Access forbiden when downloading from private registry via helm chart, but not via simple pod
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I am trying to deploy bitnami moodle chart with custom image hosted on gitlab. When I use the registry in pod the image gets downloaded. However, when used in the chart, it gives the error below with access forbiden. Tested on minikube, and private cluster.

*Failed to pull image "<repo>/01976966/container/external/moodle:3.11.4-debian-10-r0": rpc error: code = Unknown desc ...
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Helm 3 error:INSTALLATION FAILED: failed to install CRD
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I'm trying to setup a kubernetes cluster, but i'm running into something that i just cant seem to fix.

I'm trying to install the datawire/ambassador chart. but whatever i try i keep getting an error that CRD files cant be installed.

Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: failed to install CRD crds/getambassador.io_consulresolvers.yaml: Post " ...
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Grafana deploy in kubernetes with Letsencript certificate in ingess
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I want to deploy grafana in my AKS kubernetes cluster. For deployment I use helm

helm install grafana grafana/grafana --namespace=grafana --set "service.type=ClusterIP,persistence.enabled=true,replicaCount=1,persistence.size=10Gi,persistence.accessModes[0]=ReadWriteOnce,plugins=grafana-azure-monitor-datasource\,grafana-kubernetes-app,ingress.enabled=true,ingress.tls[0]=enabeld,ingress.tls[0].hosts[ ...
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How to enable ipv6 for ingress-controller services when installing using Helm nginx-ingress chart?
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I have a baremetal K8 cluster setup using Kubespray (Calico as CNI) and have dual stack enabled. I can see that all the pods that get deployed get both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses but when I try to install nginx-ingress controller using nginx helm chart the services only have IPv4 enabled and assigned. I can see the following spec when I do kubectl get on the service:

kubectl get svc ingress-nginx-cont ...

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Kubernetes NGINX Ingress Controller Failure using Helm on AKS
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When going through the setup of a K8 ingress controller, which is documented here

I am unable to get past the step of "Create an Ingress Controller" During the Helm command step and placing the command in debug mode, I see there is a timeout on one of the steps:

failed pre-install: timed out waiting for the condition

After reviewing the K8 POD logs, I found that the K8 system is unable to connect to the ...

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Kubernetes error "Unable to attach or mount volumes"
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I deployed bitnami/wordpress helm using nginx ingress as loadbalancer like here. Everything working fine but problem is with some pods when they are created manually or automaticly by autoscaling. Some of them (not all) have all time "ContainerCreating" status and logs look like this:

  Normal   Scheduled    33m                  default-scheduler  Successfully assigned default/wordpress-69c8f65d96- ...
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Automate the creation of database/user/password into K8 for Bitnami helm chart postgresql
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I'm deploying the into k8s and wondering how can I automate the following

  • creation of a database
  • create a role with password as owner of the database above

I've seen the extraDeploy parameter but this seems like will create a k8s specific resource (not  ...

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How to reinstall consul on a different namespace?
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I have installed consul on default namespace using helm.

helm install -f config.yaml consul hashicorp/consul --version "0.32.1"

I tried uninstall of consul using

helm delete consul

And installing again using.

kubectl create namespace consul
helm install -f config.yaml consul hashicorp/consul --version "0.32.1" --namespace consul

Now, getting error as below.


I followed this approach

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GitLab Runner failing to register after migration to new cluster
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I have GitLab installed in Kubernetes with their Helm chart.

I migrated my old Gitlab deployment from one cluster to another with the following steps:

  • Scale down all pods in old cluster
  • Apply values.yml with helm to new cluster (to create PVCs)
  • Scale down all pods in new cluster
  • Change DNS records, HAProxy, etc
  • Manually rsync data from old PVCs to new PVCs (minio, gitaly, redis, postgres, promethe ...