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Microsoft Hyper-V is a hypervisor-based virtualization system for x86-64 systems. Hyper-V exists in two variants: as a stand-alone product called Microsoft Hyper-V Server, and as an installable role in Windows Server 2008 and later. Both variants are able to run in Windows Server Core versions.
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Adding multiple virtual switches to New-VM?
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I'm working on a Powershell script to create new virtual machines as part of a migration between a Hyper-V server running Hyper-V Server 2012R2 and a new Hyper-V server running Hyper-V Server 2019.

For the virtual machines that have one single virtual switch assigned to them, this script works fine, however, I have some virtual machines that have two switches. For those VM's, I get this message:  ...

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SR-IOV slow on new Hyper-V 2019 host
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I've got a PowerEdge R6525 with a quad Intel x710 10 gig NIC.

All firmware up to date, enabled SR-IOV in the NIC firmware, BIOS/Lifecycle controller, created the vSwitch with it enabled and have enabled on the VM's but I'm only getting 2-4Gbps using iperf3 between the VM's or the VM and host. Just have 2 2012 R2 VM's on the host until I get it tuned. I followed the I tell documentation as well an ...

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use Test-VHD cmdlet without hyper-v installed role
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I wrote a powershell script to have a vhdx image from physical server using Disk2vhd cli with schedule and retention. Disk2vhd doesn't have an exit code so I cannot understand when it works and when it fail. I thought about using the Test-VHD cmdlet that returns True or False when the vhdx is ok or not. I can't find clear documentation about this, it seems to be related to differential disks, so  ...

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Can I host ONE VM from two servers?
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looked around for a bit and I could not find a definitive answer. My setup is for educational purposes as I am in a CCNA/Cybersecurity program thru my college.

Anywho lets get down to it~ PC A is upstairs, directly above my main router/modem. It has Windows 2022 Datacenter on it, thanks to my College for making such tools available. This server is connected to a separate router via a WiFi repe ...

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Cannot live migrate VM from certain user on certain host
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Forest A Forest B
Forest ForestA ForestB
Domain DomainA DomainB
Computers ComputerA1, ComputerA2 (none)
User UserA UserB


  • ForestA trusts ForestB
  • ForestB trusts ForestA
  • UserA is an administrator of ComputerA1 and ComputerA2
  • UserB is an administrator of ComputerA1 and ComputerA2

Moving VMs with Hyper-V

I have Hyper-V running on ComputerA1 and ComputerA2. I have Hy ...

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"logon session does not exist" when cmdlet wrapped in do-nothing Invoke-Command
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While logged into HOST1, my user can successfully run this powershell command to move a running VM from HOST1 to HOST2:

Move-VM -Name DC02 -DestinationHost HOST2 -IncludeStorage -DestinationStoragePath "V:\Virtual Machines\DC02"

However, this command (which does the same thing because HOST1 is localhost) fails:

Invoke-Command {
  Move-VM -Name DC02 -DstinationHost HOST2 -IncludeStorage -DestinationSto ...
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Why does Hyper-V save my running VM when I'm reverting to a checkpoint that was made when it was off?
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When I revert my running VM (by selecting a the checkpoint it was at before booting and choosing 'apply'), I see the VM is saved for a few seconds first.

Can anyone explain why it saves the VM state rather than just 'killing it off somehow'?


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RHEL 7 in Hyper-V with Proper NAT Configuration Issues
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I have a RHEL7 VM running on Hyper-V. In my VM, I have a web-based program the I need to access over port 11000. In the VM, the software is configured and is accessible by

I've tried setting up an external v-switch and internal v-switch, both have not been successful as I cannot even ping the virtual switch from within the VM. I am trying to configure this using a NAT Switch. ...

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hyper-v dynamic expanding vs fixed disk
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In the "old times" it was not recommended to use dynamic expanding disks in hyper-v. This create the issue of using very much disk space on the hyper-v host. (because we need allocate the space for the virtual disks)

I cannot find too much information about what is recommended today for windows server 2019.

What is recommended in 2021? Fixed disk size or dynamic expanding?

Extra information: The virtua ...

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HyperV shared virtual disk
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I want to setup Hyper-V VMs with a shared vhdx or vhds virtual disk. I have a W10 VM that has the main file space and setup a shared folder to allow two other W10 VMs to map a drive and share the data. I suspect performance may be better is I use a shared VHD in Hyper-V. The host computer is Server 2016 Std. I can create the shared VHD but when I try to attach it to a VM, I get an error that says th ...

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hyperv replica multiple sites
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I wanted to know if that is possible with a hyper-v replica before I start with the implementation.

I have 3 sites hosting 3 stand-alone hyper-v servers (acting as primary) and I wanted to set up a single replica server for the 3 sites. all servers are in workgroup mode. Are there any special requirements to set up this configuration?

In case of Site A failed and I have to switch the replica server  ...

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Running a Windows 10 GUI Desktop within a Windows Container / Hyper-V Isolation?
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I am new to the world of containers, so I have what may be a very basic question.

TLDR: Can I install the Full Windows 10 OS into a Windows Container, and access it via RDP or somehow through console? Or a Hyper-V Isolation Windows Container?

I am looking to do a bit of development work, and want to rapidly test new code and have a "reset" button by using containers.

My goal is to target a Windows 10 b ...

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I can't use vmware on rdp win server error hyper-v
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I've rdp win 12 azure install Vmware 16 pro on it and setup the app to when try run virtual machine get error that hyper-v turn off when check it it's already off and use all commands like hyper-v and use command bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off and core isolation integry off this is my rdp info

OS Name Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Version 10.0.17763 Build 17763 Other OS Descrip ...

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Hyper-V did not merge .avhdx after delete checkpoint
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I have a Windows 10 laptop that has a Hyper-V host login and that has a VM that I use to native boot to a vhdx file. I hardly ever log into the Hyper-V host but did today to backup the vhdx file and noticed a checkpoint existed, the VM Disk Hard Drive is pointing to an .avhdx instead of the .vhdx file.

I deleted the checkpoint using the Hyper-V gui and now it shows no checkpoints... but VM Disk s ...

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Disable LAN Access without disabling WAN on a Hyper V VM
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I have a Hyper V virtual machine running on windows server 2019 that will be used to run a guest OS (Windows 10). How do I allow access to the internet, but block it from accessing LAN, network shared folders, printers, etc.

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Route Nat Network Internal Ip out through a Single External Ip
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I have setup a Nat Network on my Hyper-V host as described by Microsoft here: Setup a Nat Network

It works great, other than, my host has 5 external Ip Addresses. Therefore, when it routes outbound through the internal gateway ( out an external address, it seemingly picks any external address randomly as we can see here:

enter image description here

Certain services require the dns to resolve to the outbound ip  ...

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Debian 11 template on Hyper-V
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I used to run Debian 10 on a Hyper-V (Windows 2019) Server and I could set up a "template" VHD and copy it every time I needed a new Debian server, thus getting around the installation.

Now I'm looking into Debian 11 (currently "Testing" or "Bullseye") and the old procedure does no longer seem to work, neither with automatic partitioning nor with manual partitioning. Hyper-V says "SCSI Disk (0,0) ...

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Disable Hyper-V Server 2016 auto updates
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I ran into a strange issue last week.

I have a bunch of Hyper-V 2016 Servers joined to a freshly created Active Directory domain (no GPO is currently configured).

There is one server who's rebooting at random moments, making the VMs running on it unavailable. It's not a critical server, so there's no cluster to back up.

I was wondering why, in the sconfig.cmd tool, the "Windows Update Settings" is set  ...

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How to deal with AD when deploy Hyper-V cluster?
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I try to plan Hyper-V cluster deployment over several host servers (10 or maybe 12; hosts are rented) placed in two separate datacenters. This will be Hyper-V Server 2019 Core hosts. The problem is, I don't know if I should rely on AD for host auth, and if not, then what's the best way to maintain the cluster.

The main idea was to create Hyper-V cluster that's not connected to office AD servers s ...

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CredSSP error while connecting to Hyper-V Server 2016 VM
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I'm using a domain laptop to remotely manage a bunch of Hyper-V Server 2016, also joined to this domain. But since a recent domain change, I came across an issue with one server.

I can open Hyper-V manager, add the faulty server and get the list of VMs. Even the preview of the VM screen is showing when it's running.

But whenever I try connecting to a VM, I get the error with CredSSP stating (approxi ...

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Configure AD VM on Hyper-V to provide AD services on user network (on one NIC) and logging on management network (separate NIC)
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As the topic suggests, I want to have the AD VM on Hyper-V connect to two different VLANs (100 and 200) which are different physical networks. One physical network (VLAN 100) is where all the user desktops lie (Need AD for user authentication) and one physical network is (VLAN 200) where I will forward the Event logs (Application, Security Events on the AD VM to.

These are two separate VLAN netwo ...

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How can I type in a virtual machine that is located on a host machine that I remote desktop into?
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I'm using a remote desktop to log in to another computer and on that computer. Trying to start up a virtual machine. The problem I'm having is when I try to type in the virtual machine, most of the keys on my keyboard don't work.
For example, certain keys like Space bar will type "d" and my number 1 key would type ";".
Most of the other keys don't work.
I can type fine on the host machine, but can't ...

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How to enable hyper-v kernel modules in ubuntu 18.04
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I'm prep'ing our on-premise Ubuntu VM to be shifted to Azure for which one requirement is that it requires hyper-v modules enabled in the kernel. I've been following the procedure in the following article,

but even after that i can't find any of the hyper-v modules(hv_vmbus, hv_storvsc, hv_blkvsc, hv_netvsc) when i d ...

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xrdp fails to start on Ubuntu 20.04, firewall inactive - how do I fix this?
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I'm trying to connect to a Hyper-V instance of Ubuntu 20.04 via RDP.

I've installed xrdp, but it won't start:

 systemd[1]: Starting xrdp daemon...
 xrdp[1906]: (1906)(140210881615680)[INFO ] address [] port [3389] mode 3
 xrdp[1906]: (1906)(140210881615680)[INFO ] listening to port 3389 on
 xrdp[1906]: (1906)(140210881615680)[ERROR] trans_listen_address failed
 xrdp[1906]: (1906)(140210 ...
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How to create two different networks on Hyper-v
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I currently have 2 physicals hosts with windows server 2012 R2 datacenter on each of them. I have a network with several VM's: 2 DC 2 File servers.

I want to test a course that I have bought, and use another network for that lab. So I have created a new VM to start, and connected it to the same virtual switch than the other network. I got a DHCP address of the first n ...

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How do route traffic Hyper-V From Linux to Windows
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I have a Windows Server With Hyper-V We have Linux VM on this Hyper-V which Have inside DHCP Server

What I want to do is route traffic from [Linux]-[Gateway] To VMS Which have IPS from DHCP Server

Why ?

We all knows Linux is better at networking than Windows so i can create a better Firewall in Linux So all packets which came from Linux Server [Gateway] is filtered and gone through firewall

I hope also yo ...

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Setting up a address that is different than my gateway
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Please, reopen this question. I really need to understand how to do this - And i saw that a lot of other users have this same problem but no one answered them...

I tried to exemplify with clarity showing even a image of a device that is working like that - Please reopen the question so people can help me?


My network structure has a switch where the gateway is, and my computer has  ...

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Cannot turn off "Nested virtualization" in Windows Admin Center
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While doing VM testing, I have, out of curiosity, ticked Enable nested virtualization in the Processor tab in Windows Admin Center (Version 2103.2 Build 1.3.2105.24004).

Trying to start the VM returns this error, which makes sense:

RemoteException: Failed to start virtual machine VM NAME. Error: 'VM NAME' failed to start. 'VM NAME' could not initialize. The virtual machine could not be started because t ...

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Hyper-V servers joined to a domain
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All my clients are small businesses just trying to get by. No corporate budgets to do things the completely right way without a lot of arm-twisting and some time to build trust.

A common scenario is to inherit a site with a single physical server running a few virtual servers. This Hyper-V host is usually in a workgroup. Other times it is joined to the domain, with the DC running as one of its VMs ...

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Middle sized company server architecture
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I am designing server for middle sized company which should offer services as accountancy software, property record software, file server etc. My idea is using Hyper V server as type 1 hypervisor. As virtual OSes I need use Windows for one of the requested software (company has the license). For other software I am thinking about 1 virtual OS for 1 application + virtual server dedicated for database whi ...