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This is one of many hardware virtualization techniques that allows multiple "guest" operating systems to run concurrently on a "host" computer. Also known as virtual machine manager (VMM).
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Co-locate VM on a single/set of core(s)
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I'm trying to understand certain impacts of virtualisation on performance by running benchmarks on VMs. I'm considering ESXi and Hyper-V as the hypervisors. I wanted to know if I can pin a VM to a particular core or set of cores. If possible, I could then pin 2 VMs to the same core and try reading into the effects when there's a memory intensive job running in both

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Installation of hypervisor on Linux server
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Do you know if it's possible to install VirtualBox or VMware Sphere hypervisor on the Oracle Linux Server 7.9?

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Can we assign the multiple cores of different hypervisors in same cluster?
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I have configured the Three hypervisors with the OnApp. As all the Hypervisors use the SAN storage, if any hypervisor gets down, VPS hosted on the one hypervisors boots on two hypervisors.

Each hypervisor has 12 cores, so the main question is can I assign the CPU cores of 2 hypervisors to a single VPS?

For example, hypervisor 1 has 12 cores, and hypervisor 2 has 12 cores, so can I assign 24 cores to ...

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How to use hosts with no storage disks and virtual machine instances with no local drive in Openstack
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In Openstack, is it possible to create compute nodes with no hard drives and use PXE in order to boot the host's system and therefore launch instances with no local drive which is needed to boot the VM's image.

If not what's the minimum storage needed to be given to hosts in order to get fully functional system.

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Why virtualization still used instead of containers?
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In 2021 era of containers, cloud providers still use hypervisor to make it possible to use more of a system's available resources and provide greater IT mobility since the guest VMs are independent of the host hardware.

Hypervisor, allows a physical server to operate multiple VMs as guests running alongside each other.

Containers are a form of operating system virtualisation.

Both system can achiev ...

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Firecracker vs ACRN?
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What is the main difference between the ACRN and the firecracker hypervisors ?

As I understand, ACRN

The ACRN Hypervisor is a Type 1 reference hypervisor stack, running directly on the bare-metal hardware, and is suitable for a variety of IoT and embedded device solutions.

Only on the embedded devices, why ?

As I understand, Firecracker

Firecracker runs workloads in lightweight virtual machines, c ...

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How to deal with AD when deploy Hyper-V cluster?
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I try to plan Hyper-V cluster deployment over several host servers (10 or maybe 12; hosts are rented) placed in two separate datacenters. This will be Hyper-V Server 2019 Core hosts. The problem is, I don't know if I should rely on AD for host auth, and if not, then what's the best way to maintain the cluster.

The main idea was to create Hyper-V cluster that's not connected to office AD servers s ...

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Is it secure to still using an old version of VMWare ESXi for production after support ends?
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I'm on a small sized business in which they own a HP ProLiant DL380 G7 Server for production. We would like to use a free license version of ESXi which is the version 6.7 U3 because we can't run modern versions on that server due to processors not been compatible.(X5650 x 2) The main problem here is that ESXi 6.7 support of security patches and updates will end in 2022, which makes me wonder if it would ...

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Is a VMWARE hypervisor able to throttle or cap a VM's use of shared disk subsystem resources on a multi-tenant server
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Are VMWARE hypervisors able to cap or throttle a VM's consumption of shared disk subsystem resources on a multi-tenant server? Or is there always the possibility that another VM on the server, a VM hosting some other tenant's database engine, will have a runaway query or a query against tables with poorly defined or fragmented indexes, or just heavy peak usage at certain times of day or on certai ...

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Server pfsense and hypervisor
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I am not very experienced with server management and I currently manage a vps with whm/cpanel. I am thinking in a few month when the subscription ends to colocate my own server in the datacenter. So after some research i decided to buy a used dell server and have proxmox as a hypervisor. So i am trying to figure out a way to seperate the host from the vps and also install pfsense so i can have vlans and ...