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IIS is Internet Information Services, the web server included with Microsoft's Windows Server operating systems. This is a generic tag. Wherever possible please use a *version-specific* tag, such as [iis-7], [iis-7.5], etc.
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Why does IIS PHP not recognize PhpRedis when it exists and is added correctly?
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Before you read:

I currently have ...

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Https website shows login prompt, http shows normal website
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I have a new windows server that I set up IIS on. I used certify the web to install an SSL certificate on my server. The Https website shows a login prompt while non https loads the page normally. I have verified that only anonymous authentication is selected under authentication.

  • Here are the selected authentication modes Here are the selected authentication modes

  • The bindings of the website The bindings of the website

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Issues with site loading over HTTP/2
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I have a Windows 2016 server with IIS 10 acting as a reverse proxy to an apache/tomcat running on the same server. When I try to access the application hosted on this server, I get a lot of errors when accessing this site over HTTP/2, with dev console in a browser showing a lot of "cancelled" requests. If I force HTTP/1.1 (from the client), then everything loads and works correctly.

I attempted t ...

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Logparser - Selecting data in the past 2 weeks
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I am trying to use LogParser to return the data from my iis log files for the past 2 weeks. When I run the following I get "Error: Syntax Error: : no valid content: expecting opening parenthesis instead of token 'DATEADD(day,-14,'"

logparser "SELECT * FROM mylogfile.log WHERE date >= DATEADD(day,-14, GETDATE())" -o:datagrid
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Nginx Reverse proxy can only find one site out of 3
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Update the behaviour of only being able to load one site at a time appears to be client side browser related - If I open all 3 sites in one browser window (one tab each) then we get the behaviour described below. If I use 3 separate browsers (I used Edge, Opera and Chrome) then all 3 sites load as expected. /Update

I have an Nginx reverse proxy setup to pass external traffic to one of 3 internal server ...

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Which application path to use for Windows IIS in Advanced Firewall Rules?
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I'd like to unblock my IIS ASP.NET 4.5 webservice for public access.

In Windows 10 Advanced Firewall Rules I added an inbound rule to accept all incoming requests for my webservice's port (e.g. 8001). That's working fine with "allow all programs".

However, I'd like to further restrict this rule to only work for IIS.

But none of the restrictions I set so far worked:

  • Setting program path C:\Windows\Sys ...
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IIS Rewrite module, simple rule
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I am stuck on a very simple IIS rewrite rule. I have a series of links that have an invalid path, and I need to redirect all requests to that path to a new one.

Here is the broken path:

The "buzdocs" portion of the path no longer exists and all links below this path have been moved up one folder to this example path (which wor ...

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How to make a change in iis apppool using appcmd.exe
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I want to edit the parts marked in the photo using appcmd.exe or another comman-line method. enter image description here

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Limit a single users FTP access on IIS10 to a IP address
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Can I limit a user so they can only access my FTP server from a set IP address whist allowing other users to access the FTP from anywhere?

I have a Windows Server 2019 server running IIS 10 with an FTP site setup on it. the FTP server has Ftp User Isolation set to Username physical directory.

The server has several FTP users setup on it all mapping to their own folder, and I would like to limit some of th ...

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IIS ARR - Route single request to multiple servers/sites
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We have a unique situation with a vendor in which they only allow 1 address for PRD traffic and 1 for Non-PRD traffic. Internally, we need to be able to test in 2 environments (call them TST1 and TST2). Since they only allow 1 URL for TST, I figured I would create 2 ARR Rules for the site to rewrite the traffic to both. I ensured 'Stop processing subsequent rules' was disabled.

Upon testing this  ...

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IIS http to https rewrite rule only works at server level
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I've set up a rule in IIS to enforce https as described here:

However it wouldn't work unless I set the rule at the global/server level. Setting the rule at the site level wouldn't do anything. Thoughts?

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IIS 10 URL Rewrite giving 404 error
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I am currently stuck with my rewrite rules, and I would need some hints about it.

Here's the situation : We have two websites, one is, the other one is (just examples here ofc)

On, for some url, I'd like to use a rewrite rule to hit the staging website and display the results.

Here's the rule in the web.config file :

<rule name="RewriteSearchQueries" pa ...
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bbergvt avatar IIS requests not timing out after executionTimeout Value
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We have set system.web/httpRuntime executionTimeout = 60s for our .net 4.8 application hosted on server 2019 IIS 10. From time to time we see varied requests exceeding this timeout by a large margin, sometimes requests show up as running for hours. What would be cases where this timeout would not be honored? IIS settings

Handful of long running requests

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IIS basic auth against database TABLE
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I have a site on IIS where the auth is being done by having a header included in all (classic ) asp pages, if session variables is not set, user is redirected to login page, setting the session variables if user is in sql table. However, this does not protect ressources like images and javascripts which are without that header file.

So is it possible to use basic authentification to perform a sql ...

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GOGS reverse proxy on IIS
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I'm trying to reverse proxy the to localhost:3001 - GOGS port. I tried creating a new application on the default web site

enter image description here

The folder that it points to is the main gogs folder. I downloaded URL Rewrite and with that created a reverse proxy that goes to localhost:3001 when there is /gogs in the URL.

But this gives me an error:

enter image description here

In the custom/conf/app.ini I set the domain to my sub- ...

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Problems setting up a Reverse Proxy on IIS
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Please forgive the newb question, but I'm a bit out of my depth with this one.

I'm running a Windows 2016 Server at home. I'm trying to set up nextcloud as a personal cloud. I have successfully installed nextcloud as a virtual machine on VirtualBox and can access it on my lan via (let's say) This takes me to the main web application. I can also access the Webmin interface through 19 ...

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What are the recommended specs for deploying IIS on Windows Server 2019?
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So I've been looking around google and other sites for recommended specs for an IIS server, but I haven't found any information that matches my simple use case.

What would be the recommended specifications for IIS? We expect a load of maximum 50 people at the same time, could be 100

Edit: I think I should have shared more about what the app does, its a simple dashboard that uses .net framework, it c ...

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IIS 10 is sending uncompressed version of CSS file
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I'm using IIS 10 to serve a .NET web app. I have Static Compression enabled on IIS server (as is the default). The app contains a big CSS file, which needs to be transferred compressed, but in spite of enabled compression, uncompressed version is being downloaded to the browser.

Screenshot from the developer console: uncompressed file is being transferred

How can I get the server to send the compressed version of the file?

Debuggi ...

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Options for web application using Windows Authentication (IIS and Kerberos) to require MFA
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Apologies in advance if this question is better suited on another StackExchange site; this felt like the best first choice.


I have a web application (.NET Framework, ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC) running on IIS (any version). The application has no authentication logic, instead relying only on IIS configured for Windows Authentication (Negotiate); the application then references HttpConte ...

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IIS 404.4 for rewriting https to http
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I have two servers running IIS, trying to serve Power BI Report Server (if it matters).

As far as I can tell on both servers, I have the following:

  • Power BI Report server listening on (http)
  • IIS listening on (all ips):443 (https)
  • IIS pointing at an empty directory to serve
  • A rewrite rule that matches (.*) and redirects to http://localhost:80/{R:1}

All versions of everything as far as ...

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We're having issues accessing our server remotely. Currently the server is setup using a 192.168.x.x IP and our firewall is redirecting all traffic from our public IP to the server. Port 80, 443, and 8080, 53 are open.

I'm trying to get to: off the network which is a basic index.html page at the moment. Locally on the server I can load the web page just fine with ...

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Will IIS web gardens providing high availability?
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I have an ASP.NET application (.NET FW 4.5) that occasionally crashes and has a long startup time due to an in-process cache. I am considering using an IIS walled garden (multiple worker processes) so that if 1 process failed, the other would pick up the load.

Can the walled garden provide this high availability? If so, what should the failed application return to IIS whilst it is building the ca ...

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Getting timeout from server when connecting through virtual machine
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I have an angular application running on a IIS server, on the same server i have an asp core backend application. When i'm connecting from my computer i have no issue. Weh i'm connecting to my virtual machine in china, i can open my angular application front fine. But all request to the server are getting 504 timeout ... i thought about port issue , but if it was that i wouldn't be able to reach my fron ...

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Authorization header missing in PHP POST request IIS
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I'm currently trying to read the authorization header in a PHP script that I'm calling with a POST request. The Authorization header is populated with a token. It seems the Authorization header is somehow removed before it arrives at my PHP script.

I use these lines and the problem is mitigated in Apache using .htaccess

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP:Authorization} ^(.*)
RewriteRule .* - [e=HTTP_ ...
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IIS 10 ARR FARM Only Hits Second Server
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Trying to learn IIS farming on Server 2016 - IIS 10,i'm able to configure farm setup but my ARR only get hits from second server all the time.

Here re my configuration details; Main Server Windows Server 2016 Standart - - IIS 10 - website name is servistest, it only contains one page as index.asp;

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <meta name="description" content="Webpage descriptio ...
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Memory Leak while using IIS Advanced Logging filters
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I'm using IIS 8.5.9600.16384 with Advanced logging module 1.0 (2009-10-08).

Adding the following filter to IIS advanced logging module causes memory leak of w3wp.exe. After a day, a few GB of RAM is consumed.

('URI-Stem' Not Equals '/page.php')

The "page.php" is visited few times / sec.

Disabling either advanced logging, or removing filter, fixing the issue.

I found similar topic here but the KB ...

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Wordpress on IIS crashes intermittently
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My wordpress site running on IIS has been crashing every once in a while with "There has been a critical error on your website" If I restart IIS or the AppPool, it starts working again. It's a pretty basic wordpress site, just a few basic plugins

When I look at the php error log I find this:

[11-Jun-2021 05:05:56 UTC] PHP Warning:  require_once(C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wp-includes\s): failed to open stream: ...
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What is the proper way to use IIS to forward the REMOTE_USER header to Tomcat?
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I am trying to set up SSO with IIS 10 and Tomcat 9. I want to use Windows Authentication in IIS and pass the authenticated username to Tomcat. I had this working with Tomcat 8.5, however after upgrading to Tomcat 9 I can't get the ISAPI_redirect.dll method to work.

Extensive searches have led to suggestions that ISAPI is not the way to go anymore. I attempted to use ARR, but since it forwards  ...