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DNS that is visible within your corporate network and VPN, but which is not visible on the public Internet.
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NGINX access module and internal DNS: How to allow only local clients
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I searched through serverfault but couldn't find an answer to this. Maybe I just don't know the right keyword or it's a conceptual misunderstanding. Any help would be appreciated!

The situation:

  1. My local services are running behind an NGINX reverse proxy
  2. I use a LAN DNS on the router (Draytek) to resolve local requests to * directly to my local server (

Even if there is no inte ...

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Using a Dockered Unbound DNS server as a resolver for other containers
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I'm using Unbound DNS server as a resolver for my home LAN. It runs as a Docker container on the default bridge network and in general it works as I'd expect it to, except when trying to use it as a resolver for the other Docker containers hosted on the same machine.

I tried setting the nameserver in the containers' /etc/resolv.conf to the Docker host's LAN address, but this is clearly not the ri ...

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Is it possible to have both static and a dynamic A record created for the same host on an internal DNS server?
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I am working on a case study related to risks from insecure dynamic DNS updates. Suppose there is an internal DNS configured that has a mix of static and dynamically created addresses. Consider a Windows AD integrated DNS environment.

I need some help on few of the queries below

  1. Can there coexist a static and a dynamically created A record for the same host - referring to different IP addresses on the  ...
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Why Firefox doesnt work with split DNS / Host Overrides?
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I have configured Host overrides in pfSense and other browsers like Chrome and Edge work fine but Firefox simply does not resolve giving "Unable to connect" error.

This is the same on my laptop with fresh install of Firefox with default settings. DNS over HTTPS is disabled by default so that's not it.

Why is Firefox not working with Split DNS? I would like to continue using Firefox but if there is n ...

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Obtain Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate for Internal Server on Internal DNS Server
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I currently run an organization and we use a internal website that is hosted within our network that runs a Gitea Server so that we are able to access important documents without having to rely on a third-party service.

I have already setup a DNS server using MaraDNS that routes to the proper IP address. We also run additional applications on this server (such as an internal REST API) but have been cur ...

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Dns for internal network setup
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Primary network IP addresses ppp.ppp.ppp.0-255. Primary has its own name resolution. Manufacturing network IP addresses I have a block of IP addresses with which to work with on my Manufacturing network - 255. I am not the primary network admin here. For some reason unknown to me the standard network cannot handle (or won't be set up) DNS for local name lookup for client ...

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How I can configure my local machine to use a docker hosted dns server alonsside with ant other dns settings for specific domains?
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I have the following docker-compose.yml used as php web app local solution:

version: "3.1"

    image: nginx:1.13
      - "./configuration/nginx.conf:/etc/nginx/nginx.conf:ro"
      - "./configuration/etable-local.key:/etc/nginx/etable-local.key:ro"
      - "./configuration/etable-local.crt:/etc/nginx/etable-local.crt:ro"
      - "website:/var/www/html/website"
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How to make a domain name resolve to the same IP address as another domain name?
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I have a AWS ELB to the gateway of an internal service.

I have some other host names that I need to be resolved to the same address as the ELB DNS name.

In my current set up, I'm using /etc/hosts to manually point the names to the IP address of the ELB.

But the IP of the ELB changes once in a while and I'll have to update /etc/hosts again and again.

Is it possible to just tell my operating system to ...

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PowerDNS Auth and Recursor - Bug with one domain?
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I have a problem with one of my domains on my private DNS. I have two servers.

Server 1 with dnsdist. It directs to port 54 to server 2

Server 2 with powerdns (port 53) and powerdns-recursor (port 54)

My configuration is working fine.






default-soa-content=ns1.example.eu1. 0 10800 3600 604800 3600
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How to test DNS change on Mac before go live?
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I need to test DNS changes before updating real DNS I need to set up A records and CNAME

Any Mac software that let me do it and possibly easily switch ON / OFF?

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Router with vpn client do not forward dns requests to the connected devices
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I have a problem with my router forwarding dns requests to it's clients.

My setup is as follows. I have an ISP provider configured on my router and a vpn client connected. In the vpn's network there is a local dns server that has some of our internal records. My computer is connected to the router and I'm in its local network. I'm able to ping by IP address, but hen I try to ping with the domain name ...

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Get all hostnames in local DNS for current Windows server
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I've deployed BGInfo from SysInternals to all of our servers, both physical and virtual. However, a few of our servers have multiple hostnames to support "backward compatibility" with some of our legacy software systems after a server was replaced or its functions were merged with another server. In some cases, this may include several "alternate" hostnames that go back several years.


Alterna ...

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NFS not allowing hosts specified in config to mount share
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I am having an issue where NFS is refusing to allow hosts that are specified in the config file to mount the share.

I am running an NFS server on Debian 10, BTRFS filesystem.

my /etc/exports reads:

/share,sync,no_subtree_check) *.domain.lan(rw,sync,no_subtree_check)

I am trying to mount from host.domain.lan, but when I try to mount the share I get the following:

mount.nfs: ac ...
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How can I force Active Directory integrated DNS to only return SRV records for specific domain controllers based on the subnet of the client?
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I have a set of several offices joined using various combinations of IPsec VPNs and an MPLS network. The majority of sites form a mesh arrangement using the VPNs, but site B only has a single IPsec VPN to site A - site B cannot reach any of the other sites (sites C, and D).

Sites A, C, and D all share an Active Directory domain, say "". Domain controllers for are located  ...

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DNS Times out for non-local connections
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I am setting up an email server, nextcloud files server and DNS server on a machine running Ubuntu 20.04. I've used iRedmail for email and it seems to be working correctly. I need to setup the DNS service so that machines on the same network can access correctly the server.

For the DNS configuration I am using BIND9. Below is my named.conf.options

    options {        directory "/var/cache/bind";
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SBS 2011 DNS server doesn't resolve forward lookup zones
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I recently started a new job and inherited an antique in an SBS2011 server (yes, I know all the security risks and have raised this at EVERY management meeting). I have an issue with the DNS not resolving forward lookup zones.

The domain hosting emails use split DNS; the SBS should resolve this to the internal IP address, but not from any clients. The strange part is that from the SBS itself, the ...

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PowerDNS: spoof NXDOMAIN response from "forward-zones" server and forward it
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I faced an issue trying to setup PowerDNS for my local network. I have a domain managed by Cloudflare.

For instance I have A record on Cloudflare like pointing to but my local clients should resolve to and it's not a problem by using forward-zones=""; in recursor config, but I have another record like mail.example ...

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named/bind is refusing to serve some domains after resolving them itself
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Why is bind refusing some of my queries? This only happens for certain domains.

A query through named fails:

$ dig -t A @
;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: SERVFAIL, id: 33117

$ journalctl -n10
Aug 01 17:07:11 named[10807]: resolver priming query complete
Aug 01 17:09:57 named[10807]: timed out resolving 'fedora ...
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How do I create DNS entries for private addresses on AWS?
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To do any ops work on our servers, we first need to ssh into a DMZ server with a public IP, before ssh-ing on to the app servers, with ips such as I would rather have memorable hostnames, to do something like ssh app.staging, but I am unsure how this works on AWS. I have only setup DNS for globally accessible ips with my registrar, and since the AWS private subnet is for a private range ...

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Web server, firewall and active directory: internal network connection error "DNS rebinding attack"
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I have a problem with a web server (WS) (apache on ubuntu 20.04 server), Fortinet Firewall (FF) and windows Active Directory (AD). My ISP recently upgraded my Internet connection and changed some configuration (static IP addresses and subnet). Before the upgrade, there was no problem. In particular, the AD was behind FF while the WS was external to it (machines from local networks and from external netw ...

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Windows 10 / Chrome: HTTP browser request to IP address differs from same request to hostname
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Agaoin, this is on Windows 10. I'm bringing in a new Ubuntu test web server ( to our internal network, which is all in the domain. There's a DNS server on another machine that handles all DNS lookups.

PC configuration for DNS is:

DNS configuration

When I ping the web server by name, I get

DNS resolution

I have rebooted within the last five minutes.

Now, at a Chrome or Firefox or  ...

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Balancing with MX records - How does this work?
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enter image description hereplease can you help me with this, I have this scenario to balance email traffic, currently, most of the emails are going towards and and some fewer towards and, the first thing I would like to know is why, honestly Ive not had this case before and I dont know why I have 4 MX records.

MX records for tes ...

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Internal Access to Published Services: Direct vs Bouncing Off Firewall
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We have, as is common, two DNS infrastructures, one for internal resolution and another, non-forwarding, authoritative server for our public domains.

This question is about the comparative merits of two different approaches for our internal hosts to access our public services:

  • Some services have been set up so that internal hosts are given an internal address for the service (ie. a direct route to the s ...
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dnsmasq: How to set alias domain / multiple DNS suffixes for local hostname resolution?
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Is it possible to set multiple search domains via dnsmasq/DHCP? Due to some migration, I need multiple clients to be able to:

ping server.old-domain
# both should work, .old-domain being an alias for .new-domain

I have tried the following: