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IP - Internet Protocol, the most commonly-used set of rules for dispatching data across a large computer network.
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How to set up 20 IP's from 2 different Subnets / 2 Gateways on 1 Interface? - Debian 10
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I'm trying to figure out a way to get my networking.service to work properly, so networking service restarts work.

How do I setup those 20 IP'S with 2 different Gateways but only 1 NIC? With 2 NIC's I wouldn't have any problem, but is that possible on 1 NIC?

This is what I get when I try to restart it by using systemctl restart networking.service:

Feb 06 22:37:40 v4033 ifup[1276]: ifup: failed to brin ...
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What is the IPv6 equivalent of
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The IPv4 address is for the local/current client. What is the opposite of the address in IPv6? I already searched for it, but only found ::1. Is this the correct one?

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Multi-host VM's with libvirt, ideally with static IP's
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From my reading of the libvirt documentation and the examples here libvirt uses a Linux bridge to provide routing between VM's on the same host. It also starts a dnsmasq process attached to the bridge which supplies DHCP addresses to the VMs. I'm wondering if there anyone could point me to good articles or example on routing between VM's across hosts ideally without having to split an IP range across  ...

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Forward some connections on specific interfaces - ubuntu 20.04
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i need to find a way to redirect the traffic on the interfaces depending on the url you need to connect to. I'll explain: I have two network interfaces, one that must be used as default (like a normal network interface, as if there was only that one) and another that should only be used if I connect to certain ip or sites (for example, if I I connect to or to I want you to  ...

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what ipv4 packets normally carry IP options
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What packets normally carry IP options? Is it packets with some routing information, e.g. ospf or bgp, or it could be any arbitrary packet, and thus the presence of IP options is determined by an application?

For example ping -T ... will generate an ICMP packet with Timestamp option, so I'm assuming that IP options are driven by applications, but I could be wrong.

I've read page 14 of https://datatra ...

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one ip resolving 2 websites - Ubuntu 20.04 configuation to allow specific domain
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So, I recently setup digital ocean droplet with Ubuntu 20.04 with nginx web server. I one website default say usinh nginx settings and then the IP of digital ocean as a record in domain dns panel.

So the is working fine, but unknowing I put the same IP in another domain say and now both and are opening the same website.

So, the question a ...

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Unusual traffic Issue in AWS
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I've observed some unusual traffic from an IP address from Nov 9 through Dec 10 in our application logs. We're not seeing the ip address associated with any of our instances currently. This IP was making requests that increased usage data for a client of ours. We'd like to be able to state correctly that it was a bot, and not some testing tool malfunctioning on our side. Doing a quick review of CloudTra ...

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Set two IP addresses for parallel data transfers
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I need to transfer massive amounts of data to my server from different client systems around the world as fast as possible. My organisation has two redundant lines from different service providers (150 Mbps + 150 Mbps) which are not used at night. They are mapped to different public IP addresses. I have been given permission to use both lines in parallel to get the maximum possible throughput.

Ho ...

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Introduction problems with some server log file
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I have that problem, that my server is flooded with some kind of requests as you see it here:

26/Jan/2022 "Gh0st\xad" "-"
26/Jan/2022 "GET 400
26/Jan/2022 "GET 301
26/Jan/2022 "GET 200
26/Jan/2022 "HEAD 200
26/Jan/2022 "GET 301
26/Jan/2022 "GET 404
26/Jan/2022 "POST 301
26/Jan/2022 151.236 ...
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How to mask last 2 parts of an IP?
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This maybe a dumb question but I want to block all IPs in my firewall starting with 149.129.xx.xx. I'm not able to figure out what to enter in my firewall setting. The field asks me for IP/Netmask and by default sets it to /32.

So If I enter, it makes it I know how to mask the last part of the IP using but I can't understand how it works. What would be the e ...

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Why are two IP addresses within the same subnet unable to ping each other?
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I was setting up ip addresses between two devices and I noticed something odd. I feel like I am missing an important fundamental here:

Device A:
Device B:

if I set up the IP like this, then A and B cannot ping each other

However, if I do
Device A:
Device B:
Device A:
Device B:

Then A and B can ping each other just fine. ...

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nginx does not work for my public IP
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I just installed nginx on my linux machine. I haven't even changed any of the default configurations yet I get no response when trying to call the server from my own public IP address. It works when calling localhost / private machine IP. The default file from /sites-available:

server {
    listen *:80 default_server;
    listen [::]:80 default_server;

    root /var/www/html;

    index index.html ...
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How to save network settings in debian?
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For example i used next commands:

ip address add IP dev interface

IP route add default via IP dev interface

and if I reboot Debian then the settings are just reset. I used command iptables-save, it didn't work, it could not save it.

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Using DHCP reservations instead of static IP address configuration for servers
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I was wondering if it is better to use DHCP reservations for servers and computers that must have static IP address, excluding DHCP servers themselves, Domain Controllers, and DNS servers of course, by setting DHCP scopes for servers and setting for them extremely long DHCP leases?

The obvious benefit of using DHCP with IP address reservations instead of local static IP address configuration is that ...

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Incoming IP addresses still processed even if all ports closed?
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Does a computer process IP addresses of incoming connections even if all of its ports are closed?

To be precise:
(1) computer = primarily operating system of server or router, possibly raw hardware circuits
(2) process = absolutely any/every possible kind of processing at all, the actual processing of the IP address

For example, is it necessary for a computer to process the IP address of the incoming con ...

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How to find out DNS Server IP of other ISPs
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I am currently building a tool that needs the response from multiple different DNS Servers. The programming part is all done but I am currently lacking the IP Addresses of major ISP DNS Servers. All I can find are, what I assume, old ones that don't work anymore. When entering my local DNS Server or Public DNS Servers (Google, Cloudflare, etc.) I get the expected result. So my question is, is there a li ...

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Force new process to use the specific network interface (using netns/network namespaces)
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I have a number of interfaces available on Ubuntu 20.04 machine. Among others enx0c5b8f279a64 and usb0 with the later being used as the default one. I want to make sure that a particular process started in terminal will use only one of these interfaces (say enx0c5b8f279a64 even if the other interface is default). If this process is started and the selected enx0c5b8f279a64 inteface is down, it sh ...

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Routing two debian virtual machines on one network
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I have two debian virtual machines on two different physical servers with 2 interfaces on each virtual machines. One port of each vm is connected to each other on a network with CIDR of /21. and there is one sip trunk network connected to 1st vm through a physical cable on interface ens224 (since int ens192 is connected with vm2).

The network of sip has an ip with cidr of /30 ( which gives us 2 i ...

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Google Workspace / primary domain & domain alias
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I have scoured the web for answers for days, and I mean days! I also can not get a safe and sound definitive answer from Google support.

Q - If I was using a second domain in my workspace for email outreach, and set it as an alias domain to avoid lots of extra seat costs (duplicates users to new domain and then users can use one inbox/login).

Can this effect my main domains reputation in any way?

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Debian: Find unknown process pinging ip on old subnet after subnet change
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I changed my network subnet from to, but some rogue process is trying to hit port 9100 on

I have tried sudo lsof -n | grep TCP | grep 9100 with no luck.
I have also tried sudo netstat -nlpt | grep without luck.
My conclusion is that this isn't working because of the fact that the connection is not being established.

Besides waitig for a complete search  ...

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What would initiate MariaDB to start to resolve IP addresses?
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In my Windows Logs > Application I see these Warnings

IP address '' could not be resolved: No such host is known.

The IP is unknown to me. These Warnings get logged as:

Log Name: Application
Source: MariaDB
Event ID: 100
Level: Warning

- <Event xmlns="">
  - <System>
      <Provider Name="MariaDB" /> 
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Network layer communication with multiple hosts with the same IP but different MAC addresses
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Due to an unfortunate (mis-)configuration issue I am having ~100 hosts of which the IPv6/IPv4 (even the IPv6 link-local) addresses are all the same and which for the moment I cannot change. However, all hosts have unique and known MAC addresses and are in the same broadcast domain. Is it possible to communicate with the hosts individually and simultaneously on the IP-level by crafting the corresponding  ...

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How to calculate a working "AllowedIPs" for Wireguard on Android?
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I am using Android to connect to my WireGuard server through the public IP address of the host network. The LAN is using addresses I would like the client to connect through the VPN only to addresses with in the LAN and directly access the others. The config is as follows:

PrivateKey = xxx=
Address =

PublicKey = xxx=
AllowedIPs = 192.168 ...
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How can I set a specific IP range for NFS exports file?
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For example, I want to set an allowed IP range from to

Would it require me to input all the IP addresses on that one line? Or is there an easier way to set this specific range?

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How do I get my coworkers to try out my wiki (DokuWiki) with its provided apache server?
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I'm restarting an attempt to make a case for a Wiki at my workplace. Our IT is very difficult to work with and unfortunately, it looks like we will have to do this somehow without installation or admin permissions until the test case is a success. Thankfully DokuWiki has a simple version ( with a provided stripped down apache webserver that still allow ...

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Is it normal NGINX http upstream check status to be public?
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I am newbie in pentest. I pentest a website, where I found a service "NGINX http upstream check status" in public, with private IPs and ports linked to internal servers. I am wondering if it's normal to be accessible for everyone in public and if it's not normal, what kind of vulnerability is it? Thanks.

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Some packets are not being routed through the local network when using nordvpn
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My local network has two relevant subnets: and These are defined via my router.

There's a local server running at The server runs a Home Assistant Supervisor (which is run through Docker).

The local server must be able to connect to various hosts on the subnet.

This works correctly under normal conditions, but breaks down when I introduce  ...

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When using Cloud Platform, is it good to have separate load balancing for HTTP and socket-based connections or share the same IP address?
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For the sake of simple discussion, one can assume the "Cloud Platform" I talk about refer to Google Cloud or Amazon WS.

Currently I have a web server that mainly handles HTTP requests. However there will be real-time features (for example a live chat or video streaming) as well and those features are handled via socket-based connections in another server.

To clarify, actually the case is a bit more  ...

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Configuration of enp0s3, enp0s8 interfaces on Centos
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I'm looking forward for assistance to configure interface enp0s3 which shall be used for client connection.

As well as enp0s8 interface which one is dedicated for administration purposes.

Currently those interfaces are configured:

# cat ifcfg-enp0s3

IPV6_FAI ...
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Deny direct IP access to an application deployed in Kubernetes
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I have a NodeJS application with express.js as a backend framework deployed on cloud using Kubernetes. The K8s runs on top of an Ubuntu template. The application deployed in Kubernetes is of service type NodePort. This means the app uses the external IP address of the K8s nodes. In my case, it's currently using an external IP address of one of the master nodes.

I then assigned a DNS hostname for the appl ...