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Juniper Networks is a networking technology company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. They design and manufacture core and edge routers, as well as switches and security devices, most of which run their custom operating system JunOS.
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Juniper SRX 300 REST-api user verification fails
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I'm trying to enable REST-api for my Juniper SRX 300 device and I'm going nuts. The main crux of the problem is that whenever I try to make a call to an RPC URL I'm being told that the request is unauthorized and it failed to open session to execute RPC. I have not found anything in the documentation that would indicate that a user would require any special privileges and thus assumed that a supe ...

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ScreenOS SSG-320M Source Interface Based Routing
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quick question. Couldn't figure this out with even the ScreenOS Bible.

Juniper SSG-320M Firewall, Just added an 8port PIM Module(ETH1/0 to 1/7): ETH0/0(Trust) ETH0/2(UnTrust)

Just added the 8 port PIM Ethernet card, assigned it to Trust Zone but can't figure out how to route traffic coming ETH1/0 thru ETH1/7 over to the rest of the subnet.

It would be perfect  ...

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Increasing MTU size
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Why would increasing the VLAN MTU size cause things to break?

We have a customer who wants 2000 byte packets for some reason, so I increased all the physical links to 9216, which didn't cause any problems, but it didn't actually allow the 2000 byte packets because you also have to increase the mtu on the vlans involved. On one of the intermediate routers (a Juniper EX4200), I increased the vlan  ...

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how to enable intervlan between juniper core switch and Cisco catalyst 1000
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i have a juniper 4600 core with 2300 Access switches in my VLAN, one of the 2300 failed and replaced with cisco 2300 in one VLAN, DHCP is assigning IP to clients and internet is working fine, the printer are not able to connect and i also can not manage the CISCO 1000 switches using management or VLAN IP. Any idea is appreciated

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vlan routing redirected by remote change?
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We are replacing a Juniper EX4200 stack with a new EX3400 stack. During the migration, we setup a bridge link between the two so that things that hadn't migrated yet could talk to things that had. This worked well until we got down to the last connection, shown in the attached image. When the red connection is in place, connectivity between client-router-1 and client-router-2 works fine. When the co ...

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How to identify whether device is primary or secondary while implementing configuration on Juniper JUNOS devices
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I want to identify whether device is primary or secondary while implementing configuration on Juniper JUNOS devices through ansible.

If device is primary then i can commit active configuration to device or else i need to skip configuration if the device is secondary.

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How to force 1G speed for Juniper QFX5100 10G ports?
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I have available a Juniper QFX5100-48S switch (48 SFP 10G ports, 6 QSFP ports) that I cannot join into our network since an SFP DAC 10G cable connecting it to an SFP port on a HP V1810-48G switch does not work (the web panel on the HP switch says that on the connected port the link is down). The very same cable successfully negotiates a connection between the HP switch and a server with a 10G Ethernet p ...

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Freeradius doesn't start when CoS user attributes are configured
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I have a problem with a POC, I tried use Freeradius for authentication purpose and assign attributes for users of a broadband network (PPPoE). When I configure the user with this parameters I can connect the PPPoE client in the network and the Freeradius start without problems:     Cleartext-Password := "Passwd123"
                  ERX-Virtual-Router-Name = "test",
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Juniper EX4200-48t LACP on 10GB module not working
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I'm new to Juniper products and I bough two older EX4200-48t. I setup virtual chassis and add a few LAGs with LACP. All LAGs on copper connections works fine but on the 10GB module not. The module is part number 740-021309 (10GBASE-LR 10km 1310nm 70C). ae11 is an LAG with LACP and two 1G copper uplinks and ae48 is the LAG with the two SPF+ modules. Both LAGs are connected to the provider switch. I don't ...

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Juniper EX4200 Stack with PFSense DHCP (Discover/Offer Loop)
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I'm currently struggling with my Juniper Switch Stack.

Topology is like this Topology

The Client Ports on the Stack are configured as tagged-access with dot1x (multiple supplicant) and they switch according to the Radius authentication. This works without a problem and VLANs get correctly assigned.

The 2 PFSense firewalls do provide one DHCP instance for every VLAN in failover configuration with an C ...