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Latency is the time period between a signal being sent and a signal being received
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Test latency from NFS to a NFS-client
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My team opted for a self build NFS server (using an EC2 instance to serve the other instances), instead of using AWS EFS. We would like to test the latency that our NFS has, then to compare it versus the EFS.

Is there a way/tool to test latency of these NFS servers?

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Will using a private VPC for a MongoDB EC2 reduce latency?
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I'm currently using Lambda functions to access an EC2 instance in the same region as the Lambda functions (us-east-1). The EC2 instance is currently accessed via a public domain (e.g, mongodb:// with SSL enabled. Any database requests must therefore traverse the public internet.

I'm wondering how much I can expect to reduce latency by putting my Lambdas and the  ...

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How to locate a server geographically from URL
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In order to minimize latency for HTTP GET/POST requests, I want to setup a linux box near the server.

Suppose for example the server is

I've tried with traceroute and whois. i.e. running traceroute in theory returns the ip of each hop, and I should be able to whois on the latter hops.

But in practice traceroute returns line after line of hidden IPs before quitting:

> tracerou ...
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How is ping so low, lower than theoretical limit?
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According to this article, we would expect a ping of at least 60 milliseconds for 10,000km of distance:

enter image description here

Ireland is roughly 10,000km away from California, so this is the ping we would expect.

I am pinging from Ireland, which is located somewhere in California.

How is my ping so low - 4 milliseconds?

I am using the ping command in Command Prompt to test this:

enter image description here

And it's definitely not jus ...

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Mirroring Traffic with Nginx(to increase avaliablity and decrease latency )
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I need to duplicate/mirror the traffic comming to my server.

I mean, I have N backend servers A1 A2 ... An(n>=2) and a nginx as reverse-proxy&load-balancer.

All the traffic comming to Nginx redirect to both Ax and Ay(x!=y) in parallel, if one of the server is down(timeout or 5xx), then the other server's response can be used immediately and return the result to the client.

By mirroring the traffic( ...

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Which AWS EC2 region is the best for hosting a global site?
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I'm looking for a suggestion to choose a region for a global site(Not targetted for any specific country/region). At the moment I'm looking for a simpler solution without having multiple replicas in different regions. So I'm wondering if anybody knows which AWS region is best in terms of latency all across the world? I'm also open to suggestions for tools like

Thank you

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How to minimize ecs autoscaling reaction time from terraform?
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When you create an ECS autoscaling policy, two alarms tag along with it: one for scaling up ("out"), one for scaling down ("in").

The scale-out ones I see created appear to sample CPU utilization (or the metric of interest) every minute, and only trigger automatic scaling when three consecutive data points have breached the threshold.

This means that if I see a traffic spike, three minutes will pass ...

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finding which tier 1 or isp to connect to to reduce latency
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I am looking to connect to 4 location p,q,r,s. I a ntrying to find the set of locations where I should connect to (isp or pop) to minimize latency . Is it lower latency to connect to a tier 1 network which would connect to 4 ip p,p,r,s ? Is there a lower latency path to connect p,q,r,s through a tier 2 network ? how do I find this?