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A probably off-topic question relating to the terms and conditions under which a piece of software is permitted to be used by those others. Per the FAQ, licensing questions are generally off topic on SeverFault.
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Sql Server Standard 2019 Core Licensing
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*Sorry, found other licensing questions on the site so naturally assumed these were ok here... The suggested post did not answer the question I specifically asked

Please remove the post if I've violated some rule and I will seek an answer elsewhere.*

I know the "rules" say I have to buy a core license for Sql Server 2019 for each core in the machine, in our case 10 cores/20 threads. I would need 5  ...

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RDS Licensing multiple servers
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I'm not seeing this specific example answered so I'll put it here.

If I have 2 RDS VMs running in 1 location and I have user CALs but users will likely be connecting to both machines at the same time, will I need 2 licenses for each user?

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How can I reimage a machine with an activated copy of Windows and keep the activation?
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This is an area I don't know a ton about. I have some devices that currently have Windows 10 installed with volume licenses activated by the OEM before we received them. Now we have a situation where we need to reimage them.

Problem is, these devices are air-gapped and never meant to connect to an external network.

My understanding is that OEM licensing is tied to UEFI. Is there any way to ensure th ...

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Remote Desktop CAL - Why do I get 1000 licenses when I only bought 2 CALs?
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We bought 2 CALs from Microsoft and I installed them (probably) successfully (see screenshot below).

Screenshot Licensing Manager

Most things work as expected:

  1. I installed the 2 CALs as "per user" which shows up in the Licensing Manager
  2. For test purposes I connected with 5 different users --> 5 Licenses were issued

What I don't understand/ask myself:

  1. I installed 2 CALs but got 1000 licenses. I had expected to only get 2  ...