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LAN, short for Local Area Network, is a network that connects multiple devices in a limited geographical area, such as a room, an apartment or a building. Currently, most LANs are based on Wi-Fi or Ethernet transmission.
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BIND9 server for a network with no internet access
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The question I have is the same as this one, but the accepted answer, and the comments did not helped me solve my issue. I'll put here the whole setup that I have.

BIND9 version - BIND 9.11.5-P4-5.1+deb10u6-Debian (Extended Support Version),

OS - Debian Buster (10.11)


// This is the primary configuration file for the BIND DNS server named.
// Please read /usr/share/doc/bind9/README. ...
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How to route lan trafic over VPN
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I have two computers connected to same VPN (hamachi) network. There are in different places. Lets say I have this addresses:

Machine A: (rpi zero - using wifi)

    inet  netmask

    inet  netmask 

Machine B (laptop - using wifi):

    inet  netmask

    inet  netmask

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Pfsense : using the server to resolve hostnames as ip in local vlans
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I made a network with 3 machines, one is a pfsense server that manage a captive portal, a dns, dhcp server and firewall rules, it is in a trunk network. The second pc is a server hosting some services and a virtual machine hosting a website it is in a vlan2. the last one is a client computer that want to access internet, the service server and the website server it is located in vlan1. all is done on a  ...

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Impossible to reach website from my local network
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My company website is hosted on Simply Transit, running WP.

It works perfectly from anywhere outside my company LAN. Inside the LAN, trying to connect to would result an


Inside the LAN I can tracert the site and it resolves correctly. Using a web proxy I can access the site.

I tried to flush dns and disabling firewall on LM, disabling the most 'suspected' WP plugi ...

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Connect 2 LANS together
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I am a complete beginner in networking. My set up includes a 2960 cisco switch, and 2 TL-MR3420 routers. RouterA is configured with network. RouterB uses network. My switch is a layer 2 switch. However, through lanbase *protocol?, it supports IP routing. I have VlanA which is configured with an IP Addr of .1.100, from RouterA. VlanB accesses RouterB has an IP Addr of .2.200 ...

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Best Thin Client Setup
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I'm new here and I'm looking for information for a personal question I have since the beginning of the year.

This year I had my first contact with a workspace that uses thin clients, but it's all in the cloud with no local resources. I was wondering if at some point they were without internet what would they do? Since then I have been imagining and I did some research that were not very well answ ...

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Raspberry Pi as internet forwarder
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I thought about building a device that will behave as a forwarder with VPN. I know that I can e.g. take the internet cable, connect it to rpi, turn on vpn and create wifi hotspot. But I wanted it to be more private device and I can't find any information if it's even possible. So I thought about connecting internet cable to rpi, turning on vpn and then connecting second internet cable to another etherne ...

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Apache web page on local network accessible from iPhone and another computer on same network. Why can't I reach it from a third?
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I have looked at the Similar Questions and searched on the web. Most answers are for very specific instances of Rails, or using Eclipse, or trying to access from outside the local network to a server on the local network or often there is no answer.

I am running a simple webpage 'index.html' on a mac mini with a fixed ip on my local area network of The webpage can be accessed from out ...

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Setting up dnsmasq as a DNS and DHCP server on a LAN
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My routers:

Main Router:

Second Router:

The Main Router is provided by my ISP(a modem/router combo all in one). I don't have control over its settings. Except for changing the WIFI password and SSID.

On the Second Router, I have control over its DNS settings.

My Second Router's WAN port is connected to a LAN port on the Main router. I have a Debian Server with dnsmasq

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UFW: block outgoing to LAN
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In order to protect my local network from an attack on an self hosted server (although it's probably unnecessary), I would like to block all outgoing traffic to the LAN.

At first this seems easy, as blocking the private IP ranges should do the trick, but my ISP provides my router with a public IPv6 prefix as well. Every device in the network gets an IP from that public range (for port forwarding) ...

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open-ssh server doesn't allow multiple logins on a LAN when connecting to public IP
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I have an open-ssh server setup on Linux Mint with ssh keys and a ~/.ssh/config file on my Mac where I do most of my workflow.

If I am at home on a LAN with the server and run ssh my_username@my_public_IP it works the first time, but hangs the second time.

However, the same command when not on the LAN works as expected, allowing me to make multiple ssh connections simultaneously.

Why does this happe ...

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Fritz!Box & Ubuntu: Expose URL in LAN with Apache Httpd and Bind
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I hope someone can help me with this - I thought - simple task.


On my private LAN I run an Internet-Router ("Fritz!Box") and a Raspberry Pi with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on it. I developed a little Spring Boot Web-App for private purposes that I only want to use in my LAN (or maybe reach via VPN from the outside). The native URL of the Web-App is "http://ubuntu:8080", because my Raspberry is called  ...

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How to test VPN connection inside LAN?
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I'm going to setup several machines for remote development and debugging. The final scenario will be:

[SERVER] at my office
   |----> VPN server
   |----> Router at customer's place
              |----> Device 1
              |----> Device 2
              |----> ...
              |----> [CLIENT] my target machine (VPN client)

My goal is to connect t ...

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Wireguard network peers access to lan
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I hope you can help me with my problem. I am building a network for personal use and I found some issues, I don't have experience in networks. I will explain using the attached image:

Network Infrastructure Diagram

Problem: I cannot reach devices on a local network using Wireguard and a Raspberry-based VPN router, that includes services within the local network (cameras, personal web server, database ...

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IMAP Email issue - Users having to manually send/receive - How to troubleshoot?
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I am after a bit of help/guidance with regard to an IMAP email issue I am having. The email is hosted by a ISP and we have around 25 mailboxes all using Microsoft Outlook 2016/19 clients with IMAP accounts (mailboxes are all smaller than 5Gb).

They have been working fine until a few weeks back when users started complaining that email wasn't arriving in their mailbox in a timely manor. It appea ...

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How can I create virtual machine accessible on local network through web browser?
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I would like to create vm (graphical and not graphical) on an existing ubuntu laptop, and I would like to access this VM through the local network (web browser for example)

This is something like proxmox, but proxmox is an OS, and I don't want to install a new OS (I would like this on the same pc that runs my ubuntu), I would prefer like a proxmox .deb package but it doesn't exist. Or may be conve ...

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How should I configure properly my LAN to use IPv6 for communication on LAN and WAN?
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I would like to use IPv6 on my LAN and would like to be able to go out to the WAN as well. My network is a classic IPv4 environment. It works well.

My ISP provides Global Unicast IPv6 address on the WAN interface of my router (pfsense 2.5.2). I can ping google's IPv6 address from my router:

PING6(56=40+8+8 bytes) <my-global-unicast-iv6-address> --> 2a00:1450:400d:806::200e
16 bytes from 2a00:1 ...
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Connecting two VMs running in KVM
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Short: Get two VM's to talk to each other running on same hypervisor.

I have two VMs running under KVM and I am trying to manage them via Cockpit.

The hypervisor, and the vm's are running Ubuntu 20.04.

VM's are configured using br0 ( which points to enp2s0.

They get their own local lan IPs such as:

These can been seen and pinged on the local lan. They howev ...

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Disable LAN Access without disabling WAN on a Hyper V VM
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I have a Hyper V virtual machine running on windows server 2019 that will be used to run a guest OS (Windows 10). How do I allow access to the internet, but block it from accessing LAN, network shared folders, printers, etc.

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What is this private LAN address accessible through my ISP?
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Recently some websites I regularly visit (most recently,; both of these sites return an issue with a fortinet-ca2 certificate) have started showing certificate issues on my computer. I thought this is some mix-up so I decided to ignore the certificate warning issued by my browser.

When I did that, a different address showed up in the address bar of my browser, also sho ...