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Bad performance on multiple loop devices used as file containers
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Currently, I'm managing a back-up service for multiple remote servers. Backups are written trough rsync, every back-up has it's own filecontainer mounted as a loop device. The main back-up partition is an 8T xfs formatted and the loop devices are between 100G and 600G, either ext2 or ext4 formatted. So, this is the Matryoshka-like solution simplified:

df -Th
> /dev/vdb1    xfs   8,0T   /mnt/back ...
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losetup mounts disk image as one device. How to loopback the partitions seperately?
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I have a disk image with 2 partitions. When I do #losetup -f <file> only /dev/loop0 appears. How do I make /dev/loop0p0 and /dev/loop0p1 appear? Using #parted /dev/loop0 it does show the 2 partitions are present. I need the 2 partitions present as seperate devices to chroot into the main partition and set up grub on the esp partition.

# sudo losetup -f disk.img 


$ lsblk
NAME   MAJ:MIN RM    ...