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The Macintosh or Mac is a series of several lines of personal computers designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc.
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Activation of Office for MAC offline
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I have a problem activating Office for Mac on an offline laptop. When I use the installer for Office for MAC it asks for a email address to activate Office but of course I don't have internet so I can't do that. I do however have the activation code for Office so I'm wondering if it's possible to get an installer that doesn't need an email to activate?

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netstat reports UDP ports with no owning process
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When I run netstat -avp udp I get a slowly growing number of ports. It grows about 100 an hour but the rate varies considerably.

When I close the process, the ports do not disappear from the list. Similarly when I kill the process. Restarting the machine obviously resets the list but it just grows again. I have multiple machines showing the same symptom.

The majority of the ports listed are assoc ...

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Changing AD creds from Mac or Linux
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I work for a firm that uses primarily AD for most of their authentication. This includes a VPN and Email. The firm provides Windows laptops for employees, I am one of their Linux developers and opted out of getting a Windows laptop. I use a Mac and Develop on Linux. The Linux severs I touch I have full access to them are in the same network as the AD servers, but are not tied into AD. They use a di ...

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Changing LDAP usernames without reprovisioning user
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I'm working with my IT department and I want to verify with a community of problem solvers that this is the best way to deal with our problem.

We use LDAP and our users LDAP identifiers are their names - this is also their login for their machine. When a user needs to change their name, our current process is to create a new user, image a new computer, send them the computer (COVID) and disable t ...

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My Mac's password refuses to change
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I work for a large corporation, and I work on a Macbook Pro. The company has a fancy arrangement where the password I use to connect to the VPN is "synched" to the password I use to log on to my laptop.

My Mac password refuses to "synch" to the VPN password. I have set it several times by going to Preferences -> Users -> Change Password, but it won't actually change. If I lock my screen  ...

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Secure connection to web-/mailserver fails under MacOS/iOS
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I am desperate: I moved two domains from one server to another which was running smooth. I secured both domains (web & mail) with Letsencrypt certificates. Now the owner of these domains complained about a not working mailserver. But this could not be, because other domains could send and receive e-mails. While troubleshooting, I noticed that no web pages could be retrieved from my server on macOS o ...

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Register Mac to Azure AD without enrolling in Intune
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I am looking to find out if Mac devices can be registered (not joined) to Azure AD. I've tried to research on both Google and this site, but all information I was able to find pertained to joining Azure AD and/or enrolling the device in Intune. Note that we don't need the users to be able to sign into the device with Azure AD credentials. We just need the device to show up registered in Azure AD. ...

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Group emails not working on Mac OSX server 10.13
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I have troubles with groups not to send mails to group members. Usually one or two emails come through, then others just disappear. Here are two SMTP logs for successful and unsuccessful deliveries:


2021-09-29 19:54:24.692027+0300 0x7789a Activity 0x5806d0 58037 smtp: (libsystem_info.dylib) Retrieve User by Name
2021-09-29 19:54:24.692895+0300 0x7789a Activity 0x5806d1 ...

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Entering the password for openssl in command line leads to crash
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I'm not sure if this is related to .OhMyZsh installation. Why is my password entry not accepted?

➜  Documents openssl rsa -in my_private.pem -noout -text
Enter pass phrase for my_private.pem:
User interface error
4314234176:error:2807106B:UI routines:UI_process:processing error:crypto/ui/ui_lib.c:545:while reading strings
unable to load Private Key
4314234176:error:06065064:digital envelope rout ...
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Mac OsX (Vagrant 2.2.18) DNS lookup 5s latency
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On a regular VM - Vagrant Box (LAMP) on Mac OS, while making a trivial call, there is a 5 Seconds DNS Lookup delay. Is there any reason for it or solution?

Already installed BerlinVagrant/vagrant-dns and added the --natdnshostresolver1 --natdnsproxy1 on settings. The Responses are quicker while calling within 3 seconds. If longer time between, there is a fix 5s timeout.


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Cannot connect local peer to local peer over Wireguard
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I have online server with IP and two local computers on different locations. computer A and computer B.

I have followed instructions how to setup Wireguard here:

But computer A cannot ping or connect to computer B.

I think I think I need but do not know how to setup on online server to do that communication beetween local pee ...

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What GUI file explorers exist (Mac or Windows) to browse folders with wildcards?
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I use a synology NAS, and have snapshots enabled. This creates a bunch of timestamped copies of folders in a #snapshots directory for each share. For instance, if I have the folder homes/alex/my/folder/structure/ (where "homes" is a default share in DSM), I also have the folders homes/#snapshots/<timestamp1, timestamp2, timestamp3, etc>/alex/my/folder/structure/ containing snapshots of the

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Can't SSH into my server from my Mac Terminal and rsync over SSH is suddenly broken too
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all of a sudden I can't login to my server from my Mac Terminal. On my Linux machine normal ssh login still works, except rsync over ssh also gets stuck.

This is what happenes when I try to connect from my Mac:

ssh -v user@xx.xx.xx.xx
OpenSSH_7.8p1, LibreSSL 2.6.2
debug1: Reading configuration data /etc/ssh/ssh_config
debug1: /etc/ssh/ssh_config line 48: Applying options for *
debug1: Connecting to xx ...
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Has anyone cloned an HDD for a Macintosh IIvx?
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Where I work as a sysadmin, we have an old Macintosh IIvx that is the only one left in the world with an obscure program on it that will cost the company a ton of money if they can't use it. Well, the dreaded day has come.

Yesterday, it wasn't booting and just showing a black screen, there appeared to be damage on the PSU, so we replaced the PSU with another one we found that had a broken fan. Re ...