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MariaDB is a drop-in replacement for Oracle(R) MySQL(TM).
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Mysqldump generated file that is smaller size then database
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My database is 250 MB and dump size is 82 MB. I am using latest MariaDB. running this command:

mysqldump -u user -p database > t.sql
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Mariadb multi-source replication - Table doesn't exist
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I'm setting up multi-source replication with Mariadb 10.6 servers. I have 2 mariadb servers with databases that have the same name "database". I want those two servers to replicate their DB on a single slave server so master1's database is replicated in database1 and master2's database is replicated in database2.

Here's the masters configurations :

# Replication
server_id=1 # 2 for master2
log ...
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weird behaviour in a Windows 2019 .BAT script
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I have to restore a backup from a Linux MariaDB to a Windows MariaDB, where the PowerBI gateway will import its data. "mariabackup" is MariaDB's physical backup tool. But to restore it, the destination folder (%programfiles%\MariaDB 10.3\data\) must be empty.

Since rmdir /S /Q "%programfiles%\MariaDB 10.3\data\ will remove the "data" directory (what I don't want!!!), I have been working to avoid this ...

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Mariadb xtrabackup_binlog_info location
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I want to set up replication on my existing Mariadb 10.6 servers. I backup the databases automatically everyday with a custom script. Basically, it runs the following command :

mariabackup --defaults-file=${defaults_file} --extra-lsndir=${todays_dir}" --backup --compress --stream=xbstream --parallel=8 --compress-threads=8 --target-dir=${todays_dir} > "${todays_dir}/${backup_type}-${now}.xbstream ...
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High availability with round robin - rsync and DB replication or a cluster?
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I have one machine (centos7) with Apache, PHP, MariaDB and Nginx, Nodejs, MongoDB installed and being used by many different domains.

I'd like to create a working mirror and can't decide between 2 options:

  1. rsync static websites, server and config files + mariadb and mongodb replications
  2. cluster made of 2 machines with some proxmox or other free technology (topic new for me)

I want both of them to ser ...

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Failed to get properties: Unit name mariadb-extra@.socket is missing the instance name
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I've recently upgraded my MariaDB servers from 10.1 to 10.6 and now when I restart services for example wildfly, I get this message :

sudo service wildfly restart
Failed to get properties: Unit name mariadb-extra@.socket is missing the instance name.
Failed to get properties: Unit name mariadb@.socket is missing the instance name.

How can I get rid of this ?

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MariaDB doesn't start after server restart
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I have installed MariaDB on Ubuntu 20.0 where Mysql was installed already. I have removed MySql before installing MariaDB. I had to run command aa-remove-unknown and then sudo service mariadb start only then the DB server starts. This was working fine until a server restart today.

MariaDB doesn't seem to start and I noticed the following logs

sudo service mariadb start

Failed to start mariadb.service: Un ...
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persistent volume for a SaaS project on docker Swarm & ON MY OWN Servers / VPS (non-AWS, non-Azure): what to use for the MySQL & for the file-uploads?
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I am not sure, what architecture / which way to go for the persistent data of my docker Swarm SaaS webapp.

A draft of the layout with traefik_proxy and some context for a better understanding of my needs can be found in the diagram: colorful draft of the layout with requirements

  1. Shall I go with NFS or with glusterfs for the file uploads (=files, attached by the users of the tenants/projects)? - or ...
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Docker container communicating with mariadb crashes on Got an error reading communications packet
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I have Rails app in docker and also mariadb docker image.

But it fails during connection on

2021-11-05 8:27:49 3 [Warning] Aborted connection 3 to db: 'development' user: 'root' host: '' (Got an error reading communication packets)``

My dockerfile is

FROM ruby:2.6.5

RUN apt-get update; apt-get install -y build-essential nodejs npm vim htop
RUN npm install --global yarn

RUN mkdir -p /a ...
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HAProxy + MariaDB: Got an error reading communication packets?
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My normal config of haproxy is:

        log     global
        mode    http
        option  tcplog
        option  dontlognull
        timeout connect 5000
        timeout client  50000
        timeout server  50000
##### MYSQL-CL #####
        listen  MYSQL-CL
        mode    tcp
        option  mysql-check user haproxy_check
        balance roundrobin
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Need help deciding best MariaDB storage engine for our use case and server hardware limitations
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I work for a small company and we are in need of a data warehouse.

Our production database have around 50Gb of data (grows ~10GB/year, currently), our server is running a little over it's capacity and we think that we could move some historical data to a data warehouse (around half of these 50gb can be moved) so it can run smoothly again.

Of course the data warehouse would have all the data ETL'd to ...

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MySQL not saving to separate data directories
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Lately I've been struggling with MySQL and it's data directory a lot. At first, I've tried docker for multiple instances but our company doesn't prefer docker no one knows why.

So I come up with a solution.

Some information;

  • Multiple servers (6) will send data (like multi-source replication) and one slave
  • According to our manager, six is too much dangerous to create a multi-source one slave replic ...
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Getting error while trying to install MariaDB on CentOS
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I've got a VPS which runs CentOS 7, and i need to install MariaDB 10.6.4 instead of the default version (5.5), so i completely uninstalled the previous version alongside mariadb-libs

However, when i try to install MariaDB-client using yum -i MariaDB--centos7-x86_64-client.rpm i'm getting the following error:

file /usr/share/man/man1 from install of MariaDB-client-10.6.4-1.el7.x86_64 conflicts > with  ...

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MariaDB do not store select all view
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im using views in mariadb. at the moment i'm on a windows server. if i save in windows an select *(all) view for a table. next time if i open the view it stays as an select *(all).

in linux(i tested ubuntu and centos) after saving the view it writes out an select for each table not for an an select * (all).

Example Image: linux


select `abo_duration`.`dur_id` AS `dur_id`,`abo_duration`.`dur_name` AS ...
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Slow server performance [nginx + php+fpm + mariadb]
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I'm having problems finding a bottleneck of my slow server performance. Single wordpress site (10-40 online users) with fastcgi caching and full HTML cloudflare caching. Site performance is fine for visitors because of caching, logged in users are facing 1-10s page load times. Query monitor is used for debugging. Site was running way better on 1 core, 2gb ram machine. No idea what is causing this. Any h ...

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How to query linux kernel which storage-related operations are currently being run on the level of FS / block layer / SATA controller?
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Every once in a while, our Linux LAMP server (using PHP-FPM, XFS on thin LVM on HW RAID, Centos8) becomes inaccessible and stops responding to HTTP(S) requests.

Via centralized logging we found out that in those cases, load average quickly shoots up to hundreds, while more and more processes (systemd-journald, php processes, kernel xfs/dm threads...) get into a D state. According to iostat and pi ...

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mysql_install_db wrong charset and collation
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I am creating a new server with the mysql_install_db tool. It sets the correct datadir, port, password, service etc. But My problem is that the charset and collation of my base tables are wrong. They need to be utf8mb4 and utf8mb4_general_ci.

I can't find a way to change these tables with the installation. When I change my.cnf/my.ini it only changes for newly created databases. But Since mysql_in ...

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All Nodes in Gallera Cluster(MariaDB) has seqno: -1
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I Have 4 nodes in Galera Cluster and all of their has seqno: -1 and safe_to_bootstrap: 0 in grastate.dat , i can bootstrap one node manually and now all node is online and working fine but my problem is with seqno: -1

i used galera_recovery in all node but has not effect. how can i solve this problem ?

actually you know in this case i can't find really advanced node and my guess is i had lost so ...

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MYSQL: Many slave servers with smaller resources or less with larger resources
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I want to create High availability with Master Slave replication (for Select query).

I am wondering which one is better:

  1. Having smaller resources slaves but more servers or
  2. Having larger resources slaves but less servers

I only use One Master for modify query: (update / insert / delete)

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MariaDB installation using RPM failed
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I'm trying to reinstall MariaDB since unable to restart the service. Using Centos 7.6.

Previous uninstalled was using yum but this install i'm using RPM since i chose for specific older version (10.3.17) that doesn't offer in yum package anymore.

Upon uninstalled i didn't remove any config files except in /home/mysql

Mine my.cnf datadir : home/mysql

However, my RPM installation has facing error :-

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What can I do about a hanging MyCollab installation?
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MyCollab displays an initial setup screen a la Wordpress, but the installer hangs, regardless of how permissive I've set its directory to be.

When I test a database connection, it said that it can't make a connection. I have specified the database name, a user with access to that database, the corresponding password, and the address. If I click "Check connection" it says "Cannot connect to databa ...

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Nginx 2 servers 1 port
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I know this can be done in Apache and I am still new to nginx but how do I based on the domain entering do I send it to a different server?

So I basically have 2 sites I just use for messing about with and I want to use nextcloud but this will have to be on a different domain

Example is on is on is on

The main set ...

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2 servers, 2 databases on each, 1st server 1st db master and 2nd slave, 2nd server 1st db slave, 2nd master, is it possible?
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I have 2 MySQL/MariaDB servers each of them with its own database and I would like to set up a continuous backup on each other via replication.

Is it possible to make 1 DB master and 1 slave on each one of the servers?

Server 1         Server 2

db1 (master)     db1 (slave)
db2 (slave)      db2 (master)

Or is there a better option to do it? But I would like to have ready-to-use DB(no dump files) in case  ...

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MariaDB crazy at 500% cpu time
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| Variable_name                                                | Value                                            |
| Aborted_clients                             ...
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Can I flatten MariaDB general logs from their multiline format?
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We're trying to get our MariaDB transaction logs imported into SumoLogic, however the logs are in a multiline format so the logs that are being uploaded are essentially unusable in this format. Sumo allows us to use regex to determine the log boundaries, however the logging is such that this is untenable. Is it possible to natively squash the multiline output into a single log entry?

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MariaDB 10.3 Randomly crash
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I'm facing a very weird issue with a mariadb database, randomly it crash with this error:

free(): corrupted unsorted chunks
210804 20:05:16 [ERROR] mysqld got signal 6 ;
This could be because you hit a bug. It is also possible that this binary
or one of the libraries it was linked against is corrupt, improperly built,
or misconfigured. This error can also be caused by malfunctioning hardware.

To r ...
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Can't connect Wordpress and MariaDB on LAMP stack with docker-compose
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I'm new here and that's my 1st question so tell me if anything is wrong in the way I put it.

So here's the problem: I'm building a LAMP stack with 3 separate containers for nginx, maiadb and wordpress.

The whole nginx and php-fpm seems to work well, as I can access the site's index and process php pages. Mdb builds the wordpress db and creates a "wordpress@wordpress-php" user with all privileges on  ...

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unknown variable 'file-key-management-filename'
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New installation of Debian 10, with MariaDB 10.3.29. Trying to set up encryption-at-rest, but MariaDB won't start due to an error...

2021-07-16 17:13:16 0 [Note] InnoDB: Using Linux native AIO
2021-07-16 17:13:16 0 [Note] InnoDB: Mutexes and rw_locks use GCC atomic builtins
2021-07-16 17:13:16 0 [Note] InnoDB: Uses event mutexes
2021-07-16 17:13:16 0 [Note] InnoDB: Compressed tables use zlib 1.2.11 ...
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Ports closed remotely while they are open locally
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i have a problem with a mariaDB server, the port is locally open, but on a remote desktop, the port appears closed.

 Port       Status    service
3306/tcp     open      mysql

^^^^ localhost output

Port 3306 is closed on (my IP)

^^^^ remote desktop

Also when i try to open new ports, for example port 123 for a web based game using mode.js, the same thing happens.

Firewall is inactive

All that happene ...

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Why does MariaDB CHAR_LENGTH return NULL instead of 0 when a field is NULL?
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I am trying to calculate to total size of stored metadata in a table using CHAR_LENGTH to add up the size of the relevant fields in each row to get a rough idea of the storage size of a result set.

I don't want the size of all the data in the table, only the size of a set of results.

However, some fields in the table have NULL values and as soon as CHAR_LENGTH hits one of those the whole calculation ...