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MS server 2016 terminal gets freezes during user login with profiles disk
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We have Hypervisor and there are a few vms, one of them is MS server 2016 with last updates as terminal server. We use profiles disk for users. Lately we started to get enormous freezes at this terminal server during process of user's login.

Additionally process of login is about 5 minutes, before the problem it was about 20-30 seconds.

We have tried to restore server from backups that are two month ...

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SQL Server 2014 enterprise edition suddenly stop accepting the connections
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We are seeing that our server will suddenly stop accepting new connection from SQL Server. The server itself is still accessible via RDP, but sharepoint portal/SSMS and any other remote SQL connection will timeout. Configuration manager shows that SQL Services are running, but if you attempt to stop/ restart the services manually, it will hang. Restarting the server will sometimes let the services go ba ...

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Automated download from microsoft download center
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For automating the installation of Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, I need to download MicrosoftDeploymentToolkit_x64.msifrom the relevant Microsoft Download Center page.

Is there any way to easily download this msi with powershell without using heavy tooling like selenium?

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How to send an email with openssl and Microsoft Exchange Online?
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With Microsoft disabling basic auth in Exchange Online, I set out to add support Modern Authentication in our application. Our app sends basic email alerts. Currently we use SMTP basic auth or open relay for this, but Modern Auth would be a nice addition.

To fully understand the process, I'd like to go through the entire email process manually. I have a development tenant at Microsoft, in which I h ...

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Extending Managed Microsoft AD to on-premises Servers
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I'm researching the possibility of extending Managed Microsoft AD to a secondary Active Directory creating a basic replication structure between primary AD (GCP) and secondary AD (on-prem). Apparently it is not possible to configure this extension, nor to fully migrate Managed Microsoft AD to an on-prem infrastructure. Does anyone know how to point out some documentation that I can clarify this doubt? ...

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How do you check if Net Framework Developer Pack v4.6 and v4.0 is installed on the server?
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How do you check if Net Framework Developer Pack v4.6 and v4.0 is installed on the server? I have a Github action telling me to install these, and IT tells me both are installed. How do you check that? Is there a command line script I can run to see if they're installed?

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Downgrade Rights with Windows Server 2019 Standard RETAIL (FFP) Licensed edition
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According to the actual RETAIL Full-Package Product (FPP) licensing EULA both online and on disk (C:\Windows\System32\License.rtf) from recent installs I have (Activated and Licensed) of Windows Server 2019 Standard Retail channel purchase...

Downgrade Rights are Granted and allowed.

See Section 5.b Additional Licensing Provisions | Downgrade Rights ...

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Windows Defender for Antivirus - Customize Text Notification
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Config Manager and client alerts We like to change the wording in the notifications for Windows Defender for Antivirus. Not sure this is possible. First area - Client, Change the wording on the local machine pop-up notification for Virus & Threat protection - Threat found notification. Can this be done?

enter image description here

Second Area - ConfigManager, Change the wording in the alert Subject line. Currently it has the fo ...

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Is it possible to track which employees handled M.Exchange emails of a big company?
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Background: Company uses Microsoft Exchange, has several email accounts that need checking(contactus, faxes, admin, comm, etc). Several employees (over 10) check these accounts throughout the day. Once an email has been dealt with, the employee has been directed to archive the email in a respective folder (DONE, Called, etc).

Problem: Employees archiving(hiding) emails in random boxes (DONE2019) withou ...

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Microsoft Outlook Autodiscover With Private Email Server
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I have a linux based mail server (not Microsoft Exchange) at

I host email for multiple domains at this server:,,, etc

I have a mail client running Outlook 2019. When the user adds a new account with their email, e.g.: and then clicks "continue" and then "IMAP/POP", [the incoming and outgoing server fields are blank][1].

Thin ...

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How to remove Exchange log files?
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How to remove Exchange log files?

These files really eat up my storage.

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How to replace/update Apache Log4j 1.2.x with 2.17?
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My vulnerability scanner recently flagged an unsupported installation of Apache Log4j in a version of MS SQL we just recently deployed (SQL 2019). It causes two high-priority findings that I must get resolved. It seems to be, specifically, the file log4j-1.2.17.jar that is implicated.

Evidently there is a version 2.17.1 available here:

Unfortunately ...

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MS Azure AD connect & Exchange hybrid deployment
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I have a MS Small Business Server 2010 server with Exchange. We have looking to migrate to O365. I deployed a new Windows 2019 server (the SBS machine's UI was painfully slow) and promoted that to the PDC. I then installed MS Azure Active Directory Connect and started syncing the AD. I did not enable Exchange deployment.
Now I am in a better place to begin moving to a hybrid environment with a view  ...

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Hyper-v issue Event ID4625. Hype-v Cluster
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I have an issue with event id 4625. Hope you can help me to fix it. I have a Hyper V Cluster whit 6 hosts(2016). On several of my hosts every day I am found alert "Security-Event ID: 4625". Sometimes the "Source Network Address:" is one of my nodes, and sometimes null.


Problem started at 19:30:14 on 2021.10.16
Problem name: Event ID4625 alert - Logon Failure
Severity: High
Operational data: An ...

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Effect of Disabling AutoCertificateRollover in ADFS after new certificates have already been generated?
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New token-signing and token-decrypting certificates have been generated on my ADFS servers and are set as Secondary certificates. Right now, AutoCertificateRollover is set to true and CertificatePromotionThreshold is set to 5 days. If I disable AutoCertificateRollover now, would it stop the secondary certificates from being promoted to primary on the 5th day from today?

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Microsoft Active Directory and DNS on Multiple Sites
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I have a 3 different site location of my company, and i have a domain controller on each site,, and I have issue with domain DNS resolving , example ::

Domain Name = ABC.Local

Site1 : DC GC+DNS IP = Site2 : DC GC+DNS IP = Site3 : DC GC+DNS IP =

when some client pc from example site1 try to reach the domain controller the DNS resolve it to DC on different site e ...

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Automate the creation of secondary mailbox in Outlook 2016
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I allow myself to do this post in order to have your help. I am currently looking for a solution to automate the addition of a secondary mailbox in Outlook 2016. I saw a lot of stuff including the "zeroconfigexchange" registry tool however I failed to implement it because it looks like I don't have the registry values (screenshot attached). Can you help me please?

enter image description here

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Is it possible to set a Default App on Server 2016 being used for RDS that isn't installed on the server?
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I have an RDS server setup to run a single LOB app remotely.

This LOB app has links to documents like .msg files and .pdf files. When a user running the remote app tries to open a file via the remote LOB app, it's looking to the server to see what the default program is to open that with.

For PDF's this isn't a big deal. I have Adobe Reader installed on the RDS server and on the local machine, and ...

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Unable to contact server. StatusCode: 1006, undefined Reason: connect ETIMEDOUT
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Azure cognitive services failing in multiple places. First I started getting:

SpeechSynthesisResult {
  privResultId: '311453AA0BAE410CA3E6AA811AA91017',
  privReason: 1,
  privAudioData: undefined,
  privErrorDetails: 'Unable to contact server. StatusCode: 1006, undefined Reason:  connect ETIMEDOUT',
  privProperties: PropertyCollection {
    privKeys: [ 'CancellationErrorCode' ],
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Windows 10 Expired Releases
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In the Microsoft link below, are the Windows 10 releases listed with an expired "End date", still covered by the Windows patching cycle?

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Blackbox KVM admin menu is opened by using notepad and pressing a key combination. How does this work?
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So I have a Blackbox quad displayport KVM. Troubleshooting some issues and they had me open up notepad and press the folowing key combination:

"alt" "alt", c, n, f, g <-- No commas.

This in turn present an admin menu into their KVM with no additional software required...How is this possible? Does notepad have some built-in functionality for this out of the box in windows?

The guide can be downlo ...

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How to install Microsoft IPP Class Driver for printer?
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I am deploying a network printer for our office users using CUPS 2.2.7 on an Ubuntu 18.04 server. Tests on my machine (Windows 10 20H2) run fine from my computer when I use the printer driver Microsoft IPP Class Driver.

The problem is: I can't find how to deploy this same driver on users machines (1903 to 20H2). It was already installed on my machine (I don't know how or when), but I can't get to in ...