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A productivity suite from Microsoft, for which about every 3 years a new major release becomes available, like in 2003, 2007, 20010, and 2013. It can only be run on Windows computers.
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Activation of Office for MAC offline
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I have a problem activating Office for Mac on an offline laptop. When I use the installer for Office for MAC it asks for a email address to activate Office but of course I don't have internet so I can't do that. I do however have the activation code for Office so I'm wondering if it's possible to get an installer that doesn't need an email to activate?

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Duplicates are being imported into Exchange Mailboxes
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I am using the New-MailboxImportRequest to import .PST files into existing mailboxes. These mailboxes have emails in them that are also included in the .PST file being imported.

The import request completes successfully, some needing the BadItemLimit to be set. After importing the .PST file, I am noticing that duplicates have been created for emails and contacts.

From this site, I understand that duplica ...

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Saving in MS Office takes long when editing offline files
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We've many users that use the Offline Files service to take files with their them on their laptops while they are not connected to the company network. It works good while they are not connected to any network, but as soon as they are connected to a public network (WiFi) from which they have Interne but no (SMB) access to the file servers the files are hosted on in the company, saving files in Word or E ...