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Office 365 is Microsoft's subscription based cloud solution for business productivity. All server side components are hosted at Microsoft managed datacentres. Customers that subscribe to O365 have access to the latest business productivity software and can choose to be "entirely cloud based" or have a hybrid configuration where some on-premise servers are retained.
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Where to manage domain for Office365 (Mail) and Wordpress/Magento
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I currently inherited a installation running its own server for hosting (Wordpress/Magento) and also e-mail. E-Mails are used within the organization via Outlook (non 365) and imap.

The plan is to switch to Office 365 (as we will also use Dynamics 365 CRM in the future) and I'd like to switch over from the self-hosted emails to using Office 365.

I am wondering now, what is the better solution.

  1. Po ...
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Automate email traffic reporting Office365 Security and Compliance
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I am a Security Engineer at my organization and I'm looking for ways to automate the reporting process for suspicious emails.

We are using Terranova Security Awareness for Phish email reporting, and I receive these reported emails in my mailbox. These email reports contain the header details of the reported email, and the reported email itself as an .eml file.

I also have access to Microsoft 365 Sec ...

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Postfix relay to using TLS1.2
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I use Postfix v3.1.15 to relay emails from my own internal systems (alerting, backup reports etc) to to be delivered to my O365 mailbox.

I've been using Postfix installed on Debian 9 for this for a couple of years. However I am receiving emails from Microsoft informing me of depreciation of TLS1.0 and TLS1.1 soon and to use TLS1.2 going forward as they have detected I am still  ...

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Unable to create Import Jobs in Information governance of Microsoft 365 compliance in Exchange Online
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We r using Microsoft 365. I am trying to create Import Jobs in Information governance of Microsoft 365 compliance in Exchange Online. I am getting the message "To create import jobs, you must be assigned the Mailbox Import Export role in Exchange Online. After this role is assigned, it might take up to 24 hours before you can start creating jobs."

I have assigned myself the "Global Administrator ...

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Create a DKIM key to provide to a 3rd party so we can send as them?
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We use o365/Exchange Online. All our SPF and DKIM configs are good for our domain (including 3rd party senders).

Say we have a partner who has domain (with their own mail servers) and they want us to be able to send as them (from our o365 Exchange).

So this is the opposite of what I've done in DKIM in the past, and can find no info on doing it in reverse.

How do I generate/obtain the 3rd-par ...

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O365 Outlook - Mixed up Profile Pictures in Emails
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We recently updated to Windows 10 from Windows Server 2012, and we are using O365. Suddenly users are seeing mixed profile pictures in Outlook, in both the Toast Notifications and the emails themselves. From one email to the next, it could be a different picture for the same user. It is both internal and external emails. None of our users have locally saved contacts that could be using photos.

If ...

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Dynamic distribution group based or reporting hierarchy
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Is it possible to configure a dynamic distribution group to contain all direct reports of some person, plus all their direct reports recursively?

Verbose Info

To get the direct reports only I believe we'd just run:

Set-DynamicDistributionGroup -Identity 'SomeManagersDirectReports' `
    -RecipientFilter "((RecipientType -eq 'UserMailbox') -and (Manager -eq 'CN=SomeManager,OU=Users,DC=domain,DC=example,DC= ...
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Do email providers junk all email from certain IP address ranges?
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TLDR: appear to be junking all our emails from new VPS - nothing has an effect so questioning if IP address range reputation is the issue.

We used to host all our websites (five) and email on a single VPS. Due to email problems that we were unable to resolve we obtained another server from a different company (Hostinger) to host our email.

Everything has been set up ok as far as we know - S ...

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Apply Exchange Public Folder Permission import via Import-CliXML
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I did run into the situation that I lost all my public folder permissions which were assigned via groups.

Before the migration started from our MSEX2016 server to Office 365, all the permissions got exported to a XML file, what I think (described on this Microsoft page) happened with the following command:

Get-PublicFolder -Recurse -ResultSize Unlimited | Get-PublicFolderClientPermission | Select-Object ...
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Can I use my O365 Custom domain name as my Azure AD Domain Services domain name?
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I have an existing O365 tenant with a custom domain name.

I also have a couple of VM's running in Azure and for all sorts of reasons I would like to add Azure Active Directory Domain Services.

Where it comes to chosing the domain name, the Azure Portal UI is defaulting to the existing O365 custom domain name.

I am a little unlcear as to whether I should choose this option, or change it to some other do ...

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Office 365 Exchange Public Folder lost SID assignment to security group folder permissions
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We installed a new Exchange 2016 server and migrated all the mailboxes from the Exchange 2010 server to it. Then we migrated all the mailboxes and public folders from MSEX2016 to Office 365, and we demoted and shut down the MSEX2010. The local AD gets synchronized with Azure AD by the Azure AD Connector on one of our local servers.

This worked for a couple of weeks without problems. All the clien ...

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Implementing CRM Features in Micrsoft 365 Exchange Online
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my Customer wants to migrate from Tobit David to Microsoft 365. Into David he uses an Feature named "Dv Relatations" where incommung and outgooging emails from all Useres are copied into an seperate archive sorted by the Reciever(incl Out- and In Folder).

What Tools can i using to give my customer this function in Microsoft 365? Do you have any ressources, that can help my with this task?

Thanks for ...

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Add office365 Sharepoint library to OneDrive Sync
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I'm working on automating the OneDrive setup for new computers, and I'm new to this kind of thing.

I need to automate the Sharepoint shared library setup on the user computer. This way the user has all the shared librairy in the Windows file explorer. This Sharepoint is provided with our Office365 account.

I read the Microsoft documentation and build the URL with the necessary data needed as explained  ...

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Different naming policy for mailbox and Office 365 group
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I know that there are naming policy settings available for Office 365 groups applied to the mailbox addresses. But is there a way to enforce a naming policy only on the group mailbox rather than everywhere?

We want to create a "NewProject" group and the mailbox automatically named "".

The reason to ask is that we have mail aliases (before migration to Microsoft 365) that can b ...

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Getting statistics from Exchange Online about inbound mails from external domains
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I've been asked to see if we can get an idea of how many external mails we receive, and what external domains are the most "active".

Basically what's wanted is a report detailing how many mails we receive from external domains under a specified time period: I'm thinking something along these lines is what's being asked.

*; 450
*; 200

I'm comfortable using Powershell and have started l ...

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Office365 Connectivity Issues
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I've got a 3rd party who host a system for us, it has a function to send a small number of emails for us, less than 100 a day, so we simply supplied an Office365 user to them which has been working for ages.

Last night this stopped working. The interface I can see is simply returning Message could not be sent. Mailer Error: SMTP connect() failed. (PHPMail)

The third party is massively dragging it ...

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Is it possible to access MS Teams Team member tags via PowerShell or other means?
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I was thinking of using Tags assigned to Users in a MS Teams (on Office365) Team for some reporting related things and query them in some PowerShell scripts. Is there a way to get this information?

I was thinking something along the lines of the Get-TeamUser command. But I can't really find any PowerShell commands that are able to do that in any way.

If there isn't through PowerShell modules then ...

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Relay office 365 email via smtp during migration
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I am about to move users to Office 365 email from an old hosted smtp/pop system.

The domain is configured for 365 with the exception of the mx record.

I would like to create the accounts in 365 ahead of the migration and gradually move users over without impacting their current mailboxes.

For the first two test users I have forwarded the old mailbox to the new mailbox using the alias.  ...

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MS365 + Hybrid Exchange Distribution Group Oddness?
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So, one of the companies I work with encountered some chaos in their hybrid MS365 / on-prem deployment.

There is a distribution list (we'll call it which is present on both the on prem and MS365 side of management consoles. However, while on-prem Exchange control panel shows distlist1 as accepting mail from both inside and outside the organization, MS365 has decided to ignore  ...

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Exchange Online - Reporting on blocked users
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There is a feature in Exchange Online which blocks users from being able to send email when they send too many emails in a time period. It usually triggers either when a user sends a load of emails via Mail Merge or when their account gets compromised and it's used to send a load of spam.

You can view which accounts have been blocked from sending either by going to the Restricted Users page in the Defen ...

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Show clear names instead of anonymous names in Office 365 Report- PowerShell or Graph
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Microsoft has made anonymous display of user-names as default in Office 365 and also enforced it from August 31, 2021. I found a way to overcome it from Admin Portal.

I want to update this setting using PowerShell or Graph. As far as I have checked, there is no method found. Has anyone found any  ...

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Reverse hybrid exchange: concerns with adding new on-prem exchange to existing 365 hosted exchange environmnet
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I am curious to know if there are any major gotchas with setting up a 'reverse hybrid' 365 deployment, where all mail flow is already in the cloud with on-prem ad sync already enabled and simply adding on-prem exchange to the mix. I have found surprisingly little discussion about this online and I was hoping to find out if there are any major concerns with doing this sort of thing.

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Whitelist internal address on Exchange 365 for "Potentially compromised accounts"
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I am receiving the following alert for an internal address:

Potentially compromised account. Anomalous sending patterns were detected resulting in the user being restricted from sending mail

Ironically, it's my alerts@ address. It's sending multiple external emails to cell phone addresses (, etc).

I have unblocked the address a few times following the directions here, but it keeps getting fla ...

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Change timeout for message review in Exchange Online?
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I have set up some phishing/malware mail-flow rules that will forward emails to me for review based on attachments or a list of domains. I can then choose to accept or reject the message. It seems to work well. The problem I'm having is that this weekend, some were automatically rejected because I didn't respond in time.

How do I change this time to "auto reject"?

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Exchange 2010 on prem to hybrid
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I'm in the middle of an Exchange 2010 to hybrid Exchange Online migration and I think that I have a problem...

I'm alone with this and I'm getting the knowledge reading the Microsoft documentation. I have a doubt and I hope that anyone of you can help me.

Right now my incoming email flow is something like this:

Internet email (I.E Gmail, hotmail, etc) --> On Prem AntiSpam (ASSP) --> On Prem Exch ...

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Exchange Server 2016 - identify full hybrid and/or minimal hybrid using or not
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We have 2 Exchange Server 2016. I want to check it if I am using Full Hybrid and / or minimal hybrid in our environment. What should I understand from the following output?

get-hybridconfiguration output:

Features                  : {FreeBusy, MoveMailbox, Mailtips, MessageTracking, OwaRedirection, OnlineArchive,
                            SecureMail, CentralizedTransport, Photos}
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How to Install Office 365 version 2002 on Windows 7
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We have a few legacy Windows 7 machines in our environment (long story) that have old versions of MS Office. While MS 365 is no longer supported on Windows 7, MS 365 Apps at version 2002 will at least continue receiving security updates until 2023.

Per Microsoft: "This means that if you want to continue to deploy and update Microsoft 365 Apps on devices that are running Windows 7, you need to use ...

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Export Mailbox as PST in Exchange Admin Center
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I am trying to export a few mailboxes as .pst files in Microsoft's Exchange Admin Center:

Under Roles > Admin Roles > Organization Management (role group) – The admin user is assigned, and the permissions include Mailbox Import Export.

I have logged in and out multiple times ...

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Empty Email when using MS365 as a mail relay from a Python application
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We've got a very weird issue going on here.

Take this example email (raw form, sanitized):

From: Thomas Ward via TestList <>
Subject: Test Message
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2021 19:44:49 -0400
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
Content-Language: en-US
Reply-To: Th ...
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Mailbox unavailable. The server response was: 5.7.1 Client does not have permissions to send as this sender
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I have an issue where a new mailbox in Exchange Online is reporting Mailbox unavailable. The server response was: 5.7.1 Client does not have permissions to send as this sender when sending mail from an app server.

using these settings, values changed for security:

      <smtp from="">
      <network host="ipaddress" port="25" userName=" ...