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The process of moving one system or service from one location or model to another.
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AWS architecture - traffic mirroring
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We are going to migrate our database from Aurora Serverless to Aurora Cluster. Before that, we'd like to test the performance of the new database in a real-time traffic scenario. We have thought about cloning the current API Gateway, targeting the new database and mirroring traffic from the production API to the test API.

Is this crazy? Is there any way to achieve this without affecting the perfo ...

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Accept both MD5 and SHA512 hashes is /etc/shadow
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I recently upgraded debian server with many users to a recent version. The old server used MD5 password hashes (the shadow passwords begin with $1$) and new one is configured to use SHA-512. I want to migrate users from one server to another.

Is there any way to allow both MD5 and SH512 hashes in /etc/shadow? Of course I need MD5 hashes just to allow old users to login until they change password  ...

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How to merge two Windows servers?
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I have to merge two Windows Servers, one is the old one and another is the new one which.

Both servers was working together but the new one started to work month later, on the new server i have the all clients DBs but even in the old server there are same DBs with data user for other applications hosted on old server, then i need to move the DNS from the old server to the new one.

Which would be the ...

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How to move a linux container to a remote server running proxmox 7.0?
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I am currently in the process of migrating a server running several linux containers to a server managed by proxmox. In the past when i moved a linux container to a different host i just used the LXD API, simplestreams protocol and executed a lxc copy command - quite simple. But how is it done if the remote is managed by proxmox so that the migrated container is known to proxmox afterwards?

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Migrate IE favourites from windows server 2008 to Edge on windows server 2016
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There is a windows server 2008 with users who can configure their favourites in IE. A migration to windows server 2016 is imminent and I'd like to migrate these favourites for each user. I've tried finding googling for GPOs who can do that but ended up with nothing. Before I ask every user to somehow save their favourites and import them into their new browser, is there an automated process to do this?

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Exchange. How to forward mail, not save it
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We are migrating mail from one of our domains to the exchange ( We created users in AD, created mailboxes for them and copied mail from Google there. Also the domain was added to accepted.

Now other users of other domains from the exchange are trying to write a letter to the addresses of the domain that we are migrating. The exchange puts the received letter to itself, but I need it t ...

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Lift & shift migration with minimal changes
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In Lift and Shift migration strategy there is minimal or no change. Can someone provide an example for "minimal change".


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Relay office 365 email via smtp during migration
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I am about to move users to Office 365 email from an old hosted smtp/pop system.

The domain is configured for 365 with the exception of the mx record.

I would like to create the accounts in 365 ahead of the migration and gradually move users over without impacting their current mailboxes.

For the first two test users I have forwarded the old mailbox to the new mailbox using the alias.  ...

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GCP - Velostrata target cloud extension
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I have setup Velostrata cloud extension, but it is getting failed with the below error: "Instance null is not accessible on port 443", I am getting this error for both Edge A and Edge B.

Also please find the attached screenshot. Please click here to see the image

Even after increasing the instance disk size(velostrata instance) to 520GB, getting the same error.

The GCP account what I am using is a fr ...

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Easy way to update EC2 Instance
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I am launching an EC2 instance and it seems the most popular WordPress AMI in the marketplace is the one provided by Bitnami. However, there is a big issue with the software/system update.

I ask Bitnami and they said if I want to update LAMP on the server, then I need to launch another EC2 instance, then migrate the data from the current instance to the new one. That is really a headache. As I ne ...

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Migrate CentOS 8 to AlmaLinux (cannot install both <package-name>)
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Due to Centos is about EOL. I decided to migrate to AlmaLinux. I started the migration process but I got some errors.

[root@19827364 ~]# dnf distro-sync -y
Last metadata expiration check: 4:35:36 ago on Thu 23 Sep 2021 06:29:49 PM +03.
 Problem 1: package libdb-devel-5.3.28-42.el8_4.x86_64 requires libdb(x86-64) = 5.3.28-42.el8_4, but none of the providers can be installed
  - cannot install ...
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Need information about migrating projects from one company to another
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We are in the beginning stages of migrating projects from our current developers Google Platform to an in-house new Google Platform. We are new to this environment and have setup the Google account and entered billing information. The current developer has sent two invites for the two projects that they were currently handling for us. I accepted the invites, however it tells me that we do not have an ...

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Migrating Drives from Windows to Unix server
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I am planning to migrate from a Windows operating System to a Unix based System.

My thought fell to ubuntu server at first but I have not put much thought into which distro to use yet.

Right now, there are 5 * 14.5 TB hdds packed full with important company Data initialized with GPT. Will it be possible to "plug and play" those drives or is it better to back them up, reinitialize /format them in my  ...

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Apache2 : 2 php versions in the same VHOST
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I am migrating my app from PHP 5.6 to php 8.0 by having a front controller redirecting to my legacy app or my new app depending on the uri.

I tried with alias and it works but I need to keep the exact same host for both and no alias.


Here is my unsatisfaying try with alias

<VirtualHost *:80>

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Changes to do to old zone after migrating DNS provider
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We have migrated from a DNS zone provider (AWS Route 53) to another one (CloudFlare). We have changed the nameservers at our registrar (Gandi) on July the 20th 2021. We have not changed the SOA and NS records declared in the zone of our former DNS provider (AWS Route 53), deeming it not needed (and anyway not possible with some providers; but this one seems to allow this).

Today we discovered tha ...

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Migrate from OpenFire to Ejabberd
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Can I migrate from OpenFire to Ejabberd with full data(contacts, messages, etc)? I found only one solution for migration: export from OpenFire only contacts.

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How to determine the cores and RAM needed when converting a physical server into a VM?
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We are running a physical server that is not fully utilized. The task is to move this server to a VM. However, I am not sure how many cores and RAM to allocate to the VM. I know I can scale later, but my boss requires a cost estimate and I need as accurate an estimate as possible.

The server is running SAR, but I'm having a hard time coming up with an accurate estimate based on that.

So the quest ...

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OpenLDAP migration from old Debian 4 to current Debian 11
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I want completely migrate whole database with conf, schema, ( everything ) from very old Debian 4 ( etch ) instance to new Debian 11 ( bullseye ).

Source system is running slapd 2.3.30 and destination slapd 2.4.57

I found few topics how to do it like for example this one: How to migrate LDAP to other computer but this is not working in my case. I got such errors:

> slapcat -n 0 -l schema.backup. ...
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Moodle Migration to new server
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I have been running a moodle server in aws. Recently the server became not accessible through ssh or http protocols. On trying several things I had to start anew server. The storage of old server is accessible through aws.

  • Old Server configurations:

OS = Ubuntu 18.04

Moodle version = 3.9

  • New Server configurations:

OS = Ubuntu 20.04

Moodle version = 3.10

Is there any method to migrate the da ...

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Migrating git-based site workflow to new server
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I have a production site that uses a hub/master git setup like this:

Looking to migrate to a new server/host and I'm wondering how I migrate the git setup so as to maintain the development history.


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Migrating multiple courses from one server to another moodle server
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We are trying to migrate some courses (75+ courses) from one moodle server to another moodle server. Both Linux servers are using moodle 3.7.3 version.

We tried to backup and restore individual courses but it is time consuming. Is there any other way available to do achieve this.

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How to connect VM Migrate Connector to Google APIs by VPN?
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In our environment we are trying to connect "Migrate Connector" ( to Google Cloud for migration VMs from VMware. We have established VPN channel to Google Cloud.

The Migrate Connector when command "m4c register" is executed, sends packets only to public addresses on port 443, like 91.189.92.* and many unknown others I ...

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Is it possible to specify an existing CloudSQL instance as the destination for the database migration service in GCP?
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According the GCP guides, setting up a database migration involves creating a migration job in the console using the wizard [1]. The wizard creates a new CloudSQL instance, but I would like to specify an existing instance such that we can manage the destination instance through version control (e.g. Terraform)

Is it possible to specify an existing CloudSQL instance as the destination for the data ...

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From AWS to GCP - Is downtime unavoidable during migration?
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I'm trying to migrate a bitnami wordpress from AWS to GCP. I would like to avoid downtime during the migration. As a new learner, I am not sure how to best handle this.

I have encountered some roadblocks. Typically on Load Balancer and SSL

  1. I would like to use a load balancer on GCP. I prefer Google's managed certificate but the domain's IP is tied to AWS's server. I have to release them from AWS  ...

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Advice needed on migrating shares from a 2003 DC to a new 2012: how can I avoid breaking my software install GPOs?
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I've finally virtualized our entire server infrastructure and I'm ready to start migrating to our bought Windows server 2019. Since our current setup is based on Windows Server 2003 we obviously have to do the migration step via an interim installation of say 2012 R2 (AFAIK 2016 would be ok too).

My problem is the following. Our 2003 DC hosts a number of file shares. Some of them are very easy to ...

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Jenkins NOT failing build when encountered Permission Denied status 126
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During development, I forgot to set privileges to a script (DB backup) on remote host, which revealed some Jenkins' weakness - when one of steps failed with "Permission Denied" (status 126) it doesn't stop the build, it moves to next steps:

SSH: Connecting with configuration [<remote_host>.com] ...
SSH: EXEC: completed after 201 ms
SSH: Disconnecting configuration [<remote_host>.com] .. ...
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Error when migrating projects in GCP, could someone help me?
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I'm trying to Migrate 2 projects originating "no Organization" to a newly created organization in GCP.

When trying to perform the migration, it displays the error: Permission denied You do not have the following required permission to perform this action: "resourcemanager.projects.update"

I've tried to perform the procedure via command too but it didn't work either: ERROR: (gcloud.beta.projects.move ...

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Add own host to replicaSet hosted with cloud provider with limited access?
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So I have this mongoDB (3.0.x) replicaSet hosted with a cloud provider called "NodeChef".

To my knowledge, and scouring the documentation, I have no access at all to the underlying host(s).

I want to add a host which I fully manage on my own to said replica set. I already contacted NodeChef support and asked for the "full set of credentials" needed for this operation. They answered that I should alr ...