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Applications or appliances that observe machines, systems and networks to find problems and notify administrators.
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Grafana plugins not working
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I have a grafana server (6.3.5) and I'd like to add the Flowcharting plugin. I've followed the installation instructions in the official documentation and did as follow :

sudo grafana-cli plugins install agenty-flowcharting-panel
installing agenty-flowcharting-panel @ 0.9.1
into: /var/lib/grafana/plugins

✔ Inst ...
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Monitoring an NFS mountpoint on a NetApp box for changes
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I need to monitor an NFS mountpoint for changes (files written or created). I am running Linux (a RedHat variant to be precise). I also am a NetApp user (i.e., I don't have admin privileges on the NetApp box).

There are various filesystem monitoring packages out there, but I would prefer something that is known solid on RedHat and friends.

Something with python bindings is preferred.

Any ideas?

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Why does my prometheus dashboard only show 2 weeks of data when I have longer term data available?
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I have Prometheus configured with Thanos. I'm using the Node Exporter Full dashboard to view data from the node exporter. Regardless of what time range I select (e.g., now-20d), the dashboard only shows 2 weeks of data:

enter image description here

If I go to the "Explore" UI instead and entry a query (such as node_memory_MemFree_bytes{instance="", job="node"}, which matches the data shown in the previous image ...

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GCP: Way to get "paged" via the GCP Cloud Console Android app?
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I'm using GCP and have set up the GCP Cloud Console Android to notify me of errors and alerts. But my phone is on silent/vibrate most of the time and I miss alerts. Is there a way to get the GCP Cloud Console Android app to always notify me at full volume?

(My previous experience is with PagerDuty. Their Android app will ring loudly even if my phone is on silent/vibrate. I see that GCP has an ...

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How can I show the description on the list of silences in Alertmanager?
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We generally have a handful of silences set in Alertmanager and it's not always easy to find the right one when it comes to extending or expiring. (screenshot 1)

We fill in the description and author field for each silence but they don't appear on the list page. You can only see them by going to each silence's page. (screenshot 2)

Is there a way to get the description to appear on the list page?

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Supermicro IPMI monitoring via Icinga
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I have an issue, I'm getting this error on my Icinga Web Monitoring Portal for my Supermicro server: enter image description here

I found a solution that simply by loading the following two modules:

  • modprobe ipmi_devintf
  • List item modprobe ipmi_si

I don't know where I have to upload these two files. My scenario server running Ubuntu, but for IPMI where these modules needs to be loaded. On monitorin ...

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Huawei S5600 main OIDs?
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I'm working with NagiosCore to check the stats of my network's switchs (mainly S5700 (modulars and non-modulars) and S5600). Using SNMP (v2c) I'm able to get stuff defined by myself such as: DeviceName, Location, Contact, and Description of the ifaces (ports) I'm currently using, as too the status (up/down) of those mentioned ifaces.

Now I would love to also check CPU_usage, MEM_usage, Temperature

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vcenter/vsphere health - how to monitor and find details
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I see the below when i log in to a vCenter (7.0.1). Tried clicking around but cant really find any detailed info about this.


  1. how do i find out more about this alert?
  2. how do people usually get a "push" alert about such things? configure vCenter to send out email, or are there good nagios-plugins for this? other?


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GCS egress monitoring not working
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When I switch to "Monitoring" I see nothing but a message: "no data available for US-east1 during the selected time range. Make sure you have enabled the API for this project."

I have specifically enabled this API for the project. None the less I still get the above message.

Is there a minimum time or qty of data that must pass before it works?

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Network monitor group by process on linux system
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I'm developing a client into a Raspberry hardware with an IoT sim with limited data traffic.

My software architecture consist in more processes and each of these send log to a remote server.

During the normal use there are traffic usage spike( that I can see into provider webapp).

I would like to understand what process use the traffic improperly.

I found tools like nload but not split traffic data by  ...

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How to collect and consolidate application health across instances in aws
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We deploy several applications across EC2 instances. They are jar files, war files on Tomcat, npm based UI applications and python scripts.

Each has a different way of validation. For war files under Tomcat webapps I can check the swagger UI. For UI projects I can check the application link. For standalone jar and python scripts I check the process, if running.

Is there a way I can place checks(on t ...

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tcpdump: filtering out localhost, packets show up anyway?
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I'm trying to use tcpdump to explore what on my computer talks with whom on the world wide web.

I've came this far as of yet:

lan_hosts="(hosts || to || exclude)"
local_hosts="( || ips_of_my_nics || localhost || local_hostname)"
excused_local_ports="(ssh || https || domain || $(netstat -ap | egrep -h '/(processes|I_dont|want|to_see|traffic_of)' | tr -s ' ' | cut -d ' ' -f 4 | rev | cut -d ':' ...
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Monitor Windows 10 computer with Zabbix server in AWS EC2 instance, using SNMP
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I need to monitor Windows 10 computer with Zabbix server, which is not installed locally, but in AWS EC2 instance. Monitoring has to use SNMP. I was looking for appropriate tutorial, but it is not clear about next steps to do. There are nice videos here: .

However, supposed for Zabbix installed on local machine. Then I found this thread: https://stackoverfl ...

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Automating Adding Projects to the Metric Scope
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I have an "Alerts" project in Google Cloud and want it to monitor the metrics of several other projects. On the Cloud Console, I can easily add these projects to the metric scope of my Alerts project. However, I would like to automate this process in Terraform. Does anyone know how?

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How to monitor when a file/folder is moved, and where it moved to?
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I'm looking for a way to monitor when a file/folder is moved, as well as where it was moved to.

So far in my research I've come across tools such as auditd, watch and inotify. While these tools are great at monitoring when a file moves, they don't keep track of where the file moved to.

I have also looked at the syslogs generated when a file is moved but they are painful to read/parse.

Are there any tool ...

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Pfsense monitoring Icinga2 - CRITICAL - Plugin timed out after 10 seconds
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Recently added new pfsense system, existing one working as expected.I have installed package nagios-plugins on pfsense for monitoring like existing pfsense. Existing ssh-keygen -t ed25519 using for new setup added to pfsense.

Installed: sudo pkg install nagios-plugins Run command : /usr/local/libexec/nagios/check_procs PROCS OK: 88 processes | procs=88;;;0

curl -LO ...

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Defining mean utilization of two GPUs changes other value or errors when used with negative
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I'm monitoring some multi-GPU machines and want to make a combined CPU/GPU utilization graph with GPU as positive and CPU as negative.

I can create such a graph just fine for a single GPU against 100 - (cpu.idle / #cores), but run into issues when trying to use the mean GPU utilization values, as calculated using sum and cdef.

Below are four situations to illustrate the issues for a machine with two  ...

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how to enable monitoring in google cloud for kubernetes through rest api
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Anyone can help me how to enable monitoring in google cloud through restapi.? just like in gcloud sdk

gcloud services enable monitoring

while creating a dashboard, able to see some metrics through rest api but not enable monitoring

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How to configure AlertManager as a cluster across different Kubernetes clusters?
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We have 4 different Kubernetes clusters and each cluster has Kube-prometheus-stack chart running on it. Idea is to run 2 replicas of AlertMangers on each cluster and form a cluster out of it(8 AlertMangers forming a single cluster). Prometheus on each cluster would need to know about AlertManager running on all other clusters.

We are planning to use CRDs to deploy all this. Would be great if some ...

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how to monitor a secure lab's machine and product's log files from my organization laptop?
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I'm trying to find a solution that will help me to monitor the product's machines and log files in each one of them. here are some fact about my working environment:

  • I have a product that's installed on labs composed of several machine (some of them 3 and some 8 VMs) of Windows server 2016 and up and Windows 10.

  • My laptop is in one LAN and the Lab in another LAN

  • The product creates several log ...

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Alternatives to MobaXTermin system monitoring?
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I've been using MobaXTerm as my ssh client on windows, it has a feature called Remote Monitoring that shows stats such as the hsotname, cpu usage, ram usage, up/down speeds, etc, below an ssh connection. Example Screenshot

I'm tryng to transition away from windows and I haven't been able to find anything with a similar functionality and fingerprint, aka something that shows basic stats and doesn't  ...