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Mounting is the concept of attaching a file system to a computer for access.
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Use NFS to export an ISCSI drive. Any potential issues with this setup?
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I have a storage system that is broken for file storage. The block storage components still work and I am able to create a pool/lun and attach to a linux host.

I created a multi-TB LUN and have it connected to a linux host automatically during reboots

/etc/fstab looks like

 /dev/sdc  /opt/exports/iscsi_drive ext4 _netdev 0 0

From here I am planning to configure NFS to export the /opt/exports/iscsi ...

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Bad performance on multiple loop devices used as file containers
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Currently, I'm managing a back-up service for multiple remote servers. Backups are written trough rsync, every back-up has it's own filecontainer mounted as a loop device. The main back-up partition is an 8T xfs formatted and the loop devices are between 100G and 600G, either ext2 or ext4 formatted. So, this is the Matryoshka-like solution simplified:

df -Th
> /dev/vdb1    xfs   8,0T   /mnt/back ...
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Can't mount exported directory as NFS version 4
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I'm trying to create a simple NFSv4 export. What I did so far:

My exports file:

/srv/nfs4 <myipnet>/,sync,fsid=0,no_subtree_check)
/srv/nfs4/homes <myipnet>/,sync,no_subtree_check)

I also created a bind like it should be done for NFSv4 in fstab:

/home/nfshomes /srv/nfs4/homes none  bind  0 0

Then on my client I added this line to the fstab file:

server.ex ...
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Please help me understand mounting cifs for domain group
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I have samba ad dc and on a different member I have a file server.

Domain Controller = Debian 11 (DC01)
Domain Member (File Server) = Fedora 34 (FS01)
Domain Member (Workstation) = Fedora 34 (F01)

Here are the mount points (F01)


smb.conf (FS01)

# Global parameters
    dedicated keytab file = /etc/krb5.keytab
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NFS "an incorrect mount option was specified " ionos unable to mount shared storage
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the issue is we followed the instructions here

but get mount.nfs: an incorrect mount option was specified

whenever we do mount -a

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AWS: Can't mount my restored volume (EBS snapshot)

I restored an EBS volume from AWS Backup and attached it to a new EC2 instance. When I lsblk I can see it under the name /dev/nvme1n1.

More specifically the output of lsblk is:

loop0         7:0    0   25M  1 loop /snap/amazon-ssm-agent/4046
loop1         7:1    0 55.4M  1 loop /snap/core18/2128
loop2         7:2    0 61.9M  1 loop /snap/core20/1169
loop3 ...
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NFS mount a user cannot write gets permission denied. Gid, UID match and am not using all_squash
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Both server and client are cent os 7.0

My data VM has a exports file:


My client has a fstab: /export/images nfs rsize=32768,wsize=32768,actimeo=0,bg,intr

Sure enough that client whose user is arc can ls /export/images but if I try to cd into there and touch a file:

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Stratis filesystem will not mount after a reboot because the disk is full
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It concerns a rhel8 server that has two disks (sda and sdb), and only on the sdb disk a Stratis filesystem has been created. After a restart of the server, no more mount point appears on the sdb disk. When I try to mount it I get the following error.

# mount -a                                                                          
mount: /var/www/html/nextcloud/data: mount(2) system call failed: ...
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ZFS datasets wont mount after upgrade to ubuntu 21.10
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So i recently upgraded from Ubuntu 21.04 to 21.10 and now my ZFS datasets wont mount, even manually using the forced option.

I have tried exporting the pool and re-importing the pool, but even trying it with the Forced options continue to fail.

root@daviserver:~# zfs mount -af
cannot mount 'ssdpool/sftpsync': Insufficient privileges
cannot mount 'ssdpool/sftpsync': Insufficient privileges
cannot mount ...
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`findmnt` and `ls` still see a physically disconnected external storage drive
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Here is an /etc/fstab record example of one of the mounts as per x-systemd.automount and other goodies:

UUID=XXXX-XXXX /media/XXXX-XXXX auto noauto,nofail,nouser,uid=root,gid=users,umask=007,X-mount.mkdir,x-systemd.automount,x-systemd.device-timeout=1,x-systemd.idle-timeout=60 0 2

Currently this external exFAT-formatted drive is physically disconnected from the PC, but I still get the following  ...

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mount with fsc : an incorrect mount option was specified
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(it's my firt use of serverfault and english is not my first langage, so be cool with me).

I want to use FSC cache on a NFS Share. It's a zpool on a OVH Server. I have 3 servers using this NFS share on Debian 11 (got the same issue in Debian 10, i upgrade it to test). but mount is not working :

mount.nfs: mount(2): Invalid argument
mount.nfs: an incorrect mount option was specified

it's a 4.19.0-1 ...

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How to use a POSIX-compliant volume in Azure Container Instances
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Some Docker images like postgres and gitlab/gitlab-ce require the ability to set permissions and ownerships on files and directories, however this does not appear to be supported on Azure Container Instances (see here, here, here) due to the file shares being mounted as CIFS (SMB) and the underlying file system appearing to be NTFS.

Is there any way to mount an Azure file share or blob storage to my cont ...

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Force the kernel to unregister a drive and then initialize it again
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I had a drive that would seem to be mounted and busy no matter what I did. But since I didn't want to reboot the whole system, I ran echo 1 > /sys/block/sd*/device/delete to force the kernel to "unplug" or unregister the drive.

Then I unplugged and replugged the SATA power cable of the disk, it showed up again in the system and worked as expected.

But what could I've done if I didn't have  ...

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Cannot mount an EBS partition, file system is of type "data"
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I have inherited the administration duties on an EC2 instance with a single EBS volume mounted. The device (xvda) is partitioned, with xvda2 mounted as root (/), but I have no idea what is on xvda1, or why it exists.

$ lsblk<br>
xvda    202:0    0  600G  0 disk
├─xvda1 202:1    0    1M  0 part
└─xvda2 202:2    0  600G  0 part /

When I attempt to m ...

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bind mount /dev/pts twice - umount fails with "target is busy."
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I'm trying to understand problems that I get when I run my debootstrap procedure more than once in parallel. It seems to come down to this piece of bash script:

mkdir -p "$DIR1" "$DIR2"
mount -o bind /dev "$DIR1"
mount -o bind /dev/pts "$DIR1/pts"
mount -o bind /dev "$DIR2"
mount -o bind /dev/pts "$DIR2/pts"
umount "$DIR1/pts"
umount "$DIR1"

Do you have an ...

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The random behaviour of ownership change after mounting in Linux
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So I do know that by default when we mount; the user/group ownership is set to uid=0=gid when belongs to the root and I read that in the mount man page.

The weird thing is I am mounting an NFS share in /oradata which is a directory that I have created as follows:

[root@sandbox ~]# mkdir /oradata
[root@sandbox ~]# chown oradata:oinstall /oradata

Then am doing the NFS mount:

[root@sandbox ~]# mount -t nfs ...
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Delaying my own process to automount an external storage which start at boot
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I would like to implement my own process into a CentOS7 operating system which automount an external storage (AVID ISIS for this example) at boot through systemd.

To do that, I scripted the mount procedure (because I cannot use fstab in this particular case, the avidfos command provided by AVID is needed) but I have noticed that my process failed at boot. When I run it just after the boot process ...

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Will this DD command work?
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I've mounted my Google drive and would like to make a live backup image of my raspberry pi. Would this command work?

sudo dd status=progress if=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=10M conv=sync,noerror | gzip -9 - | dd of=~/mnt/gdrive/RPI/"home server"/backups/$(date +%Y%m%d).gz

I'm not sure if it's an issue copying to a mounted drive, I don't know if it's going to recursively start backing itself up because it's mounted ...

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Does `mount -a` make sure that I have a correct /etc/fstab file
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Once a while, I need to adjust mountpoints of a server and it is not always possible for me to reboot the system right away. Therefore, to check if my revision to /etc/fstab is correct, usually I do mount -a to see if there are any complaints. If there are no complaints, I believe my /etc/fstab is okay and let the server team to reboot the server whenever they want.

However, I am keep wondering, i ...

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OCFS2 file system mounted as read-only
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I have a problem with an Oracle Cluster Filesystem (ocfs2) attached to a cluster of Ubuntu 20.04 servers. The file system keeps getting mounted as read-only. Unfortunately, I know the cause since the system was rebooted in the middle of a file copy. I'm not surprised there are issues with some of the files but I would even be happy to delete all of these files and re-copy, but the file system keeps g ...

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mountd state directory in HA setup using cluster filesystem
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I am running a Spectrum Scale filesystem on RHEL8 that is exported via NFSv3. The HA part is done by ctdb using 4 nodes (active-active), following this configuration guide by the samba/ctdb people:

In the nfs.conf there's a state-directory path for statd which points to a directory on the shared Spectrum Scale filesystem:

state-dir ...
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No write permission on mounted CIFS drive
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I'm on a Linux machine trying to mount an SMB share inside a big network via my Active Directory username:

mount -t cifs -o username=myuser,domain=mydomain //server/share /mount/path

After the password + succesful mount I try touch /mount/path/test.txt, but I get permission denied. So many search results (this one is the biggest in terms of upvotes) suggest that because of using sudo mount the wr ...

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Mount only a folder of a Google Drive in Linux
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I would like to mount only a folder of a Google Drive on a Linux CLI server. What would be the best way to do that? Share of this folder to a dedicated Google user, and mount it using that account? Is that even possible?

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How to share directory with Fargate container
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I have a fargate container running which needs access to files present on an EC2 instance. Both are in the same network and security groups do not restrict traffic.

I tried using sshfs as well as mount using cifs.utils package. However because it is a container I get errors during the mount

Unable to apply new capability set.


fuse: device not found, try 'modprobe fuse' first

I checked the wor ...

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Recovering a file by mounting a Synology RAID1 disk in Ubuntu (mount, mdadm, and losetup issues)
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I'm working with a Synology RAID1 system and deleted a file that wasn't yet backed up. To recover the file, and since an undelete approach seems to be impossible, my idea is to mount a single RAID1 disk in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and search for it, but I'm having some trouble with it. An internet search brought me to two related Q&A's here; they are of older date though and didn't work in my case.

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NFS: control file/folder access using groups on the server
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I feel a bit stupid to ask as it feels to me to be a very basic question, but anyway I haven't found a solution yet:

I have a Linux dataserver and several workstations that mount folders on this dataserver using NFS. The system is set up in a way that users have the same uids on both, server and workstations. There is no centralized user management, but the accounts are local accounts on the acco ...

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NFS server is exporting shares but is not?
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I'm running a Lubuntu QEMU VM under Bunsenlabs Lithium (Debian 10). I'm testing different ways to share folder with NFS. First created share was OK, but the host refused to share the second folder.

=== SNIP ===


/Data/virtualization/KVMShare   *(rw,sync,no_root_squash,no_subtree_check)
/Data/share2    *(rw,sync,no_root_squash,no_subtree_check,insecure)

Both exportfs and showmount show ...

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VMDK disk became read only & how to avoid such this cases on rhel machines
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we have Kafka cluster with RHEL 7.6 , all Kafka are VM machines

on one of the Kafka machines , we noticed that sdb disk became read only ( when sda is the OS disk )

 mount | grep sdb
/dev/sdb on /var/data/kafka_DB type ext4 (ro,noatime,data=ordered)

from my point of view its little strange that DISK VMDK became read only ( because its not mechanic disk )

from red-hat I find the following

https://access.r ...

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Mount is unable to allocate memory
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Invoking the following crashes immediately with mount claiming its unable to allocate memory:

sudo mount -t overlay overlay -o lowerdir=/home/foo,upperdir=/mnt/home /home/foo

For context, /mnt/home is /dev/sda3, the 3rd partition of a flash drive formatted in ext4, /{home} is /dev/sda1, the 1st partition of the same flash drive but mounted in read-only mode because it's a live OS (booting from th ...

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Commands hangs on logical volume

I'm using virtual machine with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11. After one of the critical shutdowns of the server, the disk id have changed. I have changed and replaced the values with new ones in the following files:


In /etc/fstab /dev/sda* was specified, so there was no need to change it. But there was an error during boot:

mount: special device /dev/u01/u ...