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Nagios is a monitoring system that enables organizations to identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems before they affect critical business processes.
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CHECK_NRPE STATE CRITICAL: Socket timeout after 10 seconds
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but as mentioned in other articles ,i am able to telnet ,but it is happening from public ip of client , i am doing from Nagios server telnet public ip of client is working, but in nrpe.cfg i gave private ip,also in nagios servers .cfg also i gave private ip even check_nrpe is also working ,what to do

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NRPE: Command 'check_ssh' not defined
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We have a new Nagios Core server monitoring Linux hosts running NRPE plugins. Most of them are working as expected, but the SSH Monitor is failing with "NRPE: Command 'check_ssh' not defined". I can run check_ssh locally, but it's not working from the Nagios monitor.


What am I doing wrong? I can run check_ssh on the linix agent itself and it works. Other plugins, like check_users ...

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nagios-nrpe-server output different vs running locally
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To be sure I don't have any double definition of the command, I created a new debug command name in the nrpe config

/etc/nagios/nrpe.d # grep -R debug
debug.cfg:command[debug_check_disks]=/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_disk -w 20% -c 5% -C -w 10000 -c 5000 -p /home -p /

Executing it via nrpe plugin gives me a warning

/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_nrpe -H -c debug_check_disks
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Change url for thruk
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following the official documentation, they report that to modify the thruk url, you have to change the url_prefix, I have added the following information in the path /etc/thruk/thruk_local.conf

configure url_prefix

and I have configured the corresponding aliases

configure alias

however, when I restart the apache it gives me the following error


in the thruk and apache logs it does not show any releva ...

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Linux server nrpe nagios check_procs process state monitoring - need info, when process is restarted
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I need to be informed by nagios when a process on a remote server is restarted.

The only thing I do not know how to do is to check its process state, and what way to do it?

I got in remote server this nrpe command for now: ./check_procs -c 1: -a "/usr/local/yyyprogram/sbin/XXXdaemon" -s Sl but this process must work all the time, has own mechanism to restart, and this is the only thing I need to k ...

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Naemon still sending DOWN notifications for removed host
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I shutdown an old web server, and immediately started receiving DOWN notifications from Naemon.

Now I have removed that host entirely from the Naemon config, and restarted the Naemon service. Yet I continue to receive DOWN notifications every hour.

How do I stop these?

The whole Naemon configuration is almost 2000 lines, so much too long to include here; the virtually default naemon.cfg is over 1000 li ...

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What's the difference between developing and using naghelp and nagiosplugin?
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What's the difference between developing and using naghelp and nagiosplugin for Nagios plugins?

When would you use one rather than the other?

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Nagios check_nt MEMUSAGE average
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there is a method to check the memory (RAM) usage by the average in windows? (Like CPULOAD -l minutes)

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Widget data in centreon is not coming due to accidental file deletion
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I am on Centreon 2.8.22, I was playing with a certain widget and I accidentally extracted all the files of that widget in the widget folder. So then I was deleting all the files which was extracted here and I think I have accidentally deleted a main configuration file in this folder (not sure which file is that, maybe its require.php or something else.

Now the thing is, how do I get my widget to  ...

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Nagios - 'Error: Could not open config directory' but permissions are correct and selinux is permissive
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Trying to setup a separate directory to store my nagios configuration files and when I attempt to validate the configuration I get the below error.

Error: Could not open config directory '/usr/local/nagios/etc/objects/corp/contacts.cfg' for reading.

I believe the permissions are correct and I have selinux in permissive mode.

[root@NAGSRV objects]# /usr/local/nagios/bin/nagios -v /usr/local/nagios/ ...
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Keep SSH connected until command output completes
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I am trying to setup a Nagios rule that runs an SSH command and outputs the contents to a file. The issue I believe I am running into is that SSH runs the command and closes the connection before the output writes to the file. If I run the script manually from the CLI it works great, but from within Nagios it is writing 0 size files. One file I checked just included the header of the output which lea ...

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How to configure NDRP clients on Nagios Core Server
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Good day all.

I am new to nagios core and I have spend a number of days trying to configure a Nagios Core Server lying in a public subnet to receive passive checks from VMs in a private subnet with a NAT gateway. The goal of the setup is to allow these internal VMs send passive checks to the Nagios Core Server on the public subnet of the same VCN.

What I have done so far

I have configured Nagios Core a ...

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Monitoring Linux Servers behind squid proxy via Nagioscore
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This is my first post here, please help me.

I want to monitor a few redhat servers which are behind a squid proxy server. I have done the below configuration:

RedHat Node behind proxy server configuration:- I have installed nrpe and also copied check_disk, check_cpu and check_mem plugins under /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins.

I also added the below lines in /etc/nagios/nrpe.cfg file.

allowed_hosts=127.0 ...
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Mass acknowledging alert in NAGIOS
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Good evening to all!

I was wondering around to find solution of mass acknowledging the alerts all at once for 500+ service notification in Nagios. After a long hardship, I came across building below script own. Please help in analyzing pros and cons or if another best alternative available to it.


for name in $(cat list.txt)
    now=`date +%s`
    command="/var/spool/ ...
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How to properly display accentuated characters in a check_nrpe result based on a Powershell script?
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I have a custom Powershell script called by Nagios using "check_nrpe". Currently all check results output messages with special characters like 'è', 'é' or 'à' are not displayed properly when the check result is shown on Nagios.

How to allow those to be displayed properly?

Check command

$USER1$/check_nrpe  -H server.tld -c check_foo -a 7 7 7  

Script call on nsclient.ini

[/settings/external scri ...
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How can I make check_nrpe alert on certain event log ID and recover on another
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I'm trying to make a check_nrpe check through Nagios that will alert me on event log being generated and resolve the alert when another event log is generated(recover).

Currently I'm using the following but I'm not sure what's the way to make it also notice another id.

alias_event_log -a test "id='19003' AND strings like 'Not arrived for' AND source='Test'" 1 1 'syntax=%strings%'

How do I make it so that ...

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Nagios check_procs not reporting processes not spawned by root
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I am trying to set up Nagios to monitor the nginx service on my load balancer but have been unsuccessful in getting it to show the service being up. The command and service definition are below. It seems that any process that is not spawned by root will not show as running. The nginx process is being run by www-data. I even tried something as simple as having it check for the "top" process I was running ...

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Nagios SNMPTT trap Logs issues
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I had a quick question regarding the nagios snmptt trap logs. The traps arent coming through in the snmptt.log with proper date..its stuck on May 17th..

it has logs for all days till May 17.. It is still processing TODAY's snmptt trap logs as 17th may .

the time (16:33:39) keeps on changing , but date (Mon May 17) remains the same.


tail -f snmptt.log

Mon May 17 16:33:39 2021 . ...

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Grafana false positive SNMP down
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NOTE: I also have Nagios running on another server that reports bandwidth warnings and up/down status. Not a single switch is alerting from this, only Grafana.

Grafana version 1.14.1

I was receiving alerts every minute of all switches reporting as down.


The metrics portion of the dashboard is:

up{instance="",job="snmp"} <--- same for all 12 switches that are polled

I was able to log  ...

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Give permission to Larvel web app in Centos 7 to add/delete/edit files
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  • I build a new web interface by Larvel 8 for nagios core in Centos 7, everything is OK I can open the interface in browser, except one thing it s add/delete/edit files in nagios repositry cuz I want to automate this process, but it's obviously permission problem.

  • So I try all solutions I founded but none of them works, Can you please help me on this?

this is the details about nagios repository: