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Netapp makes storage: primarily, their Data ONTAP series which does network attached and block storage. Since they acquired Engenio, they also sell block-only devices.
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Monitoring an NFS mountpoint on a NetApp box for changes
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I need to monitor an NFS mountpoint for changes (files written or created). I am running Linux (a RedHat variant to be precise). I also am a NetApp user (i.e., I don't have admin privileges on the NetApp box).

There are various filesystem monitoring packages out there, but I would prefer something that is known solid on RedHat and friends.

Something with python bindings is preferred.

Any ideas?

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NetApp SVM management web interface 404 error
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I created an SVM with the intentions of delegating administration to just that SVM (my first time doing this). I created an aggregate for it, created an SVM, assigned the aggregate to the SVM, created a separate account for the SVM and assigned it a management LIF. I can access the SVM via SSH and that seems to be working fine. But the web interface for the SVM gives a 404 error: Not Found The requested ...

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JBOD hard drives report incorrect size
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I am trying to setup a netapp ds14 to use with 6 and 8tb SATA drives I got FC to SATA interposer boards and now all the drives are correctly identified and visible, however the capacity that I see is only 1.5tb for all of the drives

What am I missing?

here are some logs

sg_scan -i
/dev/sg0: scsi6 channel=0 id=0 lun=0
    XYRATEX   RS-1402-SA-XNS1   3034 [rmb=0 cmdq=1 pqual=0 pdev=0xd] 
/dev/sg1: scsi6 ch ...
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Windows - Group Policy - Numerous Share Drives w/ Item-Level Targeting
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We have been working on getting our numerous sites to map share drives for each user that needs access to their sites. We have no way of standardizing this from within their AD profile as some users move around a lot and end up not telling IT until they need access to a particular site share drive. In turn we have created security groups for each site and will be using this as an item-level ta ...

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Qlogic QLE8152 connect to a DS14 disk shelf
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I am trying to configure a NETAPP DS14 disk shelf to expose the drives to a windows or a linux machine, I don't have a controller but I got a FC to ethernet adapter (Qlogic 8152)

however the loop does not connect, I see that the DS14 supports max of 2gbps, however the adapter is listed as a 10gbps one, any ideas how to configure it to a lower speed?

I tried setting it via ethtool

sudo ethtool -s [device_ ...