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Set two IP addresses for parallel data transfers
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I need to transfer massive amounts of data to my server from different client systems around the world as fast as possible. My organisation has two redundant lines from different service providers (150 Mbps + 150 Mbps) which are not used at night. They are mapped to different public IP addresses. I have been given permission to use both lines in parallel to get the maximum possible throughput.

Ho ...

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Will cars arrive to 2nd booth before all cars serviced at first booth?
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Suppose cars now “propagate” at 1000 km/hr and suppose toll booth now takes one min to service a car. It's also given each booth is 100 Km apart from previous booth (taken from Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach, Jim Kurose, Keith Ross):

enter image description here

Question: Will cars arrive to 2nd booth before all cars serviced at first booth?

I answered yes, but the answer I got is, "after 7 min, first car arrives a ...

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Why do the creators of this dashboard multiply bytes by 8 to get bits? Isn't it the other way around?
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To monitor a server we have imported a dashboard for Grafana. This uses Telegraf and InfluxDB as collector and database.

When certain graphs needed to be adjusted, I noticed that in the network speed queries, the bytes received (bytes_recv) are multiplied by 8, but the units on the graph itself are displayed in bits.

SELECT non_negative_derivative(mean(bytes_recv),1s)*8 as "in" FROM "net" WHERE host = ...
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SSH keys: ed25519 vs RSA performance demystified
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It is claimed that ed25519 keys are better than RSA, in terms of security and performance. In terms of security, I understand that 4096 bits RSA keys are practically unbreakable for the foreseable future, so I am not asking about that.

What I would like to understand is the performance difference (in terms of speed). When people claim that ed25519 keys are faster, what does it mean? I am asking fr ...

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something is "blocking" my images from loading faster tried apache configs, nginx, cache header stuff, nothing changes
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THE ISSUE : the images in my site takes a bit to start loading... like if something is blocking, but unable to pinpoint what could be the cause.

PHP 8 / latest WHM


WHAT I TRYED [.0A.] : changing web hosting company => no change, there is something in my web code...

WHAT I TRYED [.0B.] : I was with centos 7 and changed to centos 8 => still the same

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Why do some VPN clients slow down the network connection even when they are not it use?
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I work as an I.T. consultant, and I often have to install various VPN clients on my computer in order to connect to customer's networks; beginning in March 2020, I started always working from home for well known reasons.

Until a couple months ago I had a 100 Mb/s ADSL Internet connection, thus I never noticed what I'm describing next; then I upgraded my connection to a FTTH 1Gb/s connection, whic ...