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Networking refers to the technologies and techniques that enable the interconnection of devices and applications allowing them to communicate electronically.
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Only the PC that is plugged into the same switch as the printer can ping the printer, but other devices can ping the PC on the same switch. Why?
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In my store I have sever POS computers running Windows 10 and a Brother network laser printer. Suddenly none of the POS systems can reach the printer. When I installed the printer in the showroom I added a Netgear switch so that I could plug both devices into the network. It was working fine until about a week ago. The printer has a static IP but only the POS system that is plugged into the same switch  ...

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Route shadowsocks traffic through openvpn in server side
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So I want to implement a thing like this :

  1. A client connect to my shadowsocks server.
  2. Shadowsocks server send request to remote server ( a server that client trying to connect to that ) through openvpn
  3. Retrieve result ( response ) from openvpn and send it back to client by shadowsocks.

How can I implement that in a ubuntu18.04 server ?

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How to disable Docker Network Isolation?
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I use gitlab, gitlab-runner, sonarqube, nexus, ... with docker compose to test build chains before implementing them on my company's servers. These servers use the same network bridge.

This worked fine on my old ubuntu, but since I'm using debian, containers on the default bridge can't connect to the docker compose bridge anymore.

Since this is not an operational instance of docker, how can I disabl ...

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home networking issue - can't redirect wifi sites to website
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First, I am an amateur when it comes to networking/routing. I have an Internet-accessible website on a home computer that I use to test html/javascript/etc. I have a domain name and a static IP from my ISP. The network is currently set up like this:

Smart/RG SR400ac - this is the router/modem and connects to the outside Internet. The only device plugged into it with an ethernet cable is a Netgear R6900 ...

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WireGuard: 2 client peers on the same server with Internet connection and port forwarding
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Dear ServerFault community,

I have recently bought a home-server. I did not want to host any content on my office IP ( and I, therefore, bought an OVH VPS with 4 IPs and created a WireGuard tunnel to use the VPS' IP as the homeserver IP.

OVH VPS also forwards all the ports to my homeserver.

I am currently using 2 of the 4 OVH VPS' IPs ( and (

I created two WireGuard tunnels ...

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UDM Pro Site-to-Site VPN issues
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I just got the UDM Pro and got to setting up the Site-to-Site VPN. Everything seems to work, but I'm unable to add all 3 redundant subnets that I've got set up in my AWS VPC.

It works fine with a one, but after adding another one, the first one breaks while the second one works.

Does anyone have experience with setting this up? What am I doing wrong?

This is how my current config looks like:

AWS Subnets - ...

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Cannot Ping Primary interface after configuring second INT on AWS
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I have an Amazon EC2 Instance running Ubuntu server 16.04

I want the EC2 to have two network interfaces. After configuring the secondary interface. I cannot ping my primary interface from my other instances. This is my configuration of the /etc/network/interfaces.d/51-secondary.cfg . I have enable to allow all traffic on the ec2 as well. My interfaces are ens5 the primary and ens6 the secondary.  ...

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Migrating Asterisk VoIP to new network
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I've an Asterisk server with 4 IP phones connected to it, and gotta move them to a new network (IP range). When changing the IPs and gateway of the server and the IP phones, the phones stop working and they display the message "no service", despite they can be pinged.

They're declared in the /etc/asterisk/sip_additional.conf with host=dynamic, so I assume they should be recognized automatically.

I s ...

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Why is my home wifi network NOT working intermittently?
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My home wifi broke intermittently, how can I troubleshoot it?


I use China Telecom service, they provide a smart SDN gateway, which is fiber 1000 M speed. The wired network is working smoothly all the time.

The issue occurs with the wifi, it brokes intermittently. When it broke, the wifi connection status shows normally, but no internet access. The DNS time-outs.

What I tried

  • I tried all  ...

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windows mobile hotspot (Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct virtual adapter)
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I cannot modify the IP address of the local area connection network generated when I turn on mobile hotpost on Windows 10. I've tried changing the address with cmd, regedit & gui and nothing works. Im not sure if its possible but I need to manipulate its IP so that the machines connecting to that network have a certain IP network

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Why does not resolve within my docker-compose devcontainer?
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I am running Windows Subsystem for Linux v2 with Ubuntu 20.04. Within my WSL I am running a VS Code dev container based on the docker-from-docker-compose container. From within my dev container I cannot resolve, but everywhere else it works fine. I can also ping other domains within my dev container, it's just this one that fails. I am pretty much a beginner when it comes to networkin ...

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Kubernetes: Pod IP address is out of range specified in --pod-network-cidr
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After upgrading to v1.24.0 (after Dockershim removal), I had to install cri-dockerd, then I did the following:

sudo kubeadm init --pod-network-cidr= --cri-socket=unix:///var/run/cri-dockerd.sock --apiserver-advertise-address=

I have chosen flannel as Network Plugin:

kubectl apply -f

Until  ...

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Huawei Switch CE6810LI & Router Huawei NE40E - SNMP Monitoring with ELK Stack
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I would like to discuss my case with you to see if I can find a way to solve the problem that I am encountering when monitoring network traffic and other aspects of our Huawei core devices.

My case is as follows: through the SNMP protocol I monitor several of our Huawei core devices, including a Huawei CE6810LI Switch and a Huawei NE40E Router, I do all this through ElasticSearch, searching for t ...

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Exchange server via TailScale (Wireguard) and creating valid certificates
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Here is the scenario. Exchange server runs on a lan. Clients interact with the server via ActiveSync over HTTPs connections served by IIS. IIS is using a cert with SANs that are appropriate for the local domain. An example would be * I'm attempting to allow access to the server via TailScale (Wireguard) to an iOS client. The issue that arises is that when a connection is established via  ...

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Specify different broadcast IPs for different Windows machines
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I run some high-frequency trading software from home across multiple accounts. Sometimes during very volatile conditions, I run into issues with rate limits restricted by IP address.

I was assuming I could get a batch of IP addresses, which I've done, and split the accounts across different computers to reduce the likelihood of hitting rate limits.

Is there a way I can assign a public IP to be used  ...

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Figure out ways to forward traffic through proxy for Home network from external 3rd party
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I noticed all my traffic goes through one ip address which seems a proxy and this proxy is not set up neither by me or my provider (I contacted them on this issue). I want to figure out who and how did this and as a first step I want to understand options to forward traffic from private home network to the proxy from 3rd party.


  • I time to time work from different locations. From one of this  ...
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Network Configuration At ISP. Router vs Switch
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Hoping actual IT folks can help me out. I’m standing up my own enterprise network for the first time. We are a heavy construction company so our tech skills are pretty limited. I have 5 static IPs available. I am hoping to set up 3 access points behind the ISP. I want to have one router in my shop with 3 laptops a printer and a iPad. I am running Ethernet over to a scale house / sales building for a s ...

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How to view current PHY master-slave settings in Linux (Centos Stream)
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I am trying to view the current master-slave settings on my network cards (HPs with Intel controllers).

I see ethtool has the master-slave option to set the mode, but I didn't see how to view the current setting. When I try only "ethtool " it doesn't show any master-slave settings.

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How to configure ISP IP address to esxi host?
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I just bought a server for my organisation and installed vsphere esxi and i have installed windows server inside esxi host , and also i got an IP address for Internet from ISP, now i want to configure ISP IP address to esxi host to shere internet to client computer through esxi host and i don't know how to do that.

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Wireguard Client to Client issues
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Server: Ubuntu

  • Wireguard server all clients connect to
  • Runs SMB share: all clients can access when the VPN is connected
  • Clients can ping eachother

Client a: Windows Server 2022

  • Firewall: Allow
  • IIS *:80
    • Works locally, works on VPN Server (wget), does not work on client b. Client b can access IIS over the server's public IP address, not the VPN address
  • SQL Server
    • configured to a ...
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How to reduce the time it takes a request to pass from a ALB to the actual Fargate Server?
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I have a webhook endpoint where our service provider send a payload which I have to respond to within 2 seconds. I've been getting way too many timeout errors from the service provider, meaning I wasn't able to respond within 2 seconds.

I did some digging as to when the Fargate Server gets the payload vs when the ALB receives it. I went through some of the access logs from the ALB and found that  ...

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which K3S ports should (not) be exposed on a public interface
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The K3S documentation explains which ports are required for this kubernetes distribution to work.

What it does NOT explain is, which of these ports are OK to be open on a public interface.

K3S seem to deal with the following ports

6443/tcp nodes
8472/udp flannel
10250/tcp kublet (metrics)
10251/tcp controller-manager
10255/tcp kublet (readonly)

10250/tcp kublet (metrics)
10255/tcp kublet ( ...
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I want to test IGMP capability of a OpenWRT based router. How caan i test?
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This is what I want to test out, SEE IMAGE: Router connected to users and is accessible over the internet as well

  1. PC1 and PC2 should be able to join some group(s).
  2. Should be able to leave group as well.
  3. When joined they should receive the multicast UDP traffic.

What tool should I use to test out?

PC1 and PC2 are Ubuntu or any GNU/Linux-based PC.

I've tried ostinato but that is only one way and isn't dy ...

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Content of checkpoint backup with extension tar.gz
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I have a Checkpoint Firewall backup file with extension tar.gz. When I uncompress the file, I see that there are several directories and files. One directory is called config.

Questions Is this directory contains text files that store firewall configuration such as nat, static routes, rules and so on?

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nginx and httpd. (99: Cannot assign requested address)
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i have a dedicated not managed server and use centos7 as OS, after a reboot and a new secondary ssd on my server, the httpd and nginx services no longer start.

the ips configuration was not touched and has been working for two years, the additional ips were added in


like ifcfg-enInterface:0 ifcfg-enInterface:1 ifcfg-enInterface:2 ifcfg-enInterface:3

with the command  ...

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How can I assign same private IP to two azure vm having differnt MAC address? only one vm will be providing service at a time
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I have two vms behind the Azure Load balancer working as High availability that is only one vm is providing service at a time, other vm will be in passive state. I want to keep same IP address on both VM how can I achieve that? health probe should send probe on to the both VMs.

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"ping" fails when running from google- cloud on specific IP
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I'm trying to access trough google cloud servers. I got the IP When i ping it locally on my computer it works fine.

Local results:

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=5ms TTL=118
Reply from bytes=32 time=8ms TTL=118
Reply from bytes=32 time=5ms TTL=118
Reply from 81.218.6 ...
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I need to figure out how to buy a used server. What is the thing called that pulls out from a stack server an has a screen on it an keyboard?
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I want to buy the computer that technicians use to repair or configure stack servers it looks just like a laptop but has hot swappable harddrives. I'm entering a i.t. program an I'd like to mess with building my own server while I do my schooling. Can anybody tell me what the hell that thing is called? It has a screen an keyboard an mouse pad I've searched the net for days an none of the pictures I've s ...

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Load balancing ISPs without double NAT
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I configures my TP-Links ER605 multi-wans router to load balance between my two ISPs (that is working). But since my Web/NAS server is behind my router on the network, any computers on and can't access the NAS or Web server directly. The ER605 won't let use the same subnet on the the lan and the two wan.

I look at these 4 questions but no luck.

load balancing isps on  ...

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Set Zyxel XS1920 as unmanaged switch
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I have a Zyxel XS1920 smart managed switch

I want to use it as a (very fast) unmanaged switch; like a QNAP QSW-1208. So I don't need it to be smart, I just need it to be simple so I can plug it in to extend an existing network.

Can anyone advise in simple terms how I might do this? I do have access to the Zyxel management interface; I just don't know ...