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Network File System (NFS) is a network file system protocol originally developed by Sun Micro systems in 1984, allowing a user on a client computer to access files over a network in a manner similar to how local storage is accessed. NFS, like many other protocols, builds on the Open Network Computing Remote Procedure Call (ONC RPC) system. The Network File System is an open standard defined in RFCs.
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How to force a Windows machine to not try opening a NFS shared resource via SMB?
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Environment: Local private network, Windows Server 2016 NFS clients, CentOS 7 NFS server nfsd (which seems to not be the source of a problem).

Situation: Several Windows hosts are connected to a shared resource hosted on a Linux host via NFS. Access itself is OK, but in case there were no requests to the mounted drive from Windows side, subsequent (or first after a Windows OS restart) access to t ...

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Monitoring an NFS mountpoint on a NetApp box for changes
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I need to monitor an NFS mountpoint for changes (files written or created). I am running Linux (a RedHat variant to be precise). I also am a NetApp user (i.e., I don't have admin privileges on the NetApp box).

There are various filesystem monitoring packages out there, but I would prefer something that is known solid on RedHat and friends.

Something with python bindings is preferred.

Any ideas?

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Test latency from NFS to a NFS-client
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My team opted for a self build NFS server (using an EC2 instance to serve the other instances), instead of using AWS EFS. We would like to test the latency that our NFS has, then to compare it versus the EFS.

Is there a way/tool to test latency of these NFS servers?

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Increase memory usage on NFS Server
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I'm producing data (100GB files) that are finally copied to a server through NFS v4.2, on a 10Gb network. These files are stored on many HDDs, with XFS formatting (one copy per target drive).

When the copy tasks are running:

  • There is a huge memory usage on the client (could be more than 64GB, it takes as much memory as it can).
  • But almost no ram is used on the server.

I would like to reduce the memory u ...

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xcopy nfs share fails from bat file, but works in terminal
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I have a short script xcopy_recursive.bat which is literally:

xcopy /E /Y '%1' '%2'

an attempt to run it as follows:

xcopy_recursive.bat '\\nfs\dir' 'C:\destination'

results in

xcopy '\\nfs\dir' 'C:\destination'
File not found - dir

While if I copy echoed command xcopy '\\nfs\dir' 'C:\destination' and execute it directly from cmd it works just fine.

Any ideas what happens here?

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mountd state directory in HA setup using cluster filesystem
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I am running a Spectrum Scale filesystem on RHEL8 that is exported via NFSv3. The HA part is done by ctdb using 4 nodes (active-active), following this configuration guide by the samba/ctdb people:

In the nfs.conf there's a state-directory path for statd which points to a directory on the shared Spectrum Scale filesystem:

state-dir ...
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NFS4 + Kerberos does not work since 5.10 kernel
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Since I updated to Debian Bullseye, nfs clients stopped working:

# mount -vvt nfs4 -o sec=krb5 nfs11:/srv /mnt
mount.nfs4: timeout set for Wed Sep 15 20:25:49 2021
mount.nfs4: trying text-based options 'sec=krb5,vers=4.2,addr=x.y.11.63,clientaddr=x.y.11.42'
mount.nfs4: mount(2): Permission denied
mount.nfs4: access denied by server while mounting nfs11:/srv

When I install 5.9 kernel (linux-image-5.9.0 ...

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KVM Libvirt, access nfs shares from host to client
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I'm on a problem and I hope for some help?

I have a server with 5 network interfaces. One is running PPPoE from a bridged modem and gets the external IP. I'm using firewalld and dnsmasq to share that connection to the other 4 ports and devices on my network, all works fine.

I am now trying to put a virtual machine on the host, using libvirt/KVM. That works, and I have created a machine with a 512MB  ...

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NFS root file system
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I am trying to get a remote root (and boot) NFS filesystem working correctly and I am hitting the limits of my knowledge. I wonder if someone can point me in the right direction.


Both TFTP and NFS are served from a Linksys WRT 1900 ACS router running OpenWRT 19.07. This device also has an external SSD which is used as an overlay root file system. ...

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NFS: control file/folder access using groups on the server
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I feel a bit stupid to ask as it feels to me to be a very basic question, but anyway I haven't found a solution yet:

I have a Linux dataserver and several workstations that mount folders on this dataserver using NFS. The system is set up in a way that users have the same uids on both, server and workstations. There is no centralized user management, but the accounts are local accounts on the acco ...

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Delay in NFS Client file Updation in NFS Server
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We have an NFS server and our custom board which is our NFS Client. We are generating a log file as part of our custom application. This log file is getting generated in the root file system of the board(NFS client) immediately after the application execution. But however its taking about 30 seconds to get updated on the NFS server which is a high delay in our use case. In the NFS server I ran the comma ...

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NFS server is exporting shares but is not?
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I'm running a Lubuntu QEMU VM under Bunsenlabs Lithium (Debian 10). I'm testing different ways to share folder with NFS. First created share was OK, but the host refused to share the second folder.

=== SNIP ===


/Data/virtualization/KVMShare   *(rw,sync,no_root_squash,no_subtree_check)
/Data/share2    *(rw,sync,no_root_squash,no_subtree_check,insecure)

Both exportfs and showmount show ...

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NFS instance in availability zone - AWS
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My team has the task to build a plan in case the AZ that has the NFS instance fails. This NFS instance shares files with others machines (NFS clients) in others AZ (we use North of California).

We have to propose ideas. One we have is that, when the NFS instance AZ fails, disconnect it's hard drive and attach it to another instance in another AZ (all this using lambda) but with this we also have  ...

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Does apache open and close every log on every access?
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The question is about the access and error logs, particularly with multiple hosts (apache instances installed on more than one server) and keeping the logs centrally on a network file system.

Does apache close each log file after every write?

If yes, on a busy server hosting many sites each with it's own log, that would seem to be a potential performance bottleneck?

If No, what is the solution when hav ...

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Automatically set owner to new files in a NFS Folder
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I have a machine which acts as a NFS server, this machine shares files with others. Developers use the dev-user to upload files to the NFS server, but in the NFS client those files need to be owned by web-user, and devs don't have the credentials to log into the web servers everytime and do chown to those files. I want that everytime files are uploaded to the NFS client they are owned automaticall ...

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Make NFS server listen only on a specific interface
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I am trying to run a NFS server (nfs-kernel-server package) on a Ubuntu 20.04 machine and want to make it only acessible via VPN.

I have set the appropriate IP address in the /etc/exports file and my firewall. Nevertheless, the rpc.mountd daemon is still listening on all interfaces ( and ::). As a defense-in-depth measurement, I would like to restrict it further to only listen to connections on ...

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Some process are in unkillable sleeping state while i/o is low
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I am the system administrator of an Arch Linux-based workstation. Our workstation uses Slurm as the load manager and consists of one master machine and 4 other computation nodes. In the past few months, we observe that processes on some nodes are stuck from time to time, and rebooting the node solves the problem. We found that the stuck processes are in state D (disk sleeping), but when we use top or ot ...

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mount nfs as another folder on home
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I have purchased a WD-Ex2 NAS and am trying to share a folder via nfs with my ubuntu machine.

This folder will be used only by this machine and I want to be able to have execute permissions with my user. I would like it to be treated as one more home folder.

I am mounting the folder as follows

$ sudo cat /etc/fstab
#nfs mycloud /media/tmp_msigs60  nfs     defaults,user, ...
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NFS not allowing hosts specified in config to mount share
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I am having an issue where NFS is refusing to allow hosts that are specified in the config file to mount the share.

I am running an NFS server on Debian 10, BTRFS filesystem.

my /etc/exports reads:

/share,sync,no_subtree_check) *.domain.lan(rw,sync,no_subtree_check)

I am trying to mount from host.domain.lan, but when I try to mount the share I get the following:

mount.nfs: ac ...
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After Moving KVM VM, Unable to Mount NFS Partitions
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I am using KVM for VMs with LVM partitions. I ran out of space one of the VM(32G) and I decided to move the VM to another physical server and expand its disk(to 48G).

#Physical server with low disk space
sudo dd if=/dev/images/fooVM of=someNFSServer/fooVM.img (32GB)

#Physical server with high disk space
sudo lvcreate -L 32G -n fooVM-temp images
sudo dd if=someNFSServer/fooVM.img of=/dev/images/foo ...
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NFS mount is gone after reboot, but present in fstab
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I have added the following to /etc/fstab, which I understood would automatically mount upon startup of the machine. /nfs/plex nfs auto,nofail,noatime,nolock,intr,tcp,actimeo=1800 0 0

However every time I reboot my server I have to run sudo mount -a in order to see anything in the /nfs/plex directory. Otherwise it is empty.

The network storage location (Synology NAS) was ...

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RHEL8: Does NFS I/O count as part of "%iowait" calculations?
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Customer telling us that they see high %iowait in top and iostat output on a busy RHEL8 NFS client.

iostat man page clearly says that iowait is related to % of time kernel is waiting on "disk" I/O

Question - does NFS I/O count as "disk" I/O in %iowait calculations?

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Start idmapd at every boot
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We suddenly had a "nobody" issue on NFSv4 mounts on SLES 12.5 machines.


systemctl unmask nfs-idmapd.service
systemctl enable nfs-idmapd.service
systemctl restart nfs-idmapd.service
nfsidmap -c

solved it (+a correct /etc/idmapd.conf), but after a rebooot, we again have to start the idmapd service.

The question: How can we make the idmapd automatically start at boot?


SERVER:~ # systemctl ...
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Active Directory + NFS: Why is domain user's uidNumber, gidNumber not shown by `id` command in Windows?
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I am connecting NFS v3 shares (ZFS datasets) from a Solaris file server owned by domain users to Windows computers, but the concept should apply to basically any POSIX-style server. I'm hoping to find an intuitive way for permissions to persist across platforms, which can also apply to multiple users using the same client.

The Solaris server does not recognize the users' identity when mounting t ...

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Kubernetes can't mount NFS volumes after NFS server update and reboot
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After zypper patch'ing NFS server on openSUSE Leap 15.2 to latest version and rebooting, nodes in kubernetes cluster (Openshift 4.5) can no longer mount NFS volumes.

NFS server version: nfs-kernel-server-2.1.1-lp152.9.12.1.x86_64

/etc/exports contains:

/nfs 192.168.11.*(rw,sync,no_wdelay,root_squash,insecure,no_subtree_check,fsid=0)

Affected pods are in ContainerCreating status

kubectl descr ...

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Users unable to create files/directories on NFSv3 mount, but can modify
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I've got two RHEL 6 servers, one is an NFS server (we'll call it nfs-server, say its IP is, and the other is a generic client for all intents and purposes (we'll call it nfs-client, say its IP is

Both nfs-server and nfs-client are connected to the same centralised authentication system, so UIDs/GIDs are the same for a given user.

nfs-client is mounting an NFSv3 share from nfs-serve ...

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How should we automount home directories stored at different NFS paths at /home/$USER?
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We're currently transitioning to storing all of our organization's user information in Red Hat IDM (FreeIPA). We have several thousand users, and mount user home directories over NFS from a NetApp filer. On the filer, home directories are stored in 50+ subdirectories spread across more than a dozen volumes depending on their account type & organizational role.

We would like to change where we ...

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flock fails with NFSv4
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I don't know why this code is not working under NFS4, using NFS3 works perfectly. The idea is to avoid the file being written while a process is still reading it.

I would like to debug, but our sys-admin is not able to. Which could be reason. Under our NFS4-Installation I always get into this condition

  if ( flock(fp,LOCK_EX) == -1)
    printf("Error: file %s is already locked\n", fileName); ...
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Docker error - "cannot open path of the current working directory: Permission denied"
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I'm currently learning Docker and just migrated to an Ubuntu 20.04.2 VM running in VMware workstation player as my Raspberry Pi 2 running Debian 9 has kicked the bucket. Seems Docker requires some special permissions in Ubuntu and I'm baffled as to what those are. The primary error message when running any docker command is:

cannot open path of the current working directory: Permission denied

My hom ...

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nfs (or ceph, or k8s) works strange: ls/tree not working, but i can read files
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I have some problems and i want to know where i have to check.

  • my env: ceph nfs mount to a k8s pod

  • problem:

    • at mounted path (on k8s node and inside the pod too), ls/tree not working, but i can read/write files

    • because i can read files and only can't see in filesystem, so i thought inode is weird.

    • mounted volume has negative IUsed and increasing Inodes when i create/modify files, which i don't know ...