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The NGINX Ingress Controller for Kubernetes is an alternative Kubernetes ingress controller that can be used instead of the default ingress controller.
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AKS Multiple Nginx Ingress with internal LB
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Azure Kubernetes - AKS - K8s version - 1.20.9.

Trying to setup multiple nginx ingress with Internal LB.

ingress controller with ingress-class -

helm install test1  ingress-nginx/ingress-nginx \
    --set controller.replicaCount=1  \
     --set controller.nodeSelector."beta\.kubernetes\.io/os"=linux \
     --set defaultBackend.nodeSelector."beta\.kubernetes\.io/os"=linux \
     --set controller.ingressCla ...
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Providing a flag to NGINX Ingress Controller that doesn't run as a Deployment
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In general, my question about setting up a default certificate is answered here: Kubernetes ingress How to set default-ssl-certificate?.

What I don't understand is this part: I'm supposed to add the flag --default-ssl-certificate=kube-system/host-cert as the Ingress' argument. And to discover the YAML config file settings of the NGINX Ingress Controller I should check it with command like: kubectl  ...

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Kubernetes Dashboard not reachable (error 404)
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What I'm trying to do is launching the Kubernetes Dashboard on my cluster.

The Dashboard was installed using Kubespray, so I'm pretty sure it's installed correctly (at least its pods run without errors).

Cluster's setup overview is the following:

$ kubectl get svc --all-namespaces
NAMESPACE     NAME                        TYPE        CLUSTER-IP      EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)                  AGE
default      ...
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Malicious requests from private network (Kubernetes)
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Recently I'm having many malicious requests to my nginx-ingress pod but I don't understand how's possible they're from a private network. Some examples: - - [11/Oct/2021:09:07:09 +0000] "GET /cgi-bin/.%2e/%2e%2e/%2e%2e/%2e%2e/%2e%2e/%2e%2e/%2e%2e/%2e%2e/%2e%2e/etc/hosts HTTP/1.1" 400 158 "-" "-" 94 0.015 [] [] - - - - bea3d4941bd57413fa52e4ff01437067 - - [11/Oct/2021:09:07:09  ...
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502 gateway error on Kubernetes Ingress (K3S - Bare Metal)
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I have a k3s cluster with a master on a cloud VPS but with 2 remote worker nodes, both on the same network. They're connected via a VPN to the cloud provider. The worker nodes were able to join just fine and were able to create new pods, but it seems that communication is a problem because I can't contact the pods from an Ingress.

When I run my Traefik Ingress (I tried Nginx too, same result), it ...

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NGINX Ingress Controller forwarded Certificate to Apache2 Extraction
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On our k8s cluster we use NGINX Ingress Controller to request the clients (web-browsers) to provide a client certificate. If the certificate is valid, the request ist proxied to a full-blown Apache Server inside the private network.

The nginx <> Apache communication is not TLS encrypted. Using the Option ' "true"' on the ngni ...

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Kubernetes ingress 502 bad gateway on DigitalOcean
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I am trying to deploy a NestJS app with Kubernetes on DigitalOcean and I have followed this tutorial, but I am always getting a 502 Bad Gateway from the nginx-ingress-controller.

That's my deployment.yaml

apiVersion: v1
kind: Service
  name: nestjs-api
    - port: 80
      targetPort: 3001
    app: nestjs-api
# Create nestjs-api
apiVersion: apps/v1
kind: ...
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What a best way create ingress-controller with custom ssl ports?
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Helloy. Im building infa with kubernetes for apps with nonstandart tls ports how u think what a best way create ingress-controller(nginx, traefik, ..) with 9001 9002 9003 tls ports and loadbalance. infra in cloud and i have a cloud loadbalancer ofc. Im thinking about create 3 diffrent nginx-ingress-controller with diffrenet tls ports .. like : 1-nginx-ingress-controller-->tls 9001 2-nginx-ingress-con ...

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Nginx calculated log variables using lua
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I'm trying to get Nginx (running as a Kubernetes ingress controller) to log in milliseconds rather then seconds. (This is so we can ingest the logs into our existing Elasticsearch system, which already has other systems logging in ms)

Based on this blog post I've tried the following in the 'http' context:

  map $host $request_time_ms {
    default 'test';
  log_by_lua_block { 
    ngx.var.request_ti ...
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cert-manager on the Order: no configured challenge solver
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Im trying create wildcard cert on Rancher kubernetes engine behind cloud loadbalancer. After install rancher i have a Issuer:

kind: Issuer
  annotations: rancher cattle-system
  creationTimestamp: "2021-09-21T12:10:25Z"
  generation: 1
    app: rancher ...
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How to enable ipv6 for ingress-controller services when installing using Helm nginx-ingress chart?
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I have a baremetal K8 cluster setup using Kubespray (Calico as CNI) and have dual stack enabled. I can see that all the pods that get deployed get both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses but when I try to install nginx-ingress controller using nginx helm chart the services only have IPv4 enabled and assigned. I can see the following spec when I do kubectl get on the service:

kubectl get svc ingress-nginx-cont ...

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Ensuring at least one ingress-nginx per kubernetes node
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I'm trying to write an autoscaling configuration for ingress-nginx, deployed via helm chart.

my goals are:

  • 3 minimum replicas (because I have 3 nodes minimum)
  • ensure only one nginx per node, but:
  • be elastic, if autoscale says we need 4 nginx allow for a node in the cluster to have 2
  • if a fourth node gets added, ensure a new nginx gets spawned ...

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Kubernetes error "Unable to attach or mount volumes"
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I deployed bitnami/wordpress helm using nginx ingress as loadbalancer like here. Everything working fine but problem is with some pods when they are created manually or automaticly by autoscaling. Some of them (not all) have all time "ContainerCreating" status and logs look like this:

  Normal   Scheduled    33m                  default-scheduler  Successfully assigned default/wordpress-69c8f65d96- ...
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how to configure ingress controller in kubernetes cluster over bare metal system?
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Is there any way to assign static IP to Kubernetes cluster, in which any user can able to access its application over static IP only.

for an example, I have set up a cluster over (master), and 2). One dotnet application is running on nodeport 32000, which is accessible over all the cluster as expected.

Now I have to assign one IP which commun ...

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Mirroring Traffic with Nginx(to increase avaliablity and decrease latency )
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I need to duplicate/mirror the traffic comming to my server.

I mean, I have N backend servers A1 A2 ... An(n>=2) and a nginx as reverse-proxy&load-balancer.

All the traffic comming to Nginx redirect to both Ax and Ay(x!=y) in parallel, if one of the server is down(timeout or 5xx), then the other server's response can be used immediately and return the result to the client.

By mirroring the traffic( ...

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Nginx rewrite and return interfere with different location block
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I have the following configuration in nginx for redirecting in a certain scenario.

location /prefix-someurl {
   if (condition) {
            return 301 $scheme://$host/xyz.html;
   proxy_pass someValue;

and in another block there are some rewrite rules like this

location /someurl {
   if (condition) {
            rewrite ^(.*)abc(.*)$ $1test/abc$2 break;               
            rewrite ...
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pgadmin > nginx > kubernetes (nginx) ingress
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I have just successfully installed pgadmin app on Kubernetes but I am having troubles with ingress nginx.

I have an internal reversed proxy in front of pgadmin app to host it under a subdirectory. I am simply following documentation to achieve that. The nginx.conf file looks like this:

user nginx;
worker_processes  1;
events {
  worker_connections  10240;
http {
  server {
    listen       80;
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Assign pod an IP address which the same as the IP range of the k8s node
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Is that possible to assign pod an IP address which the same as the IP range of my K8s node?

For example:

I have an on-premise K8s cluster that includes 3 work nodes. All nodes are using the IP range as INTERNAL-IP. It is the IP address of the server NIC.

Can I use the IP address in my pod?

I am very new to K8s, any help is appreciated!

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Error validating ssl certificate for in ingress
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I try use certificate and DNS in Kubernetes.

I download certificate and key. Create ingress-tls secret.

kubectl create secret tls ingress-tls --key /tmp/server.key --cert /tmp/bundled_cert_file.pem

Try install kubernetes dashboard by helm with ingress-tls secret:

helm install kube-dashboard --set ingress.enabled=true \
--set protocolHttp=true \
--set service.externalPort=9090 \ ...
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Error accessing MySQL endpoints through nginx ingress in eks
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I got 3 node on aws eks.

I want to use mysql client and access the database via Nginx Ingress.

this is my yaml.

kind: Ingress
  annotations: ext-nginx /
  name: ext-nginx-ingress
  namespace: ext-nginx-ingress
    - host: mysql.***********.com
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NGINX Ingress on Kubernetes doesn't use HTTPS
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I am setting a Kubernetes cluster on bare metal. I used Kubeadm for the installation. To make my services accessible from outside the cluster, I installed an NGINX Ingress, using the following documentation : NGINX doc

Because I don't want to communicate with my services without TLS security, I configured the certificate thanks to cert-manager : Cert-manager doc.

$kubectl get certificate
NAME     ...
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How to solve error 503 in Kubernetes NGINX Ingress
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I'm trying to access Kubernetes Dashboard using NGINX INGRESS but for some reason I'm getting a 503 error.

I'm running Kubernetes locally in my macbook with docker desktop.

First thing I did was apply/install NGINX INGRESS CONTROLLER

kubectl apply -f

Second thing I did was to appl ...